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60s Mens Fashion

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In the 1960s, the male fashion industry became more relaxed. The 60s mens fashion industry adapted to the countercultural movements of the Beat Generation and rock ‘n’ roll. This movement ushered in a “Big Bang” in the world of fashion. The era was also a time of increasing leisure time. People were traveling more and getting into sports. This trend led to more polo shirts and shorts and the introduction of the knit tie.

The sport coat was also updated, with more bold colors and bolder patterns. Gone were the muted and plain colors that had been popular during the fifties, and now bolder patterns were the order of the day. The sport coats were also paired with darker trousers. Solid colors were also increasingly popular. Men’s fashion from the 60s also featured pastels and pinstripes. Some of the most popular colors during this decade included baby pink, sky blue, and sunshine yellow.

The era also saw the emergence of neon lights. This was a huge trend in the 1960s, and was used in bar signage, concert screens, college dorm rooms, movie screens, and art exhibits. The era was also a time of prints. The popular neon-covered t-shirts of the time were also a great way to spruce up your wardrobe.

During the 1960s, men began dressing more casually. After the era of crisp silk ties, men began wearing softer ties and collars. They also began wearing knitted ties, which complemented their suits. Turtlenecks also became popular, and men started wearing them instead of shirts. This gave suits a more modern, minimal look. They also began to wear polo shirts on the weekends.

The 1960s were a time of huge changes for mens fashion. In the early 60s, men’s clothing looked similar to that of the late 1950s, but in 1964, pants started becoming much tighter and had a sporty fit. The pea coat was also a huge hit during the mid-60s. 60s mens fashion also continued to wear hats. They also began to grow their hair longer. The 1960s also saw a rise in anti-fashion styles, including the hippie look.

The 1960s also saw the rise of plaid and denim for boys. Corduroy pants, cuffed jeans, and tucked-in polo shirts were also popular in the early 1960s. The era also saw the rise of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. These trends helped establish preppy Americana as a major style in the 20th century. The era also gave birth to iconic pieces like the Harrington jacket and Chelsea boots.

The Mod style is another legacy of the 60s. The Harrington jacket is a mod icon that has remained almost unchanged for decades. While some modern Harringtons have ditched their tartan lining, the classic version remains one of the most stylish options. Luxe wool and suede versions are also available.

Chelsea boots were a popular 60s mens fashion staple for many celebrities in the 60s. Their streamlined silhouette and elasticated side gussets made them incredibly comfortable. Despite the discomfort, they still look just as chic today. Today, Chelsea boots come in a variety of styles, including the high-shine, waxy, and chunky rubber soled varieties.

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