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Joma Tech – A YouTuber With a Unique Vision

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Joma Tech is a YouTube channel that specializes in educational videos. The channel has over 1.73 million subscribers. Creator Jonathan Ma has used video as a platform to teach people about technology. He has also used it to share his personal experiences. He has a unique perspective on topics that many people find challenging. While most YouTubers do not discuss the issues that most people face, Ma uses humor to address issues in the technology world.

Joma began his journey as a software engineer at a “Big Tech” company, but decided to take a different path. His passion for video-making led him to create a YouTube niche that combined educational content with his personality and humour. This was a successful combination and gave him a competitive edge in the tech niche.

Joma Tech learned programming as a child and eventually worked as a data scientist and programmer. Though his parents were not native English speakers, they encouraged him to attend college and pursue a well-paying job. But Joma had never fully explored his potential. He was always fascinated with the arts and wanted to take classes in fine arts. Despite this, he knew that higher education was essential. He went on to become a software engineer after his undergraduate degree.

Joma Tech is a YouTuber from Canada. He has over one million subscribers and uploads educational and funny videos on YouTube. His most popular video has over nine million views in seven months. Though he does not reveal his parents on his social media pages, his channel is a great source for learning about technology.

Joma Tech also has two side businesses. He sells his own products on his YouTube channel and accepts sponsorships. In addition, he also receives revenue from affiliate commissions. Joma Tech is a successful YouTuber who has a very unique vision. Besides creating educational videos, he has a passion for technology and video content.

As a professional engineer, Joma Tech shares stories of life in Silicon Valley and experiences with big tech companies. He joined YouTube in September 2016 and has since uploaded a variety of videos about technology and engineering. He has worked for Google and Microsoft and also has an internship at Citadel. He also worked full-time at Microsoft.

Joma Tech is an advocate of interdisciplinarity and believes that learning from many different disciplines can help us solve problems better. In addition to working in a variety of fields, Joma has experience in writing comedy sketches about data science. Joma is not on Linkedin but is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Before starting his YouTube channel, Joma began making travel vlogs and comedy sketches. He had high hopes of appearing in BuzzFeed videos, but his dreams were dashed. He was unable to make a profit from this endeavor. However, he had a different plan. He hoped to become a successful YouTuber one day.

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