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Can-Am Maverick Sport

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The Can Am Maverick Sport is one of the most popular side-by-side vehicles on the market. Its suspension is extra-wide and allows for a more comfortable ride, making cornering a breeze. The wide body of the Maverick Sport also allows for more elbow room in the cab. Several accessories and high-quality parts are available to further enhance its performance. It also features a high-tech steering system, and offers a comfortable ride, with excellent handling and a comfortable ride.

The Can-Am Maverick Sport’s engine provides a powerful sound and smooth off-idle response. It delivers 100 horsepower, with quick throttle response. The engine has plenty of torque, making it suitable for trail riding. A few options are available, including an Eco mode that provides a smoother throttle progression. However, this feature does not allow full throttle access. The engine is also equipped with a built-in stop/start function, so users can start the vehicle without resetting the throttle.

Another option is the Force Turbos pump fuel turbo system for the Can-Am Maverick Sport. This turbo system is designed to optimize horsepower and torque while minimizing stress on the motor. It comes with all the turbo components required for installation. The pump fuel turbo system will add more horsepower and torque to the Maverick Sport.

The Can Am Maverick Sport is available in several trim levels: 4 seat MAX, rock-ready X rc, mud-honed X mr, and 4WD TRAIL. Its Smart-Lok front differential has the latest off-road technology and was developed in partnership with TEAM Industries. For added protection, the Can-Am Maverick Sport/Trail offers B.E.S.T. coverage for both the engine and transmission.

Both models come with fully automatic transmissions with dual-range belt-type CVT. The range selector is easy to operate and has a positive feel. The transmission features Electronic Hill Descent Control and Electronic Drive-Belt Protection. The transmission’s 4WD system is selectable between 2WD and 4WD, using an electronic locking front differential.

The Maverick Sport also comes with an All-Terrain Trunk Cover, which is the most useful accessory in the UTV industry. This protects cargo while keeping it dry and secure. A sport plastic roof is another essential accessory for Maverick Sport. The sport plastic roof provides a comfortable ride for passengers and the driver.

The Can Am Maverick Sport has excellent handling and suspension. Its suspension helps reduce the impact of small square edge bumps, which results in an extremely plush ride on long drives. It also resists rolling during turns. Its ride is smoother than the Honda 1000X and the RZR S 1000. Its braking system also makes it more comfortable and allows for more confident cornering. Lastly, the suspension is strong enough to handle larger bumps and holes in the trail.

The Maverick Sport has comfortable seats that allow for a great view of the trail ahead. The front fenders are slightly too long, but the overall seating position is comfortable for long rides. All controls are easily accessible and the dashboard is digital. A pass-through for a four-point harness is also included for safety.

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