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Crocs Sport Mode Review

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Crocs Sport Mode is a line of sportswear designed by independent artists. These designs are printed on premium products and are produced in a socially responsible manner. This means that every purchase you make supports the artist’s livelihood. To learn more about the Crocs Sport Mode collection, click here.

Crocs’ soles are composed of a proprietary closed cell resin, or Croslite. The material is light but provides a comfortable level of cushioning. It also has a compression property, which means that it will compress when you are working out or using heavy equipment. But keep in mind that these aren’t intended for more than casual activities.

Crocs are comfortable enough for long-term wear, but they don’t support arches well. This makes them unsuitable for dedicated walking workouts, so they’re not recommended for this purpose. However, they’re perfect for casual walking and all-day wear. They’re lightweight and can be worn for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Crocs also feature wide toe boxes, which allow your toes to flex freely.

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