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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ivan on Tech Shuts Down

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Ivan on Tech is an influential YouTube channel that focuses on the blockchain. His daily live streams are among the most-watched in the crypto space, and YouTube has decided to shut him down. The ban is expected to last until after the Bitcoin halving, and it will silence one of the most influential voices in the space.

The course is conducted online, and Ivan on Tech explains the basics of cryptocurrency in plain language. He also explores a variety of topics, including Hashrates and Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Additionally, there is a Facebook group for students, which gives them a chance to interact and discuss the content of the course. The course is an excellent choice for someone who wants to learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The courses are designed for people who want to build a career in blockchain development. They include real-world experience before enrolling in a course, special Q&As, and automatic course updates. You can also subscribe to Ivan on Tech Academy and stay informed of new courses. He also writes about personal finance. He has spent the last three years studying finance and blogging, and is able to simplify complex finance topics into easy-to-understand posts.

Cryptocurrency is another popular subject covered on Ivan’s channel. A mini-course developed by Ivan is designed for those interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The course includes information for developers and investors. Ivan on Tech explains the fundamentals of crypto and blockchain technology in a simple manner. The course is aimed at investors, developers, and entrepreneurs.

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