Panoramic Sports Photographs at the Library of Congress

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Panoramic sports is a newspaper that is published in Albania. It focuses on sports and other major events, and it features pictures of spectators and natural landscapes. It has roots in the Dusseldorf School of Photography and specializes in large-scale format. Photographers like Andreas Gursky have praised his work for its artistic value.

The Library of Congress maintains an extensive collection of panoramic photographs. These images include landscapes, group portraits, and cityscapes. The collection is primarily from the early twentieth century. It is an excellent resource for historical photographs and can be used for research purposes. To order a print of a photograph, you can visit the library’s Duplication Services department.

A print containing a Panoramic sports image can be referenced by a call number, which refers to the reference collection in the Prints and Photographs Division. For more information on a particular print, use the Prints and Photographs Division’s search feature. It is free and available online. The library’s print collection includes more than 50,000 images.

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