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Thomasville Health and Rehab is Closing Down

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In case you are wondering why Thomasville Health & Rehab is closing down, you can read on. We’ll review its health inspection records and quality ratings for the last three years. You can also learn about residential councils. Despite its name, this facility is not a hospital. Its residential care is offered outside of the hospital, but it is not a continuing care community. The company is a for profit corporation.

Thomasville Health and Rehab is Closing

The reason Thomasville Health & Rehab is closing is unclear. There were no health inspections performed in the last two years, and one substantiated complaint. The facility is located near a variety of other healthcare providers, including a CVS Pharmacy and Tom C. Sexton. Residents in the area are mostly middle-class, with an average income of $58,527 compared to 56% for the rest of the country.

The Pine Ridge facility had only three employees on Jan. 16. It was a day before the snowy weather caused two residents to fall. Thomasville Police were called, and two residents were taken to the hospital. The facility’s owners cited high COVID-19 rates and snowy weather. Smith’s sister has moved her mother to a Lexington nursing facility, but she doesn’t know how much time she has left with her mother.

Thomasville Health & Rehab is located in a small-town setting, but it’s not far from a variety of restaurants, parks, and culture. Nearby restaurants include El Jalisco – coming soon! – and Sonny’s BBQ. Visitors can enjoy local attractions like Cherokee Lake and the Rose Gardens. If you’re looking for a relaxing setting, Thomasville Health & Rehab is a great choice.

Pine Ridge Health and Rehabilitation Center has notified families of two deaths and two serious injuries. The center has not responded to requests for interviews. Thomasville police are waiting for the results of autopsies. The two fatalities are not related to staffing problems. There’s no word on whether the other two patients who are critically ill were treated at Pine Ridge. They’re also not being told that the closure is temporary.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is investigating the deaths at the nursing home. There were only three nursing staff members on the premises, but 98 residents were found dead or seriously injured. Thomasville firefighters and Davidson County EMS checked on residents and the fire department. At around 8 a.m. Monday, firefighters and EMS arrived at the nursing home. Two patients died. Two others were critically injured.

Thomasville Health and Rehab's Quality Ratings

Thomasville Health and Rehab, Llc is located in the Thomasville, Georgia area. The facility provides a number of services to patients with various needs. There are three main sources of information used to calculate quality ratings for nursing homes. Two of these sources are staffing data and quality measure data. These data are used to determine a nursing home’s overall quality of care and effectiveness. These ratings are based on the level of care a patient receives while staying in the facility.

Thomasville Health & Rehab is located near the city’s dining, parks, and culture. The nearby restaurants include El Jalisco – coming soon! and Sonny’s BBQ. Other attractions nearby include the Thomasville Center for the Arts, Cherokee Lake, McIntyre Park, and the Rose Garden. The facility also provides quality nursing care and rehabilitation to residents. Residents of Thomasville Health & Rehab also participate in a knitting and crocheting group.

Thomasville Health and Rehab's Health Inspections for the past Three Years

If you have been looking for a healthcare center that meets your high standards, Thomasville Health & Rehab may be the perfect fit. The facility offers a full range of nursing and rehab services, as well as a range of life-enriching activities. They even welcome volunteers for their quilting, knitting and crocheting groups. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in good hands, and that their care will be a quality one.

The most recent health inspection report from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services ranked the facility Much Below Average, with 15 citations. Its citations reflect the findings of complaint surveys. In addition, the COVID-19 survey focused on infection control practices at the facility. This type of inspection also includes the Standard Health Inspection and Life Safety Code inspection.

While it is important to research each nursing home, Thomasville Health & Rehab has an overall grade of B. In Georgia, nursing homes are the only institutions inspected annually, but it does have some positive aspects. This health care facility has an exemplary inspection score. It also offers speech, occupational and physical therapy services. Those with medical needs may consider it if they are interested in long-term care.

A recent investigation revealed a number of problems at Pine Ridge Health and Rehabilitation Center. The facility had three employees to care for 98 residents, a staffing ratio of less than one nurse for every four patients. A report released by the N.C. Division of Health Services Regulation includes interviews with residents, emergency responders, and hospital staff. Several issues were raised, including inadequate staffing levels, ineffective use of resources, and unsanitary conditions.

Thomasville Health and Rehab

Thomasville Health and Rehab, Llc is a nursing home in Thomasville, Mississippi. It offers 52 beds and averages 36.5 residents per day. This for profit-for-profit facility offers a variety of services and amenities including residential councils. There is no hospital attached to Thomasville Health & Rehab, and it does not belong to a continuing care community. Residents have the right to choose their own treatment plan, but it is important to consider your personal needs and the kind of care you need.


Crowne Healthcare of Thomasville, GA, formerly known as Thomasville Health and Rehab, is a state-licensed nursing home with 80 beds. The staff at this nursing facility are certified nursing assistants and Registered Nurses, who provide twenty-four-hour skilled nursing care. In addition to the onsite physicians, the facility has a chapel and other facilities for the residents’ use. The facility maintains an overall rating of one star, based on health inspections, staffing issues, and quality measures. An investigation by a state agency revealed that the nursing home failed to obtain physician signatures on an Advance Directive, despite the fact that the resident had cognitive impairment and was incapable of making the decision himself.

Residents of Thomasville Health and Rehab receive twenty-four-hour medical care, including injections, wound care, and catheter placement. They are also provided with a variety of life-enhancing activities such as quilting and crocheting groups. Residents of the Thomasville Health and Rehab community are welcomed to become volunteers in their sewing, knitting, or crocheting groups. They have a resemblance to their own family members, and are surrounded by many familiar faces.

Police, Davidson County EMS, and Pine Ridge Health and Rehab Center responded to the nursing home on Tuesday night, a day after two people were found dead at the facility. Thomasville Police received reports that there were three staff members caring for nearly 100 patients. Two of the victims were found deceased, and their families were notified earlier that day. Two others were taken to a hospital and listed in critical condition.

Respite care

Respite care is an option for those whose loved one needs assistance but can’t leave them alone. At Thomasville Health & Rehab, residents enjoy a wide range of life-enriching activities. For example, the facility’s knitting, crocheting and quilting groups welcome volunteers. Respite care is an option for those who need to take a break from caring for a loved one.

The goal of respite care is to provide relief to primary caregivers and give them time to relax and recharge. Respite care is provided by skilled nursing professionals who provide medical care in a residential setting. This includes diabetes checks, feeding tube management, and other health services. There is no need for the loved one to be isolated in a nursing home; skilled nursing care will ensure that a safe and comfortable environment is provided.

Skilled nursing

Skilled nursing is available to patients at Thomasville Health and Rehab. The facility offers a variety of services to patients, including skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and life enrichment activities. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the knitting or crocheting group or to quilt. Residents of this healthcare center enjoy a variety of cultural activities and events that help them cope with physical and emotional challenges. Residents also get to meet other patients who share their interests and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Founded in 1969, Thomasville Health and Rehab, Llc is a for-profit corporation that offers nursing care to seniors. The facility has 52 beds and averages around 36.5 residents per day. Although it is not a part of a retirement community, it participates in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Moreover, it offers residential councils. There are three sources for the quality rating of nursing homes, which are quality measure data, staffing data, and patient care satisfaction survey results.

The Thomasville Health and Rehab is a large nursing home in Thomasville, Georgia. It offers medical care around the clock. Besides its excellent reputation, it has exemplary inspection scores. Families can apply for financial aid at this facility for their loved one’s care. Its overall rating is B-. The facility offers many services and amenities, but it also offers resources to help individuals and families pay for skilled nursing care.

Short-term rehabilitation

Thomasville Health and Rehab, a family-centered facility, provides a variety of services for its residents. Aside from quality rehabilitation and nursing care, the facility has a number of life-enriching activities. For example, the facility’s quilting group, crocheting group, and knitting group welcome volunteers. Residents are also provided with educational opportunities that help them learn new skills and regain self-confidence.

The Thomasville Health Care And Rehabilitation Center, formerly Thomasville Health Care and Rehab, has 80 beds for patients. The facility provides 24 hour skilled nursing care provided by Licensed Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants. Residents receive individualized treatment plans tailored to meet their needs and their individual needs. Its staff has extensive experience in short-term rehabilitation and rehabilitative care.

Nearby restaurants and parks offer a range of options. Located in Thomasville, Henderson’s, George and Louie’s Fresh Seafood, Hong Yip Chinese Buffet & Take-Out, and Ritz Amphitheater are some of the places worth checking out during your stay. You can also check out Thomasville on Stage and Company or the East End Historic District, which are both worth a visit.

Thomasville Health and Rehab is a large skilled nursing facility in Thomasville, Georgia. It is located at 120 Skyline Dr. The center provides 24-hour medical care to older patients. US News’ Resident Safety Rating doesn’t include Thomasville Health & Rehab, but consider the nursing home’s reputation and safety when choosing a facility. This is one of the many things to look for when choosing a nursing home.

Quality of care

Residents in and around Thomasville, GA can trust Thomasville Health and Rehab for their medical needs. The facility’s quality rating is based on a number of factors. Staffing levels, quality measures, and complaints are all taken into account. The report also highlights a number of issues with the facility. It has received an overall low rating. Fortunately, there are several other options in the surrounding area.


The facility is located near parks, cultural centers, and other local attractions. For those looking to spend a day of fun and relaxation, a visit to the Thomasville Cultural Center or Sonny’s BBQ will provide plenty of food options. Residents can also take advantage of the city’s recreational opportunities, including a quilting or crocheting group. The facility is also near Cherokee Lake, the Thomasville Center for the Arts, and McIntyre Park.

Recently, two residents were found dead in the facility. The facility had three employees and 98 residents, according to police. The residents’ families were notified earlier in the day. Several residents were found to be in critical condition. Thomasville police conducted a welfare check and received multiple calls that the staff was not available. Some residents had not seen a member of staff in days. A subscription to The Dispatch has been established to help residents find out what happened.

Thomasville Health and Rehab, Llc is a certified for-profit corporation. It participates in Medicare and Medicaid. Although there is no Resident Safety Rating from US News, the facility does have some positive aspects. However, its overall rating is B-, and the center is not a continuation care retirement community. You should check out the location of the facility before choosing it for your loved one’s care.

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