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Randolph Brooks Health Insurance Plan

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Randolph Brooks was founded by Ed Brooks in July 2006. He was promoted to President of the RB Financial in 2013 and the President of the Randolph Brooks Insurance Agency in 2015. He is responsible for exponential growth in production and staff. Ed was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of CUSO operations at RBFCU. Previously, he served as a division manager at CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. for five years, where he was responsible for the management of 60 advisors and over 20 Credit union programs.


The financial institution Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is ranked #2 on the list of Best Companies to Work For in Universal City, TX. The list reflects both financial health and diversity. Employees love the friendly environment and the competitive salary, but they don’t like the fact that they must go to a separate facility to access their health insurance plan. That’s why it’s important to check out the different health plans offered by Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.

The Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union was established in 1952. It is a full-service financial cooperative with assets exceeding $14 billion. It has 61 branch locations across Texas. Although it is a large financial institution, it has only a small branch network. That’s fine, because employees of large corporations can use their Randolph Brooks health insurance as their primary or secondary source of coverage. However, you might have to do some research before deciding on Randolph Brooks health insurance.

The average salary for Randolph Brooks employees is $230,435. The range can be anywhere from $200,835 to $262,878. It also varies by location and skill level. Overall, employees are happy and stay at the company for 4.1 years. They make an average of $37,303 a year. There are many reasons for this high salary range. You might want to know what your local economic conditions are like to make sure you’re getting a good salary.


Randolph Brooks has offices in the following locations: Northbrook, Southlake, and Northfield. Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union is the company behind the health insurance products. The credit union also offers Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (also known as Medigap), as well as Medicare Advantage Plans (also known as Medicare Part C). However, the company is not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.

The Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union offers deposit and lending services to more than 300,000 members at 35 locations throughout Central Texas. This financial institution also offers MasterCard credit cards and investment products. Randolph Brooks Insurance Agency sells health insurance and auto insurance. Additionally, the company has a title insurance company. These are all located throughout Central Texas. For more information, visit their website. This company is located in Universal City, Texas.

Employment data

If you’re looking for information on the employees at randolph brooks health insurance Federal Credit Union, you’ve come to the right place. Zippia’s job listings are based on employee data, which includes self-reported employment history. This data may also come from proprietary data from other companies. Other sources of data include BLS statistics, company filings, H1B filings, and other public datasets.

For employees, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union offers many benefits, including health insurance. The company’s salaries and benefits are determined by location and position. See below for a full listing of current employment opportunities at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union. You can also compare salaries by industry or department. And remember, salaries vary widely depending on the level of experience and education. So, if you’re looking for a job with great benefits, consider Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union.

With more than 300,000 members, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union has a wide range of products and services. In addition to business loans, the company offers MasterCard credit cards. The Randolph Brooks Services Group provides investment products, financial planning services, and more. The company’s Randolph Brooks Title Company provides title insurance and auto insurance. Its Federal Credit Union is located in the Live Oak area.

The employees of Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union are mostly Republicans, with a majority of them belonging to the Republican Party. The company’s CEO, Randy Smith, has donated more to the Republican Party than any other executive. The average employee at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union makes around $230,435 annually. Moreover, Randolph Brooks employees are happy with their jobs, and the average employee stays with the company for 4.1 years.

Employee benefits

As part of its employee benefits, Randolph Brooks provides several programs that can be helpful to employees, as well as their families. Randolph Brooks offers a Coverage 1st Local plan that is free for employees, as well as Humana Rx 4, a prescription drug benefit program. Another benefit offered is Doctor on Demand, which allows employees to consult a physician twenty-four hours a day from the comfort of their homes. Lastly, the plan offers dependent coverage for employees’ spouses, children, and parents.

Another way to evaluate Randolph Brooks health insurance benefits is by checking Zippia. This site uses employee data from Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union to make its comparisons. This data comes from self-reported data from employees, as well as proprietary data from other companies. Other sources of data include BLS data, company filings, H1B filings, and other public datasets. By using Zippia, employees can compare and contrast benefits from several companies.

In terms of salary, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union pays employees an average of $37,303 a year. The highest-paid positions include Java/J2ee Developer, Web Developer, and Director of Human Resources. A typical Java/J2ee Developer salary can reach $78,177 per year. Other high-paying positions include Branch Operations Manager, Teller, and Network Technician. Overall, employees can expect to earn an average salary of $27,422.

Besides Randolph-Brooks health insurance, the credit union offers deposit services and lending products. With over 300,000 members, the organization has 35 locations across Central Texas. Employee benefits at Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union can include free basic life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and medical and vision coverage. 401(k) contributions are matched to the extent of 4%, and employees can use their IRA to make monthly contributions.

Randolph Brooks Health Insurance

A good place to start is with the company’s Employee benefits. This article will go over the Employee benefits and pay scales. It will also discuss the demographics of the employees. To determine the level of coverage needed, you will need to know the employee’s age and gender. Then, you can compare these two benefits with other providers. Make sure to consider the employer’s premium when choosing a plan.

Employee data

Looking for information about Randolph Brooks health insurance? Look no further than Zippia, which provides a wealth of data about Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union and its employees. This company profile uses employee data based on self-reported employment history and proprietary data provided by other companies. Sources of this information may include BLS, company filings, H1B filings, and other public datasets.

Employee data for Randolph Brooks health insurance from Zippia is free and easy to use. Just enter your email address below and get a free quote. Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is ranked #2 on the Best Companies to Work For in Universal City, TX, according to Zippia. Zippia’s Best Places to Work lists are based on proprietary and government data, including employee diversity and compensation.

The average salary at Randolph Brooks is $230,435. Other locations may pay different salaries based on location, skills, and industry. Employees at this company are generally satisfied with their jobs, and typically stay for 4.1 years. Employees make an average salary of $37,303. The company has a diverse and talented workforce, and is growing. This growth is reflected in its competitive compensation and benefits.

Pay scale

The pay scale at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union is comparable to other similar companies. The total compensation and the pay range depend on the type of job you hold and your experience. You can compare salaries for similar jobs by looking at company reviews and reading employee testimonials. Read on to learn more about what others are paying at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union. You’ll be surprised at what you can earn in this company.

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union pays well, but you should check out other companies to determine if the company is right for you. While Randolph Brooks is a great employer, it is far from the best. It pays well, and the benefits are great. However, the pay scale can be lower than the national average. If you’re considering working at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, you’ll find that their benefits are good and they have a low turnover rate.

The average salary at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union is $37,303 per year. The highest-paid positions are Java/J2ee Developer, Director Of Human Resources, and Network Technician. These positions typically command higher wages, with a typical Java/J2ee Developer salary of $78,177. Less-common positions include Teller, Branch Operations Manager, and Financial Services Analyst. Listed below is the pay scale for Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union in the U.S.

Employee demographics

Those who work at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union are overwhelmingly Republicans. Randy Smith, the vice president of the credit union, recently donated $3,750 to the Republican Party. Employees of Avenue Financial Holdings earn a median salary of $75,454.

This credit union offers health insurance through various plans. Employees may be eligible for discounts on their premiums. Some policies include a deductible that is based on the amount of coverage a person needs. The minimum age to purchase insurance is 25 years. Randolph Brooks is a member-owned credit union, and all employees must have a valid social security number. Employees who work in the credit union are entitled to a yearly tax return if they meet the income and other requirements.

Employee benefits

Employees of Randolph Brooks are eligible for a number of benefits. These include a health insurance plan that covers their medical expenses and helps them pay for prescription drugs. Employees also have access to a number of voluntary programs. Employees may enroll in a prescription drug benefit program, such as Humana Rx 4, or choose to participate in Doctor on Demand, a virtual 24 hour video conferencing service. Employees also receive a discount on a membership to the Wellness Center at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center.

The federal credit union has 35 locations throughout Texas and serves more than 300,000 members. Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union also offers business loans and MasterCard credit cards. Randolph Brooks Services Group offers investment products and financial planning services. Auto insurance is also available through Randolph Brooks Insurance Agency, and the company offers title insurance. Its employees are very happy with their jobs, and it is not uncommon to hear them say that they enjoy working at Randolph Brooks.

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