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What is Steep Tech? – In Depth Technical Explanation

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Steep is a free to play snow sports game that you can play on your PC. The game is primarily focused on two things: the player’s skiing and the mountain they’re skiing. In order to create realistic snow and mountains, Steep uses its own real-world physics engine and AI system. The game’s developers, Ubisoft Montreal, call this tech ‘Steep Tech’. This article explains what Steep Tech is and why it’s important for players who want to get the most out of their time playing Steep.

What is Steep Tech?

Steep Tech is the name for Ubisoft Montreal’s physics engine and artificial intelligence system used in their snow sports game, Steep. This system is the core of the game and enables the player to make realistic snowboard jumps, carve down the sides of mountains, and travel across the game world. It’s essentially the core of the gameplay and the reason Steep is so realistic.

How Does Steep Tech Work?

The way Steep Tech works is by taking real-world conditions such as the temperature and pressure of the air, the amount of friction on the surface you’re skiing on, and the movement of the ski, and then using these to create the physics of the game. One of the ways the system enables realistic snowboarding is by calculating how much friction there is on the ski as the player moves across the surface. This means that as the player is carving down, the ski will create friction and as the skier pushes back with their feet, the ski will also push back. These are all key parts of making a realistic skiing experience.

Game Goals and Objectives Using Steep Tech

One of the key things you can do with Steep Tech is create realistic in-game goals and objectives. This can be a core objective of the game that all the players are trying to achieve. Alternatively, it can be the goals of a single player in a game. Players can create goals for their games that suit their preferences and the way they like to play games. For example, some people like to focus on a single player’s story, while others prefer to play with a bunch of random players in a community that isn’t focused on story.

Benefits of Using Steep Tech in Games

– Realistic Snowboarding: As we mentioned above, Steep Tech is the core of the game and the reason it is so realistic. The physics engine enables the player to create realistic jumps and carve across the slopes of the mountains. – Dynamic Weather System: The weather system in Steep is also one of the most realistic weather systems in a video game. Snowboarding in the mountains depends on the weather and the system in Steep enables the player to experience a range of weather conditions, including rain and even a blizzard. – Exploring the World: Another key factor of Steep is that the game world is created using real-world mountains. This means that the player can explore the world using naturally formed trails that take them from one mountain to the other.

Things to Keep in Mind when Using Steep Tech

– Balance: Creating realistic physics in a game is an amazing feat but it can quickly get out of hand if the developer doesn’t keep an eye on the balance. – Reliability: Another thing to keep in mind is that if the physics are too realistic, it can often break the game. This is something that happens in real life as well and it’s something that the developers should keep an eye on. – Quality vs Quantity: The biggest thing to keep in mind when using Steep Tech is that the physics need to be of high enough quality. If you create too many snow flakes or particles in the game, it will ruin the experience for the player. The challenge with this is that there is no way a developer can predict what the player will do.

Final Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on Steep Tech! It’s an amazing physics engine and we hope you’ve got a better understanding of how it works and how it can help you when playing Steep. If you have any questions or anything you’d like to add about Steep Tech, feel free to leave a comment below!

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