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How to Successfully Promote Offline Business on Instagram: Search for New Customers

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Instagram, the most popular social network today, continues its development. Now you can find accounts of different directions on the internet: personal, family, educational, author’s, as well as online and offline businesses. Since the audience of insta is large (millions of people come to the social network every day), everyone finds what they like, someone comes to watch Reels or IGTV, someone reads interesting author’s texts, someone likes to watch the lives of others, and someone sticks to profiles with beautiful food pictures.

But there are also users who, in addition to entertainment, are looking for products and services of interest to them on IG. Why do people prefer this way of searching? You may notice by yourself that when you need to find a service, you log into a social network. This is convenient because Insta is a kind of showcase. Detailed photos and videos of goods or services are posted in the profile, the price list and company contacts are indicated. You do not need to spend a lot of time searching for the right service through many sites. Also, customer reviews are almost always posted on social networks and, if desired, you can contact them to find out about the real experience of working with the company. In addition, potential clients are more inclined to trust real people. Therefore, on IG you can often see photos of the founders, stories about employees or videos from production.

This social platform  is a great option for businessmen or companies who want to find new customers among the users of the social platform. In order to effectively promote offline business in the vast spaces of insta, you need to know how to properly design a profile, why many accounts use the services of companies from which you can buy Instagram followers cheap, and how to increase the level of trust of a potential  client.

First of all, you need to create a business account. If your business already exists, then you will have no problems with the page name. If it is important to highlight geolocation in the name so that it is easier for customers to find you, use abbreviations, for example “Name_NY”. After that, transfer the account from simple to business, this is done using the button in the settings and linking the business page to facebook. How to make a profile description? In order to create an account header, you must answer the questions “What do I offer customers? What makes me different from my competitors? Where am I and how can you contact me? How many do I work up to?”. You need to interest a potential customer with a description. If you doubt your skills, you can contact a specialist who can help you in this matter. For example, to the SMM manager.

Create and post content. Choose a unique color palette that will be associated with your business. Try to maintain a uniform style in the profile. Upload only high-quality content of good quality. Do not spare money for high-quality photos and videos, if you do not have a love for shooting content, contact a professional photographer. There are many such specialists and they work in different price categories, so you will definitely find someone who can offer you an inexpensive but decent service. If you sell goods, for example, you have your own clothing store, use the Instagram Shopping function. This is a separate tab in your profile where you can put all your products, specify prices and a link to purchase. You can also create lookbooks and collections of products sold, this will bring you a lot of sales.

Attract the first subs. Ways to attract an audience on a social network are divided into two categories: free and paid. Free methods include the use of hashtags and geolocation tags and mutual PR. But mostly these methods are ineffective, especially if you are determined to find new customers as quickly as possible. Therefore, many businessmen

do not spare money for paid promotion methods. The most popular paid ways to attract an audience are targeted advertising and the purchase of subscribers. However, targeted advertising requires not only monetary costs. You need to know the basic concepts of the target, you need to know what parameters are necessary for the ad to work effectively. Most often, this method turns out to be expensive, because people turn to advertising specialists who put up not a small price list for their work. A cheaper, but no less effective way to promote an account is to buy subscribers. You get a certain number of real subscribers, the activity on your page is growing, you will be in a higher position in the search. Many companies offer this service. But if you decide to buy real Instagram followers, make sure that the company is reliable and it has a lot of reviews. Otherwise, bots can be sold to you instead of real subscribers.

If you run  business offline, this does not mean that you need to attract customers only by classical methods, such as distributing leaflets or word of mouth. Of course, these methods should also not be excluded. However, we advise you to maintain your social networks too, because clients are never superfluous. You will definitely see the result of the work done!

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