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Hawaii DCCA Business Name Search

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The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) has a database of dcca business name search that are registered within the state. This information can be used to trademark and brand your business. It is also helpful in finding domain names for your website and social media pages. Furthermore, business names registered under the DCCA are considered timeless and do not limit future growth.

When trademarking your business name, you need to make sure it does not already exist. If you want to trademark your name in Hawaii, you must fill out a Trade Name Application Form. This form is available from the DCCA Business Registration Division. It costs $20 to file an application and expedited processing is available for an additional $20.

A dcca business name search can help you avoid legal issues in the future. By checking the availability of a web domain, you can make sure it does not already exist. You can also find out if your name is trademarked by searching the U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System. You should also register your business name in Hawaii with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. If your business name is registered in Hawaii, you need to renew it at least six months before it expires.

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