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The Oaxaca Old Fashioned

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The Oaxaca Old Fashioned is one of the most well-known cocktails made with mezcal. The drink has a sweet and smoky flavor that helped make agave spirits the mainstay of modern cocktail culture. The drink was created by New York bartender Phil Ward in 2007 and introduced mezcal to countless drinkers. Its name refers to the state of Oaxaca, where most mezcal is produced.

In the ’90s, vodka and tequila were the drinks of choice, and mezcal had a slow start in the cocktail world. That changed when Death & Co.’s Phil Ward tweaked the tequila Old Fashioned by adding a half ounce of mezcal to the drink. The drink became a revelation, opening up an entire new world of mezcal cocktails.

To create a traditional Oaxaca Old Fashioned, use an ice-filled mixing glass or rocks glass. Add the ingredients and stir to combine. If desired, add an orange peel and a flaming lighter. This will release the oils in the peel and add an interesting flavor and aroma to the drink. You can also use agave nectar to sweeten the drink.

The Oaxaca Old Fashioned is a delicious cocktail that uses mezcal and reposado tequila. It was first created by Phil Ward, a New York bartender who opened Mayahuel agave bar in 2009. His creation became a modern classic cocktail and is now served at many bars across the country.

The original recipe calls for 45 ml Reposado tequila and fifteen ml Mezcal. It also calls for 7.5 ml Agave syrup and 1 dash Angostura bitters. The average amount of these two spirits is 58 proof. The cocktail is usually served short at just 3 ounces.

The Oaxaca Old Fashioned is a delicious Mexican drink that can be made at home. The drink is usually served with one large ice cube and garnished with orange peel. A flamed orange peel is an interesting garnish, but if you don’t have a flamed orange, you can use mezcal instead. The orange peel can be twisted to create a spark and dropped into the drink.

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