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FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

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In order to get started in the Fashion Report, players should have completed the side quest ‘Passion for Fashion.’ This quest can be found on the Gold Saucer. It takes a level 15 character to begin the quest. To begin the Fashion Report, players must be level 15 in the game. This is a weekly contest, so players can try their best to get the highest score possible. During this week, players must make sure to dress up their character in the right way.

The Fashion Report is a weekly event held at the Golden Saucer where players can test their knowledge of fashion. Each week, players are assigned a theme and challenged to create an outfit that goes along with the theme. The fashion report is judged on a scale of one to one hundred. There are prizes available for the winner, and each player is given a certain amount of time to complete the task.

Once you complete a Fashion Report, you will receive a score that you can use to buy items. The items that you earn can be crafted or bought from vendors. Getting a high score is essential if you want to buy a popular item in the shop. Make sure to dedicate a lot of time to this task if you want to collect all the items you want in the game.

The Masked Rose is the judge of the weekly Fashion Report. She is located in the Gold Saucer, adjacent to Kasumi’s shop. The more you earn in the hidden Fashion Report ranking, the more items you unlock. For example, you can unlock the Spring Bottoms by collecting 600 points in total. The Masked Rose can give you an item each week when you reach a certain threshold. The clues for the weekly Fashion Report are available on Tuesdays and reset each Friday.

In addition to the weekly fashion report, there is a weekly challenge. You can participate in this challenge once you reach level 15 in the game. In addition to the challenge, you’ll receive a gold disc that unlocks access to the fashion report. Each week, you can earn up to 10,000 MGP as a reward. In addition, the fashion report also awards you with point ratings that will determine how much money you get rewarded for your effort.

To apply a dye in the Fashion Report, FFXIV players must complete the “Color Your World” quest. This quest starts at level 15 and is located in the Western Thanalan region at X 12.6 Y 14.3. After completing the quest, players can earn free dyes for the Fashion Report. These dyes can also be acquired from normal Dyemongers. However, some special items can only be purchased with real money in the Mog Station.

The Fashion Report is an event hosted at the Gold Saucer once every week. Every week, a new theme is presented. To be awarded the highest score, players must choose the most appropriate outfit, and make sure it reflects the week’s theme. It is also worth taking part in more than one Fashion Report every week as this will help you get the best rating possible.

Once a week, FFXIV’s Fashion Report is a great way to earn MGP. It’s easy to earn tens of thousands of MGP for participating in this event. It’s also a great way to save up for expensive items in the game. If you’re interested in earning large amounts of MGP each week, the Fashion Report is the way to go.

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