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Busi Lurayi – The Woman Who Flinched at the First Sign of Trouble

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If you’re curious about the life and career of actress Busi Lurayi, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the latest on Her recent TV roles, Her love for acting, and even Her former boyfriend. Let’s get started! Read on to learn more about this talented actress and her new legal troubles. You might be surprised to learn that she’s a woman who flinched at the first sign of trouble.

Busi lurayi's Career

The drama actress has made quite a name for herself in the South African entertainment industry. Besides being a well-known face on SABC1’s Generations, she has also appeared on the sitcom City Ses’la and Ses’Top La. She was recently announced as a cast member of Netflix Original comedy-drama How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding. While she may not have any romantic history, she does seem to have a very strong desire for acting.

While focusing on television and films, Busi also has a strong passion for acting and theatre. In the coming year, she will be appearing as one of the four women in a South African television series about the music legend Nina Simone. The series is set to air on SABC 2 in 2020, in honor of Black History Month. Throughout her career, Busi has garnered a number of awards, including the Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television Comedy. In addition to this, she has also acted as a game show host and hosted Million Rand Money Drop.

In 2005, busi lurayi debuted in a comedy sitcom titled City Ses’la. It aired for one year, then was cancelled, but Busi Lurayi later returned to the screen in the second season of the show. The success of her first series has led to other prestigious roles in film and TV. She was also a guest star on the medical drama series ER. She played the role of ‘Sittina’ in an episode entitled ‘There Are No Angels Here’.

Although she is not in a relationship with anyone currently, she was once a part of a very famous South African reality TV show. Her ex-boyfriend, Mziwoxolo Qwelane, accused her of stealing valuables and putting them in a suitcase. After being accused of theft, Busi was sentenced to two years in jail and a R4800 fine. Sadly, this relationship is over and she has yet to reunite with him.

Her Recent TV roles

Busi Lurayi is a popular South African actress, MC, voice-over artist, and speaker. She rose to fame in the TV sitcom City Ses’la, where she portrayed the title role of Phumzile Cele. She has also hosted the reality TV show Million Rand Money Drop, based on the UK series The Million Pound Drop Live. Busi has also appeared in numerous theatre productions.

After a successful debut in the South African comedy sitcom City Ses’la, Busi went on to co-star in the hit drama series Wild at Heart. In the series, Busi played the character of Thando Thabethe’s sister, Sittina. In 2016, she also starred in the legal drama Sokhulu and Partners. Busi’s career is flourishing, and she is set to make even more waves in the world of acting.

After starting her career in a musical remake of Sarafina, the actress made her television debut in City Ses’la as Phumzile, a role she reprised in the spin-off show Ses’Top La. She was also featured on the TV series Wild at Heart as the fictional character Thandi. In addition to her TV debut, Lurayi has also appeared in the hit SABC2 drama series Sokhulu and Partners.

While most of Busi Lurayi’s recent TV work is in South Africa, her work in Hollywood is largely unrecognisable. She has played the role of Dr. Lungile Asumadu in Vutha. In addition to her international work, she has a long history in the local film and TV industry. She is also a member of the National Theatre of South Africa.

Born in Thembisa, the actress grew up watching plays and dreamed of a career in entertainment. She was arrested in 2015 for stealing from a home and spent two nights in a holding cell. According to Qwelane, Lurayi stole his property from his home and then called him and told him to pick up his belongings. Since then, she hasn’t seen him since.

Her Passion for Acting

If you’re wondering what’s driving Busi Lurayi to pursue an acting career, you may have a clue from her personal life. Born in Thembisa, South Africa, Busi was raised in different parts of the country. She attended various schools and eventually pursued acting. Her passion for acting has led to numerous roles in various television series and movies. Despite her passion for acting, Busi is not very social and rarely posts on her Facebook or Twitter.

A former child star, Busi is still deeply rooted in the acting industry. In addition to a thriving career on TV, Busi has a passion for theatre and is currently part of a TV series about the Nina Simone quartet. Filmed in honor of Black History Month, the show will premiere on SABC 2 in 2020. Throughout her career, Busi has won numerous awards. She won the Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress in T.V. Comedy and she also hosted the Million Rand Money Drop game show.

While her passion for acting is undeniable, her personal life has thrown her into the public eye on several occasions. The rumor mill has popped up many times claiming that she has committed crimes in her personal life. However, her life as an actress is an interesting story in and of itself. Despite her scandalous life, Busi Lurayi’s passion for acting has allowed her to build a lucrative business empire based on her wedding acting work.

After achieving a successful debut on television, Busi won international filmmakers’ attention in the U.S. TV industry. She landed a guest role in E.R. as Sittina, Thando Thabethe’s sister. After being cast in the critically acclaimed drama, City Ses’la, Busi turned her career around by introducing her talent to the world.

As an actress, Busi Lurayi’s passion for the role led her to perform in various films, TV series, and musicals. She gained fame in 2006 by playing Phumzile in the musical remake Sarafina. Her role was repeated in the spin-off series Ses’Top La. In addition to starring in her own movies, Busi Lurayi has also appeared in several other television series including S.I.E.S. (2012).

Her ex-Boyfriend

If you’re curious about Busi Lurayi’s ex boyfriend, you’re not alone. Her relationship with her ex-boyfriend is anything but smooth sailing. They recently split after the latter accused her of stealing furniture. According to reports, she has been sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of R4800. It’s unclear whether she is dating someone else or not.

The actress is in her late 30s and may be a little older, although she hasn’t officially confirmed her age. She grew up in a village in Ekhuruleni called Thembisa and attended several schools throughout her life. The actress’s parents have not been publicly discussed, so her background is a mystery. Nonetheless, she does seem to have a good job.

While it’s unlikely that she is dating her ex-boyfriend right now, Busi has been busy acting since 2011. She’s now starring in a local soap, Generations. She also had a starring role in the drama series, S.I.E.S. In addition, she was in Home Affairs as Mpume. Her acting skills make her an ideal candidate for a number of roles.

In 2015, Busi Lurayi and Mziwxolo Qwelane, the father of her 6-year-old daughter, were accused of theft and resembling an arranged marriage. The actor was arrested and spent two nights in a police holding cell. She was then released from the police and asked to hand over the keys to her house. After the arrest, her ex-boyfriend claimed that the keys were left with the house’s domestic worker, but the actress denied this.

Busi Lurayi Speaker

The gorgeous actress and TV presenter has graced our screens over the years. Dressed in black, she exudes a sassy look. However, if you want to see her in a more girly look, consider a pink dress. It will show off her lean figure. Busi is a popular presence on South African television. She hosted the game show M-Net’s Million Rand Money Drop in 2013.


The award-winning actress began her acting career with a part in the musical remake of Sarafina in 2003. She has since appeared in the popular sitcoms City Ses’la and Ses’Top La and was recently announced as a cast member in Netflix’s comedy-drama How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding. In 2011, she was convicted of sexual assault and was sentenced to three years’ probation.

Despite her youth and popularity, Busi Lurayi is still in her early 30s. Her official age is believed to be somewhere over forty, but she has never publicly stated her age. Born in a small town called Thembisa, she grew up in different parts of the country and went to different schools before finding her niche in acting. She has also made a number of theatrical appearances, including the comedy-drama S.I.E.S.

After a stint in Generations, Lurayi was cast as the main character Winnie Molepo. She also appeared in a spin-off of the show in 2012. During the same year, she guest starred in the ABC drama series ER as the character Sittina. She has also appeared in the SABC1 drama Sokhulu & Partners as Winnie Molepo.

Busi Lurayi is a talented actress who has graced TV screens for years. Dressed in black, she exudes a sassy aura. Her lean figure reflects her sexy personality. She has also hosted the M-Net game show Million Rand Money Drop in 2013.


MC Busi Lurayi is a popular South African voice-over artist, actress and MC. She rose to prominence through her role as Phumzile Cele in the South African television series City Ses’la. Later on, she gained fame as a host of the game show Million Rand Money Drop, a local version of the UK show The Million Pound Drop Live. She has also made several theatrical appearances.

Voice-Over artist

Despite her seemingly small size, Busi Lurayi has a vast talent and is a great fit for the voice-over industry. The voice artist is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. She has worked for various television stations and radio stations and gained a wealth of knowledge about the voice-over industry. In addition, she has trained with some of the top voice-over artists in the world. She has a charming and playfully smart voice that captivates listeners with her talent.

Although the voice-over industry is highly competitive, it is important to remember that you are a business — and a business has liabilities and assets! As such, a voice-over artist is a business, with expenses and revenues, legalities, taxes, and marketing plans. As such, it is crucial that you approach your career as a business with the mindset of treating your voice as your primary asset, and taking steps to maintain and protect it.

Among the most popular voice-over projects are in animation. These voice artists bring beloved characters to life on TVs and small screens. Voice-over artists are sought after by the film industry, and many Hollywood stars moonlight as voice-overs. For example, Busi Lurayi was virtually unknown before her role as Moana. But today, she is a rising star in the voice-over industry, thanks to her versatile skills and ability to bring her own unique personality to the characters that captivate viewers.

After a successful career as an actress, Busi Lurayi has decided to take on the role of presenter. After starring in the cult drama City Ses’la, she has also worked on a number of TV series, including the award-winning South African show Sokhulu & Partners. At the age of just 23, Lurayi has become one of the most popular voices in the local entertainment industry.


Actor Busi Lurayi Speaker has been working in the entertainment industry for a number of years now. The talented actress has been a part of several local and international projects. Her involvement in such projects has helped her build a solid fan base. She has also been involved in local theatre productions, including a version of Nina Simone’s Four women which will premiere on SABC 2 in 2020. This film was also filmed in commemoration of Black History Month.

As a popular speaker and MC, Busi Lurayi is a versatile entertainer. She has performed for many organizations and has been a keynote speaker. She has given several inspirational speeches and MC for many events, including TedX talks and Women Achievers Awards. Her success in the entertainment industry has exceeded her expectations. She has no known affair and has never publicly dated a man. But if you’re looking for a speaker who is not only passionate about her craft, but who has a great personality and a great work ethic, Busi is your girl!

Mother of a Daughter

South African actress Busi Lurayi has been making headlines as of late. The star of popular sitcom City Ses’la as Phumzile was first spotted as a teenager playing a part in a musical remake of the movie Sarafina. Later, the actress landed a guest role in American sitcom E.R., playing a fictional character named Sittina. The role earned her two Golden Horn Awards, one in 2006 and one in 2011. She also appeared in popular legal drama Sokhulu and Partners, playing ‘Sittina’, a lawyer.

Busi Lurayi is the mother of Ayana, who was born in June 2015. While the exact details of her birth date and father are not known, the actress is believed to be in her late 30s. Her daughter’s father is unknown, as he was the only known ex-boyfriend of Lurayi. However, he does not appear to have had an affair with Busi.

A wealthy woman’s sister is marrying into a posh Twala family, which means a fancy wedding. The wealthy in-laws make sure the party is elegant and luxurious and hire top chefs to cater the meal. Unfortunately, Busi Lurayi is not rich enough to pay the expenses of the wedding. Meanwhile, her son cannot marry into ‘that’ family. This drama is not for the faint-hearted.

After a successful career in SA TV dramas, Busi is currently working on Generations as the Swazi Lukhele. She has previously starred as Nomsa Sibisi in the S.I.E.S. drama series and played Mpume in Home Affairs. Busi has a great acting talent, as is obvious from her role in Home Affairs. However, she is still very private.

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