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The Return of the Fashion Corset

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Corsets have returned with a bang, thanks to a Netflix show set in the early 19th century. The series, “Bridgerton,” has helped put corsets back in the spotlight, and has increased the number of people searching for them online. Lyst, a search engine that tracks fashion trends, found that after just one month, searches for corsets had increased by 123%. This trend comes at a time when many women are looking for a way to reclaim their bodies and rebel against fashion diktats.

Fashion corsets can be worn for a variety of occasions. For a formal luncheon, a brown longline corset with a classic gray skirt and low-heeled mary-janes is a great choice. The corset can also be covered with a classic gray blazer.

The fashion corset has its origins in the 1500s, when women in the French court envisioned the perfect waist and small waist. Corsets were used both as outer garments and as undergarments, flattening the waist and emphasizing the bust and chest. Corsets were often made of whale bone, a durable material that could be used to create the perfect shape. While the corset was initially used for a variety of reasons, they became widely used during the Victorian era as a way to shape a prominent chest and a slender waist.

A fashion corset is a form-fitting garment that supports the bust, waist, and hips. They were popular in period fashion and can also be worn by men. Women used corsets to appear slimmer in dresses. However, these days, they can be worn for medical purposes. In fact, men can also wear corsets, but today, they are largely an accessory, rather than an essential part of the wardrobe.

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