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Genshin Impact Leaks 

There has been a massive leakage of the upcoming Genshin Impact leaks anime series. The leaks have included the Sumeru region and the entire cast of characters. However, the situation has recently improved as MiHoYo is cracking down on these leakers. The Sumeru region will be coming soon, and leakers have been going all out to get their hands on the full lineup.


Yunjin leaks have come in the form of low-quality GIF images posted to various online communities. Although the OP of the video claimed that it was finished, many fans were skeptical and said that the pictures were fake. One such leak revealed Yunjin wearing a pendant. The pendant also confirmed Yunjin’s identity as a Geo user. Other leaks revealed a different look for the character.

Yun Jin leaks also show that the character will be able to fight the basic hilichurl. He will have a constellation level of six. A recent leak also reveals that Yun Jin’s kit will be fairly extensive. Although it’s still early to tell whether this is true or not, we can expect the character to get a lot of changes in the future.

Despite not appearing yet in the main storyline, Yunjin is said to work at the Heyu Tea House in Liyue, where a renowned opera singer often performs. Although she isn’t a playable character yet, her leaks have made us curious about her future role in the game.

Yun Jin is a Geo polearm user. She is expected to be released in the next patch of Genshin Impact. However, the date on when she will be playable has not been revealed, and we don’t yet know her moveset, kit, and abilities. But we’re sure we’ll know soon.

A new leak has revealed more information about Yunjin, a character from the anime series Liyue. Although her actual model is still under wraps, there have been several leaks pointing to her upcoming appearance in the next update of Genshin Impact. It’s unclear exactly when Yunjin will debut, but we can expect her in Genshin Impact 2.4.

However, we do know that Yunjin is a Geo character and she uses a Polearm, which means that she’ll be a 4-star character. She already has a character of the same name from Liyue, and she shares the same type of weapon as her counterpart Zhongli. It’s likely that this character will be a new character in the game, as her vision are similar to her counterpart’s.


The latest Genshin leak concerns the character Shenhe. Shenhe, who is a Cryo, is rumored to be the strongest DPS in the Genshin Impact expansion. Shenhe’s weapon of choice will most likely be the Polearm. In addition to Shenhe, Yun Jin is also rumored to be joining the game. This character will use the Geo element and will be the third Geo character in the game.

Shenhe is expected to join Genshin Impact in early 2022. Her new abilities have been teased in the game’s beta. Older leaks have also been released that revealed Shenhe’s abilities. The latest leak reveals that Shenhe can use the Cyro Catalyst and will fight with her polearm weapon. She will also receive a buff to her Elemental Skill damage, bringing her damage to a sub-DPS level.

Shenhe’s upcoming appearance has left fans curious about what she can do. In the beta phase, she was a Catalyst user. Although she was only a beta character, she is expected to be a five-star character in update 2.4. Shenhe’s in-game model has also been leaked by credible leaker SaveYourPrimos.

As a human form of the Cloud Retainer, Shenhe hails from a Clan of Exorcists. She also serves as a disciple of the Adeptus. The game’s official social media accounts have also revealed her as a new character.

Another Genshin leak assumes that Shenhe will arrive on the first day of the 2.4 update. This would mean that Shenhe should launch sometime in January 2022. This leak also assumes that Shenhe will be compatible with Genshin Impact 2.3. The game will be released in January 2022.

The new version of Genshin Impact will feature new events, which are likely to be similar to the structure of Genshin Impact 2.3. These events will include a new area in the Watatsumi Islands and a headlining quest. The upcoming aquatic region will also be populated with new elemental specter enemies.

Shenhe also has a special attack called Elemental Burst. This attack will summon a Talisman Spirit which has an elemental damage reduction effect on nearby foes. The Talisman Spirit also deals Cryo DMG on an opponent for a specified period of time. This is a useful skill for Shenhe, as she can support her team in battle.


Several leaks have popped up on the internet regarding the upcoming game Yae Miko. The latest is an NGA user’s data-mined information regarding the new playable character. The leak shows a detailed breakdown of the new character’s abilities, such as her Elemental Skill, constellations, and Elemental Burst.

The new character has been seen in several previews, which have sparked interest from fans. While the character’s actual release date is still unknown, rumors are flying that her appearance is imminent. Several players have been saving up for the new Miko character. Recently, leaker Ubatcha1 has revealed that Miko will receive some changes to her Elemental skill.

Another leak features the weapon that Yae Miko uses. The weapon will be a 5-star catalyst with a CRIT DMG substat and increase elemental skill damage by 12% for 12 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to three times. This leak is a very significant one because it shows that the upcoming Yae Miko will be an important character in the game.

The next 5 star character in the game will be Yae Miko, the Head Shrine Maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine. The game is rumored to release the new character in the 2.5 update. The leak also shows that Yae Miko will be an Electro Five-star character and that her primary method of damage will be a charged attack. It is still too early to confirm whether or not the new character will receive the same weapon set as the current main character.

Several videos relating to Yae Miko’s kit have emerged. The videos also show her rotation against Hilichurl. Another well-known leaker, Ubatcha1, also said that her Elemental Burst cannot be used twice on large enemies, such as Ruin Guards.

A number of leaks also mention the new region of Sumeru. Another leak reveals the model of Sumeru. The new region is rumored to release around August 15. Lastly, the leaks suggest a new location, Collei, which has been part of the official manga.


While there are still no confirmations, Cyno will be a playable character in the upcoming Genshin Impact version. According to multiple leaks, the character will be an Electro Polearm and will have a prominent role in Sumeru’s story. Currently, Cyno is rumored to have an entire set of constellations, and his gameplay will show off all of his abilities.

Cyno is responsible for creating energy particles, which increase E damage and AOE. It also grants an increased crit stat. Additionally, it can generate energy particles when using Q. Finally, the Cyno PAssive Talent grants increased E damage based on Elemental Mastery.

The latest leaks in Genshin Impact show Cyno’s upcoming gameplay and animations. The character has a unique combat style, and the gameplay looks to be high quality. Cyno will be able to deal tons of damage with his kit. We’ll get to see more details about Cyno later this year!

Cyno has previously appeared in the manga adaptation of Genshin Impact, and she helped Collei seal up the Archon residue. She was also featured in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, which suggests that she will play a major role in the story quests of the Sumeru. The character also has an Elemental Skill that deals damage and has a low CD.

Among the new characters that are coming to the game are Cyno and Nilou. In addition, there is a new four-star character, Candace, and a hydro character. All three are Sumeru characters, and are expected to debut in the 3.1 version of the game. Moreover, their name cards and splash art look similar to the one we saw a couple of weeks ago.

In Genshin 3.1, Cyno will use a five-star Electro Polearm. She will also use Elemental Burst to deal massive Electro damage. This Elemental Skill will make her an on-field Elemental DPS. Moreover, Cyno’s Passive Talent will increase her E damage based on her Elemental Mastery, and her C6 will increase her Q duration.

Cyno also has Constellations that increase her power level. Getting these can be difficult even for a five-star character. Cyno’s abilities are thematically fitting, and her idle animations will highlight her weapon and base form. The sound effect will be lessened as her “eye” stacks are consumed.

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