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Apex Entertainment in Virginia Beach and Marlborough, Massachusetts

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Located off I-495, Apex Entertainment is a 100,000 square-foot haven for fun. With 30 lanes of bowling, a multi-level indoor go-kart track, 70+ arcade games, and VR Rabbids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the facility also offers a 360-degree bumper car ride and a Pit Stop Tavern restaurant. They’re also adding a new Apex Kids section to their facility.

Apex Entertainment is the premier go kart racing track in Virginia Beach. They have a track that’s open all year. The race track is continuously updated and is perfect for families or groups of friends looking to spend a day out with friends. The multi-level indoor track has 26 RTX Sodi karts that can hit 45mph. The RTX Sodi motocross-style karts are environmentally friendly and powered by electricity.

If you’re looking for a thrilling day out, Apex Entertainment is the place to go. The Virginia Beach location is the perfect place for a family outing. There’s a multi-level indoor track for all ages and abilities. There are two tracks, each with a unique track layout and features. One is open all year, and the other is seasonal. There’s no better place for an affordable day of fun than Apex Entertainment.

The Apex Entertainment Marlborough track is open to the public. The RTX Sodi karts reach 45mph and are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and safety. The RTX Sodi racers are a great choice for families and novice racers alike. The facility also features a restaurant, and the food is plentiful. In addition to the go-kart track, the Apex Entertainment Marlborough location is home to several other attractions.

The Apex Entertainment Marlborough location is the ideal location for those looking for a fun day out. The track is always open for business, and the track is home to 26 RTX Sodi karts with electric engines. These Apex Entertainment go karts are great for both novices and experts. Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy the race in the restaurant, and at the same time, relax afterward.

Aside from being a great place to relax with family and friends, Apex Entertainment Marlborough is an excellent venue for racing enthusiasts. With a multi-level indoor track, it is possible to race the Apex Entertainment go karts without worrying about weather conditions. The RTX Sodi karts are environmentally-friendly and can reach speeds of 45mph. Sodi branded RC karts are more fun and safer for children.

The Apex Entertainment Marlborough track is an open-air venue that is perfect for those looking to enjoy the excitement of go-kart racing. The track features 26 RTX Sodi karts that can reach up to 45mph. They are environmentally friendly too. The karts are also easy to maneuver and ergonomically designed, making them ideal for novices and experts alike.

There are several reasons to visit Apex Entertainment Marlborough. The race track is open all year-round and features a multi-level indoor track with a dedicated track for apex entertainment go kart racing. While you’re there, you can also test your skills and get the chance to compete against other drivers at the track. The team is ready to help you learn all about the game.

The Apex Entertainment Marlborough race track is an open-air venue that is perfect for families. You can race and have fun with your family and friends. The karts in the facility are electric and environmentally friendly. There’s no need to worry about gas when you visit the Apex Entertainment Marlborough. There’s always something to do! The team can help you practice your racing technique, so you’ll never feel alone at the track.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough is a 100,000 square foot oasis of fun. Besides go-karts, the center also features bumper cars, laser tag, and sports simulators. Those who are gluten-free or have special dietary needs will have plenty of options. The full restaurant menu includes over 65 gluten-free items. It also includes a fully-stocked arcade. Apex kids can get lost in the fun and excitement.

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