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Alpinestars GP Tech Glove and Alpinestars GP Tech V4 Race Suit

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The GP Tech v2 Glove is a professional racing glove, delivering optimal control and flexibility in the most demanding conditions. Its seamless stretch backhand construction, which is made from a combination of DuPont KEVLAR and leather, provides optimum flexibility, freedom of movement, reduced fatigue, and enhanced sensitivity. This is an important component of an alpine skiing glove, which is also incredibly comfortable.

alpinestars-gp tech

Alpinestars gp tech gloves

The GP Tech v2 Glove is a professional racing glove that combines the durability and flexibility of leather with the stretchbackhand construction of DuPont KEVLAR. Its unique design provides optimal flexibility, reduced fatigue, and increased sensitivity to the controls of your motorcycle. The v2 also features a neoprene palm for comfort and breathability. This glove is ideal for aggressive mountain biking or any type of road racing.

The alpinestars gp tech glove was designed for extreme speed and protection, and it has a thermoplastic wrist gauntlet that looks cool while providing added wrist protection. The connected third and fourth fingers reduce the likelihood of finger roll, which can be especially dangerous in a crash. The GP Tech glove also provides additional protection against cuts and bruises. The breathable mesh palms help keep your hands cool during hot days and cold winters.

The GP Tech glove is made with kangaroo leather for durability and protection. Its lining is reinforced with Kevlar fibers for extra strength. The Velcro closure provides an extra layer of protection, and the knuckle protection system is designed to absorb impact and maximize grip. It also has a patented finger-bridge for added protection. This feature makes it possible to easily open and close the gloves with just one hand, allowing you to protect your wrist as you ride.

alpinestars-gp tech

Alpinestars gp tech v2 suit

The Alpinestars GP Tech V2 race suit is the pinnacle of suit technology. Originally designed for MotoGP racing, this leather suit incorporates Alpinestars’ Tech-Air Race airbag system. The suit’s construction combines heat-resistant material and leather accordion panels for enhanced breathability. The suit also features a padded inner liner and elbow protectors. Despite its lightweight design, the suit’s durability is impressive.

The GP Tech V2 race suit incorporates class-leading protection with a three-layer design, including a layer of aramidic base knit lining. The suit is FIA-certified to meet FIA 8856-2000 homologation standards. In addition to its advanced safety materials, the alpinestars gp tech V2 incorporates an LED display on the sleeve and an internal conduit for the Tech-Air Race airbag system vest. The suit also provides a secure and comfortable fit even without the airbag system.

alpinestars-gp tech

Alpinestars gp tech suit

The GP Pro Comp suit is a certified FIA and SFI homologation racing suit that’s designed to keep drivers comfortable and protected from the elements. Its three-layer design provides comfort and weight savings while still remaining highly protective. The suit is also breathable, which helps to minimize overheating and improve driver comfort. Alpinestars has produced many racing suits with this style in mind. Here are some of the key features of Alpinestars’ GP Tech Suit.

Made of premium leather and featuring technology from MotoGP and WSBK, the Alpinestars GP Tech V3 Professional Suit is an excellent choice for racing and sport riding. Its stretch panels and anatomically contoured elbow sliders ensure maximum comfort while in the car. Its slim design also provides excellent freedom of movement. Its high level of protection means that you can focus on racing. The Alpinestars GP Tech V3 Professional Suit is also designed to provide protection from the elements, as well as preventing the impact of falling.

alpinestars-gp tech

Alpinestars gp tech v4

The new one-piece leather suit from Alpinestars offers performance, protection, and comfort. The Alpinestars GP Tech V4 features the latest technologies from the world of professional cycling, including stretch panels and Tech-Air-ready protection. The suit features reinforced stitching throughout and integrated stretch panels for optimal fit and flexibility. The knee and elbow sliders are anatomically contoured for optimum riding comfort.

The GP Tech V4 features a neoprene insert for added comfort and ease of donning gloves. This suit also features a removable comfort lining for the legs and is equipped with Polygiene(r) treatment for long-term freshness and easy transition to boots. The GP Tech V4 also weighs 250 grams less than the previous GP Tech V3 model and meets CE EN17092 category 2 class AAA safety standards.

The GP Tech V4 is equipped with a full range of protection features, including the new Tech Air 10 airbag system, which is available separately. The vest installs easily and does not require any external sensors to operate. It will automatically deploy its protective airbag in case of a crash, providing unparalleled protection for the rider. In addition to the high-performance PU material, this suit also features Kevlar and Bio-Fle Race hip armor.

alpinestars-gp tech

Alpinestars gp tech v2 gloves

Professional racing gloves like the Alpinestars GP Tech v2 Glove can do wonders for your riding performance. They feature a seamless stretch backhand construction and a leather and DuPont KEVLAR stretch panel for optimal flexibility and reduced fatigue. The leather backhand is also highly breathable, providing you with increased sensitivity to bike controls. But how do they do it? Let’s take a closer look.

The GP Tech v2 gloves from Alpinestars have a dual closure system with a slider on the palm. They also have a thermoplastic wrist gauntlet to give you added protection. Another cool feature of the GP Tech is its finger bridge from ring to pinky, which eliminates finger rolling in a crash. The thumb and index fingers are separated by a stretchable elastic band. Finally, the GP Tech v2 gloves feature a protective ARshield material that gives them a knit look.

The GP Tech v2 glove provides excellent protection. The palm of the glove is made from highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather with injected thermoplastic and reinforcements. It also has a patented bridge from the fourth to fifth finger. It also has a stretch insert and minimal seams. This glove is CE certified EN 13594 Level 2KP, which makes it a perfect match for any Alpinestars boot.

Alpinestars gp tech v3 jacket

The GP Tech v3 Jacket is made from a combination of premium bovine and kangaroo leather for abrasion resistance and comfort. This jacket has integrated sensors and electronics that make it compatible with the Tech Air Race Vest. The breathable jacket features an integrated LED display and leather accordion stretch panels that help it fit perfectly and expand when the airbag inflates. The GP Tech v3 Jacket is highly protective and offers a great amount of ventilation.

The GP Tech V3 Jacket offers state-of-the-art protection, including a protective armor system. Premium leather is used for its construction, and reinforced stitching helps prevent chafing. The jacket also features stretch panels that allow for inflated volume without compromising the seam strength and integrity. The jacket also offers multiple adjustment points, so that the wearer can create the best fit for him or her. Arshield reinforcements made of highly abrasion-resistant polyamide and aramidic fiber help prevent the jacket from chafing in a crash.

Alpinestars gp tech v2

The GP Tech v2 Glove is an excellent choice for professional motorcycle racing. Its seamless stretch backhand construction with DuPont KEVLAR and leather provide optimal flexibility and sensitivity to bike controls. This glove is designed to keep you comfortable even during long hours of riding. Besides reducing fatigue, it allows you to feel the controls better. The GP Tech v2 is available in a variety of colors and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Leather Suit is a premium performance riding leather jacket compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air active airbag system. It has a highly developed fit and features aramidic stretch panels and reinforced stitching throughout the jacket. The GP Tech v2 is also fitted with an internal conduit for the system vest ECU and features a velcro brand hook and zip closure.

The GP Tech v2 Glove is designed to provide exceptional protection, making it one of the most popular gloves for motorcycle racing. Its palm is made of highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather, and it includes Kevlar inserts and reinforcements to resist tears and abrasion. In case of a crash, the Tech Air Race Airbag System will deploy a protective airbag in the back, chest, and kidney regions.

Alpinestars gp tech v3 gloves

The GP Tech v3 is a great cycling glove for those who like to race. These gloves have advanced technology for enhanced control under demanding conditions. Their leather backhand, Kevlar(r) stretch and patented finger bridge help to ensure a superior fit and feel. They also have an adjustable velcro strap for the perfect fit. And, with a durable design and a patented finger bridge, you’ll never have to worry about the fingers separating.

This pair of gloves is made with the latest materials for maximum protection. They are crafted with kangaroo leather and are reinforced with multiple TPU parts and Kevlar fibers for extra protection. The hand and finger area are lined with a breathable material that keeps heat and moisture away from the skin, providing a comfortable fit and superior feel. They are CE Category 2 certified, which means they’re durable and can withstand a high amount of impact.

The GP Tech v3 is made with premium leather and incorporates GP and WSBK technology. It offers excellent protection and is compatible with Alpinestars’ Tech Air race vest, which has a CE-certified airbag system. It is also equipped with stretch panels and an integrated LED display. It also features an adjustable wrist strap and anatomically contoured elbow sliders. The Alpinestars GP Tech v3 gloves are comfortable, durable, and feature excellent ventilation.

Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves and Suits

The GP Tech v2 Glove is a professional racing glove that delivers optimal control capabilities under the most demanding conditions. The seamless stretch backhand construction and DuPont KEVLAR stretch and leather backhand provide optimum flexibility, freedom of movement, reduced fatigue and maximum sensitivity. Designed for both women and men, the GP Tech v2 Glove has been crafted to meet the needs of professional road riders.


The Alpinestars GP Tech Suit is the perfect suit for racers in any discipline. Available in sizes 62 and up, this suit features a three-layer construction with breathable lining and FIA and SFI homologation. It is certified to meet FIA and SFI standards and comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether you’re racing or just out for a weekend, you’ll be comfortable in this suit.

Made with 100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit, this suit is the perfect blend of comfort and performance. Its seamless construction will keep you comfortable when sitting in the race seat and won’t restrict movement. Elbow sliders provide a secure fit and won’t dig into your knees, so you won’t feel restricted during turns. Alpinestars has designed their GP Tech Suit to look as good as possible, so it’s important to choose the right size to fit properly.

The Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Race Suit has evolved to accommodate the Alpinestars Tech-Air? Race System. It incorporates new technologies for external protection, including integrated electronics and sensors. Premium leather is used throughout the suit and reinforced stitching is used to enhance its durability. A zippered chest compartment houses the airbag system vest, which provides an easy access point for the ECU of the system.

The Alpinestars GP Tech V3 has been certified to the FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard. Its dual-layer armpit construction and ergonomic arm and leg patterning are also unique. In addition, it features internal flat seams to help reduce pressure points throughout the suit. Soft knit-fabric collars are used for comfortable closures on top of the suit. The suit features an exclusive shoulder epaulette construction and stretchable panels at key areas.


Alpinestars GP Tech gloves offer an advanced construction with seamless stretch backhand. Made from leather and DuPont KEVLAR, this glove is designed for optimal flexibility and reduced fatigue. This combination allows the cyclist to feel the bike’s controls with greater sensitivity. The GP Tech v2 glove is the ultimate racing glove for a wide range of riders. For more comfort, choose a size larger than your usual glove size.

The GP Tech glove offers a full range of protection from impact and abrasion. It features kangaroo leather construction with TPU inserts and a reinforced lining made from Kevlar fibers. It also features a PU knuckle protection panel and a patented finger bridge for enhanced fit and feel. Alpinestars GP Tech gloves are ideal for those who ride motorcycles and want their glove to be comfortable and safe.

Made of leather and stretch Kevlar, the GP Tech gloves provide protection and flexibility. The leather palm is made from kangaroo leather, which is lighter than cowhide. The GP Tech gloves are designed for extreme riding, and they’re not the best choice for everyday street riding. Although they are comfortable, they aren’t ideal for everyday street riding or commuters. If you’re serious about riding your motorcycle, you’ll love these gloves.

The Alpinestars GP Tech 13/14 gloves feature a 3-D anatomic design with an internal finger bridge that prevents leather from twisting around the fingers. This prevents burst seams and finger separation. The GP Tech gloves also feature a molded PU knuckle protection system to absorb impact. These gloves are highly protective for road and mountain bike riders. If you are seriously interested in getting the best gloves, this is the one for you.


The Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Leather Jacket is a highly functional and high-performance motorcycle jacket. It incorporates track-proven technologies like a newly designed speed hump, CE level 1 armor and a triple-stitched collar. Premium bovine leather is used to create the jacket. It also comes with an internal conduit and accordion stretch inserts. There are multiple adjustment points to fit the jacket properly.

The Alpinestars GP Tech Jacket also has CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors. The protective shell is made of triple-density polymer with over-injected mesh air inlets. The jacket also has PE padding and chest pad compartments. If you’re interested in purchasing an additional protective layer, you can upgrade your GP Tech jacket with Alpinestars’ CE-certified Nucleon chest and back protector inserts.

Carbon fiber wrist gauntlet

For maximum protection and comfort, the Alpinestars carbon fiber wrist gauntlets are designed with double-velcro(r) closures, a textured finish, and two chambers for ventilation. A pre-curved finger construction helps prevent fatigue and increases riding comfort. Another feature is a touchscreen-compatible index fingertip. The gauntlet is also available in various international sizes. Its design makes it easy to wear, and it doesn’t restrict your range of motion.

The Alpinestars Carbon fiber wrist gauntlet is equipped with ergonomically profiled carbon fiber knuckles to provide excellent abrasion and impact protection. They also feature a TPR ridge on the palm, a large air exhaust vent, and perforated finger sidewalls. They also feature a patented third and fourth finger bridge and a molded carbon knuckle guard for added protection.

The gauntlet is made from Schoeller keprotec fabric, which intergrates Kevlar with leather and provides a high level of resistance to abrasion, tearing, and heat friction. This gauntlet protects the wrist bones, including the scaphoid and head of the ulna. The gloves also feature touch screen compatibility on the thumb and fingertip.

The SP-1 is a perfect match for race riding. Its full leather carcass and carbon fiber finger armor make it ideal for riding. It also features a wrist cinch to help keep the gloves in place. When new, these gloves are extremely snug, which means they provide excellent control feel. This gauntlet is very comfortable to wear. You don’t feel the need to remove it after you’ve raced in it.

Aramidic base knit lining

The Alpinestars GP Tech v3 racing suit is constructed with lightweight twill material and an aramidic base knit lining. Its innovative lining is made from stretchable knit material, allowing the driver to feel the wind while driving. This racing suit also features thin stretchable panels for excellent flexibility inside the car. Alpinestars Aramidic base knit lining is highly breathable.

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