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Sinking Ship Entertainment

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Sinking Ship Entertainment is an award-winning production and distribution company. The company specializes in family-friendly, kids-focused content. Its productions are sold in over 200 countries and have won numerous international awards. Among these awards are 21 Daytime Emmy(r) Awards. With a diverse portfolio, Sinking Ship Entertainment has something for every child.

The company is based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2004, the company produces live-action animated and CGI-blended series for children. Its distribution division has distributed more than 500 hours of content globally. Its first series was This is Daniel Cook, which premiered in September 2004. Then, in 2010, the company released Dino Dan, which prompted the company to create a visual effects division.

A recognizable icon for Sinking Ship Entertainment is its logo. The logo consists of an outlined silhouette of a ship that has sunk to its bottom. It also features three white circles that appear over the logo. In addition, the logo is accompanied by a copyright notice. The text reads: “SINKING SHIP ENTERTAINMENT,” and can be seen on alternate apparel.

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