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Rum Old Fashioned Recipe

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The rum old fashioned is a classic cocktail that many drinkers consider their gateway drink. It has many variants and is often complained of being too sweet. However, some rum drinkers consider it the perfect cocktail to introduce newcomers to the spirit. To make this rum-based drink, follow these tips.

First, select the rum. A multi-island blend is the best choice for this drink. You can also use a single-island style. However, the rum shouldn’t be the focal point. It should complement the rest of the ingredients, not compete with them. To make this rum cocktail, use a stainless steel double jigger.

The rum used in the recipe should be dark. Bacardi Black or Anejo Cuatro are good choices. The other ingredients are orange juice, a sugar cube, and an orange peel. The cocktail is served in a rocks glass and stirred. A bar spoon is traditionally used to stir the cocktail, but a regular spoon can be used. When making this cocktail, you can use different types of sugar.

Another variation of the cocktail is the use of different kinds of bitters. Some people use Habanero, Black Walnut, or Chocolate. Other people use demerara syrup. The syrup can be prepared on the stove or in a jar. It doesn’t have to cool down before serving. Using a large orange peel is also helpful. Just make sure to avoid cutting into the white pith because this can impart a bitter taste.

While the Old Fashioned has traditionally been made with Whiskey, a simple rum Old Fashioned can also be a great choice. Its sweet and round characteristics are enhanced by the addition of rum. The addition of orange oil also helps bind and lift the overall flavor. This cocktail can be made quickly and easily, and it can be made without the help of a muddler. It is the perfect drink to enjoy on a warm summer’s day.

The rum old fashioned recipe is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients. It can be prepared by beginners and advanced bartenders alike. To create a delicious cocktail, you must choose a good quality aged sipping rum. You can buy these in liquor stores. They range in price between $50 and $75. If you are buying a bottle of aged rum, it’s better to choose a bottle that has been aged in sherry barrels.

To create the perfect rum old fashioned drink, first prepare a rocks glass. It should contain ice and sugar. Then, add a large slice of fresh lemon rind. Finally, add the rum and stir. Then, stir it until the glass has cooled completely. You can add orange bitters or angostura bitters to your drink.

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