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What Does The Cloak of Many Fashions Really Mean?

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The Cloak of Many Fashces is one of the most iconic items in The Legend of Zelda franchise. It has appeared in almost every game and its presence always evokes strong feelings from gamers. People either love it or hate it, but there’s no denying that its presence is a definitive indicator as to which game we’re talking about. This article will explore what the Cloak of Many Fashions truly means, help you figure out which game you have it, and give you some tips on how to get your own version.

What is the Cloak of Many Fashions?

The Cloak of Many Fashions is a coveted item from The Legend of Zelda series. If you wear it, Link can change clothes at will. This is a useful ability, allowing him to blend into environments or to slip past guards. However, it also means that Link is wearing some other guy’s clothes so it’s a bit of a strange thing to be doing. It’s an item that each game seems to have its own version of. These versions can be completely different, such as having different stats (such as fire resistance in A Link to the Past), or they can be completely identical (such as having the exact same stats as a sword in both Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time), but they’re all the same.

How to Get the Cloak of Many Fashions

Luckily, finding the item itself is easy. Link can buy it from many shops and often from treasure chests as well. However, it’s also possible for it to be found. In Majora’s Mask, the item is hidden in a secret cave on the island where the mask is found. In Ocarina of Time, the item is found later in the game after Link has collected the three songs of the sages. In both cases, it’s found in an area you shouldn’t be able to reach yet, so finding it is a sign that you’re close to the end of the game.

The Appearance of the Cloak of Many Fashions

The Cloak of Many Fashions is almost always a black cloak with some golden designs on it. This design can be different, but there are some consistencies between games. The most obvious is that the designs move with Link, so they’re always behind him. This can give the illusion that the cloak has a form of its own, which is a bit interesting and unique.

Zelda Series and the Meaning of the Cloak

Now, it’s important to note that the cloak is not actually named in any of the games where it appears. This means that it’s not actually part of any lore. However, there are a few clues that can help us figure out its meaning. One of them is that it’s briefly mentioned in The Adventure of Link. In it, Link uses the cloak to disguise himself as a girl so he can go and look for his sister, who had run away. This hints that the cloak is used to go unnoticed. We also learn that the Sages of Hyrule have a version of the cloak, so it might be related to them.

Final Words: Should You Get the Cloak of Many Fashions?

The Cloak of Many Fashions is a great item to find, but it’s not exactly essential. If you are interested in finding it, though, it’s worth chasing after. You won’t regret it! The item itself has a nice effect and is a great addition to the games it appears in. It’s also worth noting that the cloak has appeared in almost every Zelda game, so it’s a pretty important item in the franchise. That being said, it’s not essential to the Zelda games it appears in, so you can get away with not finding it if you really don’t care about it.


The Cloak of Many Fashions is a great item that has appeared in almost every game in the Zelda series. It allows Link to change clothes at will, which can be handy and allow him to blend in with his surroundings. It’s a bit odd to find this in so many games, though, since it’s not part of any lore. If you’re interested in finding it, though, it’s definitely worth chasing after.

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