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Career Outlook at Perry Tech Institute

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Perry Tech Institute has a high graduation rate and a high salary after graduating. The school’s graduates earn nearly 15% more than the average worker ten years after entering college. The school’s programs are nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges. Its courses are designed to help people in many different industries achieve their career goals.

The school’s online classes allow students to earn their degrees and certifications without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Students at Perry Tech can complete their degree in one to two years. The cost of tuition varies from $10 to $44,000, but the median is around $20,000. The institute offers financial aid and grants to help pay for the costs of attendance. This is an excellent option for those with a tight budget or who cannot attend classes full time.

Students interested in a career in machining can enroll in Perry Tech Precision Machining & Manufacturing program. This one-year program teaches students the fundamentals of metalworking, including manual and computerized equipment. Students will also learn how to apply their newly learned skills on real customer jobs. After graduation, students are prepared for entry-level jobs as skilled welders. The school offers certifications in this field through the American Welding Society and the Washington Association of Building Officials.

Perry Tech student loan default rate is below the national average, at 5.8%. The school also has a high employment rate, with graduates earning an average salary of $58,485 during the first few years of employment. This is 38% higher than the average college graduate salary. If you are considering going to school at Perry Tech, it’s a good idea to check out the career outlook before enrolling in any degree program.

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