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Und Mental Health Summit

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The upcoming und mental health summit will focus on increasing awareness of one’s mental and physical well-being so that one can excel in other areas of life. The summit also features a workshop that teaches how to choose a mission and pursue it in partnership with key people in one’s life. Developing a mission is a key component of reaching success and should be cultivated with attention to relationships and emotional heaviness.

John Hauser’s death last October, the reason for the summit, motivated the University of North Dakota to organize the event. In the event, representatives from the FAA, UND, and several aviation schools joined aviation experts and mental health experts to discuss the risks of suicide and the resources available to pilots. The summit also featured presentations from several experts on mental health in the aviation industry. These experts emphasized the importance of und mental health summit and the role of pilots in achieving safety and a healthy lifestyle.

The event features several keynote speakers who will discuss mental health and suicide prevention. Among them are Dr. Sasha Zhou, Co-Principal Investigator of the nationally renowned Healthy Minds Study, Dr. Annie Belcourt, Professor at the University of Montana, and Dr. David Arnold, Vice President for Health and Wellness at NASPA. Other speakers will cover state suicide prevention efforts and how educators can incorporate mental health practices into the classroom.

The second day of the und mental health summit featured presentations from senior officers and mental health providers, along with a panel of civilians and senior Sailors. These speakers stressed the importance of understanding people and how to communicate effectively. Developing a strong culture is essential for ensuring mental health, but it also requires open and honest communication.

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