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A Collection of the Best 4K Sports Images from Around the Web‍

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We’ve all seen those super high quality sports footage images floating around the web. Whether it is a random person with a ridiculously powerful smartphone camera, or one of our favorite Youtube channels, there are always some of these pictures cropping up in our news feeds. The best part about seeing them is realizing that it’s only going to get better from here. One of the major problems with having 4K video content is that it looks like crap on anything less than a 4K television. Having such beautiful visuals doesn’t mean that everyone can appreciate them equally. To give you an idea of how much we are talking about, a standard definition image looks like this: Here is the same exact photo taken in 4K: And finally in 8K: There are going to be plenty more videos just like this one being produced and uploaded every single day. Thankfully, we have the technological advancements available to make things look amazing on high-quality displays. Hopefully by now you understand why you should care about upgrading your TV to watch these types of videos without having to squint your eyes at every replay from your favorite team or player. Here are some fantastic 4K sports images from around the web that showcase just what future video content holds for us when we get everything upgraded next year!

Unscripted Moments

You’ve probably heard a bit about AI and its ability to present us with unscripted moments of true sports talent. The more advanced systems become, the more we are going to see actual human athletes being portrayed on the screen. Having a chance to see these moments in person is a special experience that we have access to now. It is even more meaningful when you realize what you are seeing. In the below video, you can see several MLB rookies playing baseball against one another. All of them have had very little playing time and experience with the big leagues. On the other hand, most of them are just 18 years old. That means that they are still growing as people, developing their sense of style, and figuring out their identities in this world. AI could never replicate these kinds of unscripted moments

Stunning Views

I’m not just talking about the superlatives that come with describing the amazing scenery of a sporting event. Those are just a bonus. I am talking about the fact that you can now watch golf and tennis matches from the best possible angles. With a 4k sports images TV, you can see all of the details that you would never be able to notice before if you were only looking at a regular TV screen. The best way to describe it is like having the ability to see things that you normally wouldn’t be able to see. Ponds and buildings have always been somewhat of an eyesore from a distance. With a 4K camera, you can now see the intricate details in them like how they are shaped and how they are positioned in their environment. The same goes for the players on a tennis court or the golf course. Now it is possible to see how they are shaped, where their body parts are, and how they are moving.

Pure Adrenaline Rush

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your favorite team score a goal at the very end of a half or a game. It is a feeling of pure exhilaration that will never get old. With the quality of 4k sports images video, you can actually feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. In the below image, we are watching an NBA game where the Golden State Warriors are up by 3 with 5 seconds on the clock. If you have a 4K TV, you can watch the action like this. Your screen will look like this: As you can see, this is the exact moment that Klay Thompson scores a 3-point basket. You can literally feel the excitement from the crowd and the players. Everything about this moment is authentic and there is nothing that could have been done to fake it. You are exactly where everyone else is in this moment and that is the best feeling in the world.

Top-notch Athletes

The best athletes in the world are going to be even more appealing when they are displayed on high-quality video displays. What is even better is that they are going to be even more appealing than they ever were before. The same goes for top-notch internet celebrities as well. We have seen some incredible examples of this recently. It feels like we could be looking at the next internet celebrity phenomenon. The only problem is that they are not even human yet. Take a look at the below video where a teenage hockey player scores a goal. Now, think about what you would look like walking around with this screen on your phone. It would have a mind-blowing impact on the way that you see the world. Wherever you look, you would be able to appreciate this gorgeous image.

To Infinity and Beyond

I don’t know about you, but I am getting incredibly hungry thinking about all of these 4K sports images. What would be even better is if we could eat our favorite foods in these high-quality images. This might sound like a stretch, but think about it. How many times have you watched a sports event and wished that you could have been there? Now you can. With the proper setup, it is possible to watch a game while eating your favorite snacks. The best part is that these snacks are going to look better than they ever have before. The recipes that you have been preparing for years are going to look like they were done by an artist. We don’t really know what is going to happen when we finally get all of these new technologies hooked up, but we are excited to find out!


It is obvious that 4K TVs are going to be a game changer for 4k sports images fans. The best part is that these televisions are going to be affordable. They will be coming out starting in 2019 and will be priced between $300 and $400. You can also expect to see high-quality 4K TVs coming out in 2019 and 2020 priced at $2,000 and up. What is even better is that most cable companies and internet providers are planning to upgrade their networks to support 4K video by 2020. That means that you will be able to get these new TVs that support 4K video for free.

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