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Cassini of Fashion

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The Daily Themed crossword puzzle has a crossword clue for: Cassini of fashion. There are 1 possible answers for this clue in the Daily Themed crossword puzzle. Let’s find out! Listed below are the possible answers for the crossword clue Cassini of fashion. You can also view the other solutions for this crossword clue: oleg cassini of fashion

Oleg Cassini

Oleg cassini of fashion is perhaps best known for his personal style. He was the official designer for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961, a role that was largely copied and established the First Lady as a style icon. He died on March 17, 2006, at his home in Oyster Bay, which is owned by the Tiffany family. Listed among the world’s most influential fashion designers, Cassini has lived a remarkable life.

Born in Italy to a poor family, Oleg Cassini’s talents were soon recognized. His mother sent him to Paris to sketch the latest fashions, and he later worked in Rome designing dresses for high society women and the films. Upon returning to Italy, he took lessons in drawing at the Academia Belle Arte. He also studied under Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico. His designs became a sensation in fashion, and he won five first prizes at the 1934 Turin fashion competition.

Besides his famous collections of women’s clothes, Cassini was also a social activist. He once blamed the destruction of 250,000 leopards on the industry. He also helped bring about the’micro-fiber’ fur trend, which was introduced in 1999. The ‘Nehru jacket’ was another example of Cassini’s contributions to fashion. In 2006, Oleg Cassini died of natural causes at his Long Island home. However, his legendary career continues to live on, as he also helped shape Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal style.

Oleg Cassini had many famous female clients. His first job in Hollywood was to design costumes for Veronica Lake in I Wanted Wings. He became a popular designer in Hollywood and worked with countless Hollywood celebrities. He also had a passionate liaison with Grace Kelly. He wore her designs in the 1941 film I Wanted Wings. He was a true seducer. Cassini’s designs were wildly popular with women and he adored the glamorous ladies of the time.


Oleg Cassini’s Empire

The history of Oleg Cassini’s fashion empire starts in his hometown, Paris. He was born to an Italian countess and a Russian count. His father, Count Arthur cassini of fashion, served as the Russian ambassador to the United States and was stationed in Denmark during the Russian Revolution. After the Russian Revolution, the Cassini family was exiled to Switzerland. After that, Oleg Cassini was raised in Florence.

Oleg Cassini’s parents, both fashion-conscious and entrepreneurial, helped him develop his successful fashion empire. His father was known for his style, wearing suits and shoes made by John Lobb, Ltd., and his mother was a successful dress shop owner in Florence. She had started her business after the family escaped from Russia in 1917, leaving behind the family fortune. Oleg’s parents, however, never thought they would become famous in the United States, and they continued their family business.

The late Oleg Cassini was a successful businessman and socialite. His personal tastes and his knowledge of modern and Old Europe were combined to create a new brand of fashion. The designer himself narrated his first collection, giving it a personal touch that is rare in fashion. While most fashion designers remained in the backstage, models were merely called numbers. His first collection was a success and Lord & Taylor devoted entire storefront windows to his designs. The acclaim was so widespread that his career eventually turned around.

While his reputation was high and his fashion empire was a success, Cassini’s personal life was just as successful. In fact, Cassini dated several actresses before marrying Grace Kelly. Besides Grace Kelly, Cassini had affairs with Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and Lana Turner. The actresses were in his sphere of influence, and the fame he achieved was legendary.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Wardrobe

During the Camelot years, Jackie Kennedy’s wardrobe was a Cassini of fashion. Oleg Cassini, a child of a Russian countess and an Italian countess, was the young designer who dressed the First Lady. The talented Italian-born designer first started out as a junior designer in Florence before moving to the U.S. to work as a costume designer in Hollywood. His career took off from there. He began designing for celebrities, and began working with Hollywood directors, actors, and models. In the mid-to-late 1930s, he met and married actress Gene Tierney.

While the First Lady’s wardrobe was full of flamboyant colors, it was also notable to note that she was no stranger to bold shapes and lines. Her red wool suit was one of her most iconic creations, and she also wore a pink raja coat for a meeting with the President of Peru, Dr. Manuel Prado Ugarteche. Her regal style allowed her to make a splash with simple lines and color. While many critics criticized her choice of silhouette, Mrs. Kennedy chose a strong hand in her style and silhouette. She wore a strapless Cassini dress to a White House dinner in honor of Peru, and a red wool suit to a meeting with the Soviet politician Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna. She also wore a wool day coat to

In the post-election years, Cassini began working with Jackie, and was her “Secretary of Style.” The design of the presidential gown at the inauguration gala was named one of the “50 Dresses That Changed the World” by the London Design Museum. Cassini’s style helped Jackie Kennedy become one of the most fashionable women of her generation. Her wardrobe will be featured in the upcoming biopic Jackie, which stars Natalie Portman.

Oleg Cassini’s Menswear Collection

In addition to his womenswear collection, Oleg Cassini also designed bridal clothes and ready-to-wear collections. His designs often showcase feminine silhouettes and use synthetic fabrics. While Cassini was known as the “Secretary of Style” during the Kennedy era, he would later become a well-known name in licensing. Today, his name is found on everything from children’s clothing to luggage.

Oleg Cassini got his start in the fashion world in the 1930s, when he moved to New York City. He signed a seven-year contract with Paramount and later freelanced for other studios. While working for the studios, he designed the wardrobes of some of the world’s most glamorous stars. He also served in World War II and met his wife, Marianne Nestor. Oleg Cassini’s interest in clothing may have been passed down from his father. His father had liked the name “Cassini,” and he adapted it to his own personal style.

Oleg Cassini’s career was diverse, but perhaps his most memorable achievement was his time as the official designer for Jacqueline Kennedy. His love of luxury and costume design led to the development of a fashion icon for the First Lady. The hats, pillboxes, and leopard coat were all designed by the pair. In 1961, Cassini and Kennedy worked together to create the iconic look of the first lady, which was later copied worldwide.

After retiring from the ready-to-wear industry, Cassini focused on his menswear collection, incorporating color into the classic white shirt. He also introduced a variety of color-blocked designs into the traditional three-piece suit. In fact, Cassini’s menswear line grew so much that it eventually reached the US market. In addition to men’s clothing, Cassini’s menswear collection continues to inspire many young designers today.

Oleg Cassini’s Family

Cassini of fashion designer Oleg Cassini was born into an aristocratic Russian family with Italian maternal ancestry. After coming to the United States as a young man, he started working as a designer in Rome and soon got work with Paramount Pictures. He quickly gained a worldwide reputation through his work designing costumes for movies. His family background is fascinating, but what is the real story behind Oleg Cassini’s family history?

Oleg Cassini’s family consists of three generations of Russians. His father, Count Arthur Cassini, served as ambassador to the U.S., and his mother, Countess Marguerite Loiewski, was a fashion designer. The family moved to Florence during the Russian Revolution, and he was raised by Italian social circles in a wealthy neighborhood. Oleg Cassini’s family eventually became wealthy with their clothing design business.

His mother designed a line of hats for a Russian countess. Oleg Cassini’s mother had a formula for success in the fashion industry. While in Paris, Oleg Cassini drew sketches of the latest French fashions. After that, he returned to Italy and took drawing lessons at the Academia Belle Arte. He studied under Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico, and eventually won five first prizes at an international fashion competition in Turin.

In addition to his wife, Oleg Cassini also had a younger brother, Igor, who became a famous society columnist. His younger brother died in 2002. Oleg Cassini married Marianne Nestor in 1971 and they have two daughters and four grandchildren. Oleg Cassini’s love of clothing may have come from his father, who liked the name Cassini. Oleg Cassini’s mother, however, did not want his family to see him dead.

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