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How to Get a Blue Archive Tech Note

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If you’re new to the Blue Archive world, you may be wondering how to earn Blue Archive Tech Notes. These resources are used to level your character’s skills, with the exception of the Ex skill. While Secret Tech Sheets are available early in the game, they’re best obtained in the later stages of the game. Read on to learn how to get Secret Tech Sheets. Listed below are some tips for acquiring Secret Tech Sheets.

The early stages of Blue Archive don’t offer much value, so you should grind the rest of the way up. You’ll find that the game’s difficulty increases exponentially from D stage onwards, and it’s worth grinding until you reach D stage. The early stages will have plenty of bots, so it’s best to focus on hitting ranks and maximizing your PVP ticket investment. The secret tech note will let you gain valuable resources, including Pyroxene and Tech Cards, which you can use to increase your level.

Although the game is an online RPG, early levels don’t offer much value. You should avoid these stages, and focus on achieving higher ranks in the game. However, you can still get rewards by grinding, especially Pyroxene, which you can use to top up your PVP tickets. You can also get special gifts for reaching high ranks, like Blue Archive Tech Notes. And don’t forget to collect a bunch of them, since you can even get free ones later.

In the meantime, you can level up your playable characters and experience more content. In the last update, NEXON has added fourteen new episodes and three new playable characters. This summer update includes twelve quests, three challenge stages, and a free giveaway of 2,400 Pyroxenes for those who registered for the game. This is a good time to buy the Secret Tech Sheet for Blue Archive so you can start playing the game.

Aside from obtaining the Secret Tech Sheet, Blue Archive also has a summer update. Besides the new episodes, the update also adds three new playable characters, as well as a special bonus of 1,200 Pyroxenes. The game is also free to pre-register, and you can claim your bonus immediately. The new summer update offers more content, as long as you have enough time to level up.

The Secret Tech Sheet allows players to level up their characters and increase their level. They can also earn Secret Tech Sheets by using a secret skill. The secret tech sheet is essential to unlock the Blue Archive’s many features. Initially, there are two areas, which will allow you to level up your characters. These are the Main Story and the Sensei. The advisors in Kivotos are your allies, so make sure they’re allies!

When leveling, it’s important to be aware of the armor and damage type of the enemy. The armor will be resistant to certain types of attacks, but there are no special abilities that will be useful to the enemies. Hence, it’s important to avoid areas where the enemies are strong and use the same armor and damage type. As a beginner, you can aim for Area 6 and continue working your way through the other areas.

The first area to complete is Area 6, which is where advisors are located. The other areas are not worth much, but the early stages will provide you with a good amount of rewards. The early stages will have a large number of bots, but you can still find special memories if you grind hard enough. This tech note is also very useful to obtain in the later stages. The secret Tech Sheet is the best way to get secret items in Blue Archive.

The Secret Tech Sheet is the key to obtaining secret items. In the early stages, you won’t get much value, so you should focus on grinding from the D stage onwards. During the early stages, you will encounter bots, so be sure to keep this in mind. The XP tickets will be your best option. The PVP ticket will be a great way to earn secret blue notes. The leveling system is the best way to get extra items in Blue Archive.

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