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Zoetop Business Co., Limited is a Global Phenomenon

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Shein is a privately held company with a massive online presence. Its official name is Zoetop Business Co Ltd. and it boasts more than 23 million followers on social media, mostly young women. Its website drew 160 million visitors in June alone, outpacing rival Zara. But while Shein has achieved huge popularity online, the company has been under fire from labor watchdogs and investors alike for its lack of transparency.


Zoetop Business Shein

The corporate structure of the Shein Group is extremely complex, opaque and tax-optimized. There are several brands under the Shein name, and the company has its headquarters in the South of China, near the factories of most of its suppliers. The Zoetop Business in Hong Kong oversees the Shein Group’s global trademark rights. While the corporate structure of the Shein Group remains unclear, the corporate name remains the same.

The founder of Shein, Chris Xu, learned the commercial value of Chinese products in the global market while working for a company in Nanjing. After a couple of years working at the company, Xu was inspired to start his own company. zoetop business has since filed 25 lawsuits in the US federal court. While the lawsuits are ongoing, Zoetop has escaped legal action by offering cheap clothing and accessories to consumers across the globe.


Zoetop Business co. Limited Wholesale

US Customs Records are available for Zoetop Business Co. Ltd., a company based in China. Its exports include Ec Best Service Inc., and are sourced from third-party manufacturers and wholesalers. The following table shows the number of shipments made by Zoetop Business Co. Ltd. and a detailed breakdown of the products that they sell. The company’s business activities are summarized in its US Customs Records.

The founder of the company is Chris Xu, aka YangTian Xu. Xu has a background in digital marketing and SEO and was previously selling wedding dresses on the Internet. Although the corporate headquarters of Zoetop Business Co. Limited are located in Guangzhou, the company also has pop-up stores in major U.S. cities. However, the company does not operate brick-and-mortar stores.


What is Zoetop Business co. limited

The UK online fashion brand, Zoetop Business Co., Limited, is a global phenomenon that has become a must-buy for fashion-conscious shoppers. With a presence in 14 countries and over 100 employees, this company is the fastest-growing brand in Europe and employs 100 people. The company has spent the last year trying to get the attention of the world’s biggest online retailer. Here are some reasons why you should shop at Zoetop Business Co., Limited:

AirWair asserts trademark rights to the AIRWAIR name. However, these rights are limited to footwear that incorporates all four elements of the trademark. Zoetop boots have soles that are only one color, while AirWair boots feature a two-toned sole. These boots are likely to fall under the ‘AirWair’ trademark, and Zoetop isn’t going to want that.


Zoetop Business co. limited Location

ZOETOP BUSINESS CO., LIMITED is a company with headquarters in China and exports to Ec Best Service Inc. This company has multiple branches in the United States and sells products worldwide. To contact them, use the contact form on their website. You can also call them at 719-733-4878. You can also send an email. You can also get their phone number and email address through their website.


zoetop business co. limited wikipedia

The company, which has been involved in several disputes over intellectual property with global brands, has recently been bought by Roadget. Its website shows that it has its headquarters in Singapore, but the company declined to respond to questions from Reuters. The company has regional centres of operations in major markets, including Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. Its latest financial report was updated 45 minutes ago. Its stock price has increased compared to last year, and it is now listed on the NASDAQ.

Zoetop Business co. Limited Reviews

After receiving numerous complaints about their products, Sixth Tone decided to investigate the company’s suppliers in Guangzhou. Sixth Tone visited an unregistered factory in an industrial area outside of the city and spoke to its owner, who confirmed that he was a Shein supplier. He told us that he did not work directly with Shein, but instead received orders through another factory. Most people in Guangzhou referred to Shein as Zoetop Business Co. Limited, owned by Xu Yangtian, a Chinese businessman.

Zoetop Business Contact

The Zoetop Business Co., Ltd. is a company that exports products to the United States. These records can help you identify suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, and competitors. The database includes millions of companies and offers data dating back to 2008.

Zoetop Business co. limited China

The company is based in China and exports goods to the US. Its products are popular with young women and have a huge following on social media. Its website has over 160 million visitors in June alone, beating Zara. Despite its huge reach, there is some controversy about the company’s labor practices. Labor watchdogs are calling for more transparency. What’s the deal with Shein?

Zoetop and Shein - How to Find a Profitable Business

In this article, you will learn about Zoetop and Shein, two companies of SHEIN Group, a Chinese internet and B2C e-commerce giant. These companies share common business models of product R&D, supply chain, warehouse management, logistics, and more. As a result, the company is a great choice for investors, but how do you find a profitable business for your needs? Here are some tips to make your business a success:


There are a few things you should know about Zoetop Business Co., Limited. It was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 15, 2021. It currently ranks 992 out of 2710 in the Footwear and Clothing category, with a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. You should read the reviews and decide if it’s worth your time to try it out before making a purchase. There are a few important things to consider before you make a decision to buy from this company.

First, AirWair’s trademark rights are limited to footwear with all of the elements in play. Zoetop boots don’t have all of these elements, so they’re infringement. As such, the claim is based on the fact that Zoetop boots feature a two-tone sole. This isn’t really enough for AirWair, but they do have a point. Despite this, it’s unclear whether Zoetop is willing to settle or fight the suit.


Shein’s corporate structure is unclear, tax-optimized and filled with multiple brands. The company is headquartered in South China, near its suppliers’ factories. The company also owns Zoetop Business in Hong Kong, which manages the Shein Group’s international trademark rights. Despite this opaque structure, the Shein Group’s products are globally popular. The company’s corporate structure is an intriguing case study.

Shein is facing copycat lawsuits from Ralph Lauren and Dr Martens, among others. These companies claim that Shein has copied their designs and promotional images. The online retailer has also been sued by Ralph Lauren and Airwave International. Twenty-five companies have filed lawsuits against Shein’s parent company, Zoetop Business Co., in US federal court. In addition to these lawsuits, the company has been the subject of several patent infringement disputes.

In addition to its global footprint, Shein also sells products in Asia and the United States. The company earns revenue through delivery fees, partnerships with brands and in-app advertisements. However, the company isn’t required to publicly disclose its annual revenue, which is unknown. Analysts estimate that Shein has a market cap of about $15 billion and revenues of $5 billion. In contrast, the company’s sales have decreased as a result of a pandemic and an app ban in India.

While Shein has been able to evade the majority of the lawsuits filed against it, the company continues to face legal challenges. The company’s alleged plagiarism has led to several legal disputes, including the one with Levi Strauss. Despite the lawsuits, Shein continues to overshadow the Western fast-fashion industry despite a high number of cheap offerings. This has been the case since Shein began operations in 2007.

Shein's owner Zoetop

The recent turn around in Shein’s fortunes has raised concerns about its legitimacy, but the company has not explained why. The company’s chief executive, Xu Yiangtian, has resigned from his role as CEO, and Gu Xiaoqing now runs most of the company’s operations. While Shein has not commented on this turnabout, reports in the business press indicate that the company is working with three investment banks to prepare for an IPO.

While most Chinese consumers are enamored with Shein’s ultra-low prices, the company has been accused of engaging in exploitation of its workers. Sixth Tone has contacted some suppliers to find out whether they’re working with Shein directly. One factory owner has told Sixth Tone that he doesn’t deal with Shein directly, but receives orders from a third factory. The owner of the factory told Sixth Tone that Shein is the largest fast fashion retailer in China, but he said that he was not aware of the company’s practices.

Meanwhile, in another instance, Levi Strauss sued Shein for copying its stitch pattern, although this was settled by the end of the year. Ralph Lauren and AirWar International also filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the company that owns Shein. All told, Shein’s parent company, Zoetop Business Co., has been named in as many as 25 lawsuits filed in US federal court.

The founder of Shein, Chris Xu, has worked in IT companies for a decade and has an impressive background in marketing and search engine optimization. He initially started his own company and sold wedding dresses online. After two years of operation, he diversified into womenswear. In May 2021, Shein is projected to surpass Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app on the Apple U.S. App Store.

Its lack of transparency

Despite its massive growth and huge number of followers, Zoetop hasn’t been forthcoming with information about its supply chain and how it comes to such low prices. Its Instagram and TikTok accounts boast more than 23 million followers, all of whom are displaying the clothing that costs so little. In June alone, Zoetop received over 160 million visits, more than Zara and H&M combined. While the low prices are appealing, many consumers are questioning how much they’re actually spending. Labor watchdogs, such as the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, have questioned how cheap these clothes can be, and Zoetop hasn’t provided any details.

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