Mezcal Old Fashioned

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The Mezcal Old Fashioned is a traditional American cocktail with a Mexican twist. Developed by Mauro Fisher, a bartender at Seattle’s Sawyer, the cocktail combines mezcal with Italian amaro. The result is a drink with complex flavors. It is typically served over ice.

The Mezcal Old Fashioned is a smoky take on the classic cocktail. It’s ideal for waning summer days and chilly fall evenings. The cocktail’s charred flavor is enhanced by flamed orange peel. Whether you’re drinking it on its own or in a bar, you’ll want to enjoy the smoky flavor. You can make a drink using your favorite agave liquor at home.

To make this classic cocktail, mix all of the ingredients together and stir well. Add ice if desired. Mix well and serve in a rocks glass. You can also use chocolate or mole bitters. If you’re using a smoky mezcal, add a little extra agave nectar to the cocktail.

To make a mezcal old fashioned, first mix tequila with mezcal. Next, add the agave nectar and the bitters. Stir to dilute the drink. You can also use an orange peel to garnish the drink. If you want to make it a little more festive, you can twist an orange peel and flame it over it for a festive flair.

When it’s time to serve the cocktail, you can flame the orange peel with a match. You should hold the match 6 inches above the cocktail. Once the orange peel is flaming, you can squeeze the citrus peel to release its oil. Then, place it in the glass. The Mezcal Old Fashioned is best served as a sip, and pairs well with a dessert.

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