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1940s Mens Fashion

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The 1940s mens fashion saw a change in men’s fashion. Suspenders were replaced by belts, which were more fitted at the waist. The belts were about an inch wide and came with metal buckles. The leather used for these belts was often tan, black, or brown, and they were available in plain or braided designs. Suspenders were still worn by select men, but the belt became their main pant accessory.

After the war, men’s fashion was influenced by military style. Even men who weren’t on active duty wore pea coats, trench coats, and bomber jackets. They also wore knit undershirts and aviator glasses. During this time, strict dress codes were difficult to enforce, and men were more comfortable wearing casual clothing. Hawaiian shirts, for example, were popular in the 1940s, and men often wore them with wide leg trousers.

Wool overcoats were popular for winter wear. The straight or boxy style came down to the knee and sometimes was cut in Raglan style. The double-breasted style was also fashionable once wool restrictions were lifted. The double-breasted design was worn with a wide waist belt and was usually made of tan, plaid, or tweed. It was lined with a rayon cotton blend. The collar was also made with wide points.

The 1940s mens fashion saw the rise of double-breasted jackets, which were not banned in the US during the war. The double-breasted jackets had a longer torso and wider lapels. However, sales were limited during this period, and there was an overall shortage of wool clothing.

Another major change in 1940s mens fashion was the arrival of military inspired overcoats. The uniforms were designed to be comfortable in cold weather and to keep soldiers dry. The military style was soon adopted by the civilian world. These styles have been reinterpreted into bomber jackets, pea coats, and trench coats.

After the war, men had to go back to work. This meant they had to dress professionally, and that included formal suits. Single breasted suit jackets were also a common feature. The jackets also featured peak lapels and wide ties. A tie with a decorative pin was another popular accessory during this period. A white shirt was a popular choice as well. Silk ties were also a popular accessory for men.

Another significant change in 1940s mens fashion came with the introduction of sweater vests. They were often worn under a suit or double-breasted jacket. This new layering piece was quite wide, and it came in a variety of colors. These were also designed to be worn over collared shirts and ties.

The 1940s saw a change in men’s footwear, with men opting for a more practical style of shoe. The sporty Oxford was a popular choice. The leather was dark brown and had a sturdy heel. Men also wore lace-up slip-on loafers, moccasin style shoes, and sports sneakers.

In addition to the menswear changes, women also experienced a change in fashion. While women’s clothes became more conservative, men embraced the sporty, casual American Look. Women’s style also changed during the 1940s. Women’s dresses tended to be more feminine, and the men’s pants became more masculine.

1940s mens fashion was a blend of class and style. Although zoot suits and business suits were still prominent in men’s clothing, 1940s men’s fashion also had many differences with the men’s clothing of previous decades. Some of the most prominent changes came in 1943 with the creation of the “zoot suit.” A zoot suit is a suit with wide, baggy trousers and a wide tie.

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