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Benelli Super Sport Shotgun Review

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When buying a shotgun, you should pay attention to a few important factors. These include the two-piece alloy-steel combination receiver, ComforTec stock, and inertia-driven action. Considering these features, the Benelli Super Sport may be the right choice for you. Read on to learn more. Below we’ll discuss the best features of this model. The Benelli Super Sport is also available in a 20 gauge version.

ComforTec system

The Benelli ComforTec system is designed to reduce recoil. Recoil occurs when the bolt is extended on a horizontal plane. When the cartridge is fired, the energy from the round pushes the bolt backwards against a spring. The bolt then extends again, chambering the next round. The recoil pad is designed to absorb the last dregs of recoil.

The Benelli SuperSport shotgun features a compo-recoil-dampening system called ComforTec. Its barrel features a perforated design to minimise uplift and doubles the retargeting speed. The SuperSport also features a carbon effect synthetic stock with a special anti-recoil gel butt plate and extended curved finger grooves. The SuperSport barrel also reduces felt recoil by nearly 50%.

Benelli engineers designed the ComforTec system to reduce recoil and muzzle climb without adding weight or lighter charges to the gun. To achieve this revolutionary system, Benelli engineers created specialized machinery that measures and graphs recoil. The result is a gun that feels comfortable in the hand and minimizes recoil. This gun has never been made with this innovative system before. It’s time to try it out!

With a ported barrel and a two-piece alloy receiver, the SuperSport is fast and lightweight. It is also idiot-proof. The Benelli three-piece Vinci receiver is not far behind. It is an excellent transition between the standard style receiver and Benelli’s revolutionary three-piece Vinci. You’ll love it. With its patented ComforTec system, you can easily shoot the most dangerous game with the fastest possible speed.

Two-piece alloy-steel combination receiver

The two-piece alloy-steel combination receiver on a Benelli super sport revolver allows you to lift the bolt with ease. It is idiot-proof and a transitional stage between the standard style and Benelli’s revolutionary three-piece Vinci receiver. The Benelli locking bolt eliminates the stress point on the receiver and allows you to lift the bolt with ease.

Crio long multi-chokes

Crio long multi-chokes by Belline Super Sport are a great option for upland bird hunting and sporting clays. Crio long multi-chokes are available in various sizes and include a skeet, improved cylinder and light modified chokes. They also come with a full choke. Whether you’re looking for a choke tube for your upland bird hunting needs or simply want to enhance the performance of your hunting gear, the Crio Plus 12-GA Sporting Clays Choke Tube is the way to go.

These Crio multi-chokes are 3.5″ long, are finger tight, and are available in C, IC, M, IM, and F sizes. These chokes come with eight vents and 10mm-wide carbon fibre ribs. They’re perfect for all kinds of wing shooting, including ducks, geese, dove, and PREDATOR.

These tubes are interchangeable with Crio choke tubes. Crio chokes are flush with the barrel while Crio plus choke tubes start about 3/4″ below it. Crio plus choke tubes are the same length and thread pattern, but Crio Plus chokes are slightly longer than Crio chokes. Crio Plus choke tubes are interchangeable. They work with both Crio Plus shotguns.

Crio 12ga chokes are dead on bore and have a lifetime warranty. They are available in a wide range of sizes and are incredibly easy to install and remove. Crio long multi-chokes by Bellini Super Sport are made with high-quality materials. They are also very affordable. You can find a Crio choke tube in your local sporting goods store. They are a great choice for sporting clays and are an affordable, high-quality option.

Inertia-driven action

Inertia-driven action in a Bellini shotgun is a proven design that keeps the gun action cleaner than a conventional gas-operated system. It also helps eliminate the need for a magazine, as the bolt is locked in place as it recoils backwards. Inertia-driven action allows the Bellini Super Sport to cycle faster than the competition.

One advantage of an inertia-driven action is its lightweight and rugged design. This means it’s easy to handle and point naturally. This feature makes it particularly good for hunters who often shoot in a high-speed environment. But the disadvantage of an inertia-driven gun is its relatively complex design and lack of reliability. So if you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight, and rugged shotgun, inertia-driven action might be the best choice.

Another benefit of inertia-driven action is the absence of external linkages and pistons. This makes inertia-driven shotguns much lighter and thinner than gas guns, and they’re much easier to clean than gas guns. Inertia-driven shotguns also require less frequent cleaning and lubrication, and are more accurate than gas-operated ones.

A similar design can be found on the Benelli Bolthead. It uses a bolt head spring that is driven by a spring. Because the bolt is not moving, the spring gets full compression regardless of the load. The result is that the Bellini bolt head spring is not affected by hotter temperatures. With no links or struts, this system is a great choice for a semi-automatic shotgun.

Another advantage of an inertia-driven action is that it is lighter and feels more balanced. The bolt’s carrier has a two-piece bolt and is not fixed to the receiver. Instead, it floats in the receiver and the recoil impulse compresses the inertia spring. As a result, the spent shell is extracted backwards and the gun is ready for another shot.


The price of a Benelli SuperSport is one of the most important aspects of this gun. While the price may seem high, it is worth it for its superior performance. If you’re looking for a high-performance gun that isn’t too pricey, you’ve found it. The Benelli SuperSport is a small, compact, semi-automatic rifle that has an impressive amount of power for its size.

The Benelli SuperSport Semi-Auto Shotgun is loaded with advanced features and is designed to win wearing-muds competitions. The ported barrel and ComforTech(r) recoil-reduction system reduce the recoil and shooting fatigue. The SuperSport also has an Inertia Driven System that helps it cycle through a variety of cartridges, including magnums and field loads.

The SuperSport Performance Shop features an extended Crio choke system to reduce recoil and a carbon-fiber finish to maximize balance and grip. This semi-auto gun also features a Briley EX bolt release and a Briley Spectrum extended chokes. Its weighted forend cap optimizes balance and features a Benelli Window System that allows you to view the magazine tube. The SuperSport is available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge and accepts shells as large as 2-3/4 inches.

The Benelli SuperSport is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and 30 gauge, and is chambered for 2-3/4 and 3-inch loads. It has many features to make shooting more comfortable and efficient, including an Inertia Driven system that delivers smooth consistency over extended periods of shooting. ComforTech recoil-reduction features reduce felt recoil by almost 50%, helping you get on target faster.

Benelli Super Sport - What Are the Benefits of Owning a Benelli Super Sport?

If you are looking for a smoothbore, semi-automatic 12-gauge, the Benelli Super Sport is worth considering. This model features the Benelli ComfortTech stock and is considered the softest-kicking 12-gauge on the market. Listed at around $2,300, it is well worth the price. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of owning one of these guns. Listed below are some of the features and benefits of the Benelli Super Sport.


If speed is your game, the Benelli Super Sport is a great choice for you. This high-speed motorcycle is lightweight and comfortable to use, and shoots with fast cycling. When paired with the Benelli ComfortTech stock, the Super Sport delivers the most comfortable shooting experience of any 12-gauge gun. Jake had no trouble shooting mini clays at distance with this gun. It also has a low recoil, making it easy to auto-steer bullets.

The Benelli Supersport has a carbon fibre stock and a lightweight weather-resistant carbon fiber finish. It’s designed for competition and clay shooting and has state-of-the-art metallurgy. Although it’s not the cheapest auto-loader on the market, it’s one of the most advanced and technically advanced guns in its price range. Its metallurgy is second-to-none and its mechanical function is superb.

S A Semi-Automatic

The Benelli Vinci SuperSport is a semi-automatic shotgun designed for hunting, clay shooting, and competition. This versatile gun features an adjustable-length barrel and Crio(tm) System with extended, cryogenically-treated Crio choke tubes. This feature reduces pellet deformation and helps achieve superior accuracy. It also features an oversized bolt handle and a weighted forend cap for improved balance.

The Benelli Super Sport is a 3+1 semi-automatic shotgun that fires 20 gauge shells. It features a three-inch barrel and accommodates all lead, hybrid, and heavy loads. This semi-automatic shotgun also comes in Moss Oak Bottoms of the Woods camo. To learn more, watch this video featuring Randy Wakefield. The Benelli XD is one of the most reliable, high-quality, and versatile shotguns in the market.

Unlike many semi-automatic shotguns, the Benelli M4 is a gas-operated model. Its design was based on the new ARGO system, which uses short stroke stainless steel pistons that function opposite to the rotating bolt. This design eliminated complicated mechanisms in favor of a simple, compact, and highly effective design. The ARGO system incorporates four components: two symmetrical foreend shrouds and two steel pistons.

IT s a Smoothbore

The Benelli Super Sport is a semi-automatic pistol. It comes packaged in a rather eccentric grey plastic travel case. The Benelli Super Sport is a great choice for hunters looking for a top-end gun. It boasts superb performance and flawless handling, and a great build quality. Here are some of the most important benefits of this semi-auto pistol. The following are some of the pros and cons of the Super Sport.

This semi-automatic Benelli shotgun is easy to handle and features a unique comforTec system to minimize recoil. The bolt extends into a horizontal plane, and when fired, the energy from the cartridge propels it backwards against a spring. When the bolt is released, the spring compresses to send the bolt forward, chambering the next round.

The Benelli Supersport UK Special Edition is an especially effective rifle. Designed specifically for the UK market, it features a non-ported barrel with extended chokes. In addition, it boasts a carbon-fibre stock and silver-plated action body. The barrel is cryogenically treated to reduce deformation. The trigger is oversized to enhance ease of use and is fully adjustable.

It s a competitive version of the Raffaello

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It s Rugged

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It s Nimble

The Benelli SuperSport is nimble and solid. Its CNC-machined steel receiver and aluminum body are lightweight, and the stock is made of carbon fiber. Its overall weight is 7.2 pounds, making it easy to swing and point. Because it has minimal moving parts, it is extremely maneuverable. Its nimbleness also translates to its high point-to-shotgun velocity.

It s Clean

The Benelli Supersport is a semi-automatic shotgun that uses state-of-the-art metallurgy and a carbon fiber stock. While it is not the cheapest auto-loader on the market, it still provides excellent mechanical function. Its carbon fibre stock and ultra-clean finish are sure to impress. Its carbon fiber stock is also the perfect way to show off the pistol’s futuristic “B.”

It s Reliable

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