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Bat Tech Batcave

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Bat Tech Batcave playsets are becoming increasingly popular with kids, and one of the most exciting options is the Batman Bat Tech Transforming Batcave. This amazing toy is over 33 inches tall, transforming from a simple wooden structure into a three-dimensional Batcave. It includes a 10 cm (4-inch) action figure of Batman and nine additional accessories. The Bat-Tech Batcave is available from most major retailers.

This playset features a large playroom and several play zones. It also comes with a Batcomputer that sits atop the Batcave. Kids can play with the various gadgets inside, including a pretend evidence lab with a working drawer and pretend viewing screens. Other play areas include the prison and power generator. In addition, there is a functioning elevator that activates electronic sounds as it goes up and down.

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