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Specialized Rockhopper Sport 2021 Review

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The Specialized Rockhopper Sport is a 29” aluminum frame hardtail crosscountry bike that delivers affordable singletrack MTB performance. The frame is derived from real bike measurements to give the bike its unique geometry and performance. Available in nine sizes, the Rockhopper is equipped with an air-spring fork and a 1×12-speed drivetrain. You’ll love the specialized Rockhopper’s wide range of features, such as a front suspension fork and a nimble ride.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport 2021

The specialized rockhopper sport 2021 is an excellent lightweight hardtail mountain bike that comes with a well-made frame and modern gearing. It is available in sizes 26″, 27.5″, and 29″, with features that cater to all levels of rider comfort and versatility. As a bike for beginners, the Rockhopper sports a lower top tube and features tubeless-ready rims. Moreover, its geometry is designed to improve handling.

The shorter reach limits the rockhopper’s grip and steering, making it less suitable for smoother trails or technical tracks. The Rockhopper’s responsiveness makes it best for riding down smooth trails, while the Ground Control tyres roll fast, but the Sport carcass struggles to hold its shape in turns. Although the Rockhopper is an overall good mountain bike, it has some drawbacks that make it a good choice for beginners.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport Review

The Rockhopper’s geometry is very refined, almost identical to that of the Epic Hardtail. However, the longer frame may require some adjustment for older riders, as the Rockhopper puts you in a new posture. Despite this, the Rockhopper is a great bike for beginners and is capable of producing impressively fast speeds. We’re looking forward to riding it soon! Until then, however, let’s have a look at some of its key features.

The Rockhopper is a great option for beginners to mountain biking. The 120mm fork and nimble aluminum frame are the standout features, and the rockhopper’s suspension travel is ample for demanding singletrack trails. The Rockhopper’s frame design and component spec are also quite impressive, with a wide range of adjustment and a low weight. The Rockhopper is built to last, with no compromises when it comes to performance or durability.

The Rockhopper Sport’s price is competitive with its performance, and it’s a good choice for first-timers. This bike has many features, including Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus shifting, and a SR SunTour XCM fork. Overall, this bike is designed to perform and hustle. Despite its price, it is hard to beat at this price range.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport 26

Several factors determine the fit of a specialized rockhopper sport. Wheel sizes are specific to each frame size, and the Rockhopper’s smaller frame sizes use 27.5-inch wheels while the larger ones use 29-inch wheels. This sizing scheme ensures that riders can find the perfect fit for their size. As a result, the Rockhopper is a great choice for people of all sizes, including adults. Specialized made the Rockhopper with different wheel sizes in mind, and you’ll find that these bikes are suited to a wide variety of riders.

This bike is designed for performance. The Rockhopper Sport is built with a performance-orientated frame and Shimano Altus shifting. The bike is also equipped with SR SunTour XCM fork. This combination provides for a smooth ride and excellent handling. However, its price tag may make some people hesitant to purchase it, and you should do your research before you buy. If you can’t afford a new bike, the Rockhopper Sport might not be the right choice for you.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport for Sale

If you’re in the market for a new bike, consider the Specialized Rockhopper sport for sale. This hardtail mountain bike is 29 inches in diameter and features a well-built aluminum frame. Available in 29″, 27.5″, or 26″ models, the rockhopper is a great choice for riders of all skill levels. The bike has been designed from real bike geometry measurements. It has an air spring fork and a 1×12-speed drivetrain. It also has an angled-up stem and a raised handlebar.

The Rockhopper features a lightweight, aluminum frame with butted aluminum tubes for increased standover clearance and slick internal cable routing. The bike’s suspension system, called Rx Tune, is designed to match the frame size with the right wheel size for a perfect fit. Plus, the frame size is perfectly matched to the right wheel size, so the bike fits every rider’s needs. It also comes with a Formula freehub and Shimano components.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport 2022

The Specialized Rockhopper Sport 2022 is a 29-inch mountain bike that is built with a lightweight aluminum frame for excellent durability. It is also incredibly stiff and has increased crotch clearance. The internal cable routing is well thought out, and it comes with a retractable seat post for added versatility. The Specialized Rockhopper is the perfect mountain bike for your next trail ride. Read on to learn more about this bike.

The rockhopper sport is designed for aggressive riders who want to get the most out of their riding. With its features and price, it is an excellent choice for the first time mountain biker. The Rockhopper Sport’s lightweight frame, SR SunTour XCM fork, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, this bike is a great option for tackling tough trails. It also plays defense on your wallet, and offers a wide range of gears.

The Specialized Rockhopper is a cross country mountain bike that boasts a light aluminum frame. It also comes with mechanical disc brakes. The Rockhopper is priced between $500 and $1000, so you can find one that fits your budget without compromising on performance. It’s also available in 9 sizes spanning all wheel sizes. The rockhopper is designed with comfort and versatility in mind. The Specialized Rockhopper is an excellent option if you are a beginner who wants a good deal on a mountain bike without breaking the bank.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport Specs

Specs of specialized rockhopper sport bikes vary slightly between models. The Rockhopper’s frame is designed for a variety of riders, and it comes with optimal wheel sizes for every frame size. The smaller and middle-sized bikes feature 26″ wheels, while the larger models come with 29″ wheels. A rock-solid build with expert components makes for a smooth and fast ride. Specs of specialized rockhopper sport bikes vary, but here are some of the key features to look for.

One of the most notable improvements on the Rockhopper is its improved geometry. This makes it more comfortable and stable, which is important for new riders. The rockhopper’s head angle has been reduced to 68 deg. The seat tubes are shortened to reduce the overall height, and the bottom bracket sits lower, which lowers the centre of gravity. The top tube is also lower, increasing standover height.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 2021

The Specialized Rockhopper Sport features a durable, lightweight, and well-built frame. Available in two different sizes, the 29″ and 27.5″, this bike offers versatility and performance for riders of all abilities. Because of Shimano component shortages, the 2019 model may be slightly more expensive than its predecessor, but the manufacturer has adjusted the price to accommodate the shortages. There are also no plans to increase the price in the future.

The specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 offers a more responsive ride than the other Rockhopper models, thanks to its lightweight alloy frame and 24-t chainring. The Rockhopper’s ride doesn’t feel harsh over trail chatter, even if it’s riding on steep trails. The Rockhopper has plenty of grip on rough trail centres and rolls fast, but has trouble maintaining its shape during turns. It’s a bit too long.

Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 price

The Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 is a lightweight aluminum frame mountain bike that delivers the performance of an MTB at a reasonable price. Its alloy frame and Suntour suspension fork make it a great choice for fast singletrack riding, and its 24-speed Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes give you excellent braking power. Specialized also designed the bike with comfort and efficiency in mind, including ergonomic grips and a Body Geometry saddle.

The Rockhopper Sport’s components are high-quality, including Shimano Altus shifting and hydraulic disc brakes. Its front axle uses a 9x100mm QR design. It’s also equipped with a Suntour XCM fork, which features a RxTune treatment and coil spring. The rear axle is a high-quality, sealed bearing. The suspension system is smooth and responsive.


Specialized Rockhopper Sport Review

The Specialized Rockhopper Sport is a cross-country hardtail bike that is perfect for climbing, descending, and everything in between. Its Premium A1 aluminum frame features modern geometry and internal cable routing. This 27-inch bike also features stealthy rack mounts and dropper post compatibility. If you’re looking to start exploring the mountain biking scene, the Specialized Rockhopper Sport is the perfect choice. Read on for more information.

Rockhopper Expert

The Specialized Rockhopper Expert 29 is the top-tier entry-level cross-country bike. The bike is lightweight and features a stiff, A1 aluminum frame. It also boasts a Sram X5 2×10 drivetrain for plenty of gears. Its performance is highly engaging and offers an impressive amount of value. But it’s not without its downsides. Listed below are the pros and cons of this BMX bike.

There are four different Rockhopper models. Each has its own geometry and frame materials, but they differ in componentry and price. All Rockhopper bikes are suitable for both recreational and competitive off-road riding. The Rockhopper Expert and the Expert are equipped with 29-inch wheels and have 100mm and 90mm travel. They also come with air-sprung Judy forks and Shimano Deore 1×10 gearing.

The shorter reach limits the Rockhopper Expert’s versatility. Its short reach makes it difficult to ride on technical trails. Smooth trails are more suited to its agile frame and low-profile tyres. On muddy and sloppy terrain, the Rockhopper’s keen-to-roll tyres can cause damage to the bike. The Rockhopper Expert is best suited for groomed singletrack and smooth ground.

Rockhopper Sport

The Rockhopper Sport is a mid-range mountain bike that offers superior components and a redesigned frame. Its price makes it hard to beat, though. Read on to learn more about this bike and whether it is right for you. We test the bike for our review. Listed below are some of the things we liked about it. This review is based on our experience riding the bike, so it is important to note the strengths and weaknesses of the bike.

The Rockhopper Sport features a Premium A1 Aluminum frame with butted aluminum tubes for increased standover clearance, slick internal cable routing, and dropper post compatibility. Each frame size is matched with the right wheel size, so the Rockhopper fits every rider perfectly. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a Sr Suntour XCM fork ensure excellent performance, despite the low price.

The Specialized Rockhopper Sport is a cross-country mountain bike with a hardtail frame. It is ideal for climbing and descending, and has a wide range of wheel sizes to suit your needs. The bike is made from Premium A1 aluminum and has modern geometry for optimal performance. Its suspension is equipped with 80-100mm of travel and has internal cable routing. The frame also has quick-release dropouts, stealthy rack mounts, and dropper post compatibility.

Rockhopper Expert 27.5"

The Rockhopper Expert has excellent standover clearance and a responsive frame for cornering. The shortish frame is composed and agile, even on tight sections, but its keen-to-roll tyres can damage the road. It performs best on groomed singletrack and smooth ground. For more extreme riding, you can upgrade to the Rockhopper Expert XL, which costs PS250 less but has the same spec.

This bike is well-suited for the outdoors thanks to its low weight and tubeless-ready wheels. The streamlined frame, 120mm fork, and 29-inch wheels provide a lively ride. Despite its low price, this bike does come with a few drawbacks. Some of them are minor, but the rockhopper Expert is still a very good buy. The Specialized Rockhopper Expert is one of the most capable and affordable mountain bikes.

This bike has an aluminum frame and is the highest-end model in the Rockhopper range. It is intended to provide single-track MTB performance at an affordable price. It is available in nine different wheel sizes, and boasts updated geometry and air spring fork. It also features a 1×12 drivetrain and dropper post compatibility. If you’re looking for a mountain bike for trail riding, you’ll want to invest in a Rockhopper Expert.

SR Suntour XCM fork

Featuring an aluminium hardtail frame with internal cable routing, the Rockhopper is lightweight, yet has the performance you need for a specialized trail bike. Its front and rear suspension systems feature SR Suntour’s Multi-Circuit Damping (MCD) technology. Tektro’s Auriga hydraulic disc brakes deliver power with a high level of control, and the XCM fork is capable of tailoring its performance to rider weight and style.

The SR Suntour XCM fork is capable of delivering impressive traction, but it’s also capable of compromising control and steering on softer terrain. Because of the shorter reach, it’s more difficult to ride on smoother trails and in less technical terrain. This bike’s traction is unmatched, but its steering is limited by the lower travel. The ground control tyres offer predictable traction, while its Sport chassis struggles to maintain its shape during turns.

The Rockhopper is Specialized’s entry-level mountain bike. The Rockhopper is redesigned for 2021 and features an alloy chassis and a focus on real-world readiness. Entry-level mountain bikes rarely get much attention, and those that are on the higher end are dripping with electronic and carbon. But Specialized has clearly been excited about the new Rockhopper, and it shows!

Shimano Level hydraulic disc brakes

If you’re interested in getting a bike for cross-country riding, you’ll be happy to know that the Specialized Rockhopper comes with a full-redesign in 2021. The updated bike includes an alloy frame and is ready for real-world use. Unlike the top-level mountain bikes, entry-level models rarely get much attention. They’re usually dripping with carbon and electronic components. But Specialized is clearly excited about their latest rockhopper, and they’ve put value in mind as they created it.

The Rockhopper’s drivetrain continues to be manufactured by Shimano, with the new Comp version featuring a Manitou Markhor suspension fork with stiffer 30mm stanchions and a stiffer steering system. The bike also features Shimano’s BR-M365 brakes and 2×10-speed shifting. This bike is also equipped with female-specific features, such as a narrower handlebar.

The Rockhopper is the entry-level model of the Rockhopper line. With a 100mm travel fork and disc brakes, it’s built for performance while playing defense with your wallet. Its alloy frame is a step up from its predecessor and comes with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes. Shimano Level hydraulic disc brakes on the Rockhopper are easy to maintain and provide excellent braking performance.

Tektro Level hydraulic disc brakes

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly performance mountain bike, look no further than the Specialized Rockhopper Sport. Its lightweight alloy frame, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus shifting, and SR SunTour XCM fork make it an excellent choice. It also features internal cable routing and dropper-post compatibility.

The SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes have a mean bite, and deliver power and range with an intuitive feel. Its rear derailleur is clutch-equipped to make braking and shifting easier. Its dead-reliable Formula hubs pair perfectly with a 25-millimeter-diameter Stout rim, resulting in a strong, lightweight bike that’s perfect for the sport.

Tektro Level hydraulic disc brake kits are a great way to add safety and control to your bike. Specialized Rockhopper Sport bikes are designed to fit every size rider comfortably and effectively. The company’s bikes are also high-quality, with expert components and a sleek modern appearance. The Specialized Rockhopper Elite comes in large, medium, and extra-large sizes.

Giant Talon 29 2

The Giant Talon 29 2 is the latest offering from Giant. This specialized rockhopper bike features an upright riding position and an optimum wheel size based on frame size. Its components are high quality and expertly engineered, and its sleek and modern appearance is sure to get you noticed. Listed below are some of the bike’s features. When shopping for a rockhopper bike, be sure to keep these factors in mind.

While the Talon 29 3 shares the same aluminum frame, the components are cheaper and it is priced at $550. This bike is best for riders who like to explore singletrack, take weekend fitness rides, or enter into racing. The Talon 29 2’s wheels are a perfect fit for mixed terrain, cinder paths, and dry trails, and the rear rack mounts add versatility. This entry level bike has a lot to offer, and will keep you motivated and looking forward to riding it.

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