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Unconventional Material Goods: Hidden Assets That Positively Affect Your Business

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When we think about material goods that positively impact our businesses, common items such as technology, office supplies, and inventory often come to mind. However, there are a multitude of unconventional material goods that can significantly enhance various aspects of your business operations. In this article, we will explore some overlooked assets that may not have crossed your mind but can play a pivotal role in boosting productivity, fostering creativity, and ultimately contributing to the success of your enterprise. 

Ergonomic furniture

Investing in ergonomic furniture is an often undervalued asset that can have a profound impact on employee health and productivity. Chairs with proper lumbar support, adjustable tables, and ergonomic accessories such as keyboard stands and monitor stands can greatly reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and increase comfort during long hours of work. By prioritising the well-being of employees and creating a comfortable working environment, you contribute to happier and more productive employees.

Apart from buying indoors furniture in the UAE, you can also consider buying the best outdoor Dubai furniture. This will allow your employees to take breaks outdoors in comfort.

If the budget and the area of ​​the working area allow, then it would be a great idea to purchase swimming pool furniture. Thus, the entire team will have the opportunity to take not only breaks, but also hold corporate parties. Outdoor furniture and a garden bench will allow your coworkers to spend their lunch breaks outside, enjoying the fresh air in the sun. 

Plants and Greenery 

The working space of a busy person should be no less comfortable than home walls, and, of course, conducive to everyday duties. For a long time, flowers and plants have served as an invariable way to achieve these goals. While humans need oxygen to survive, plants take in carbon dioxide that we don’t need and combine it with water and light to produce energy in a process called photosynthesis. Research has found a significant reduction in stress among workers when plants are introduced to their workspace. The results included a drop in tension and anxiety, a reduction in depression or discouragement, a reduction in anger and hostility, and a reduction in fatigue. 

Artwork and Creative Decor 

Artistic elements and creative decor can transform an ordinary workspace into an inspiring and motivational environment. Art has the power to evoke emotions, spark creativity, and enhance problem-solving abilities. Incorporating visually stimulating artwork, murals, or even motivational quotes can inspire employees and create a positive atmosphere that encourages innovation and fresh ideas.

Natural Lighting and Smart Lighting Systems 

The impact of lighting on productivity and well-being is often overlooked. Natural lighting has been proven to enhance mood, energy levels, and overall satisfaction in the workplace. Exposure to sunlight also regulates circadian rhythms, leading to improved sleep quality and alertness during the day. In addition, incorporating smart lighting systems that mimic natural light patterns and adjust brightness can create a dynamic and adaptive workspace, optimising energy consumption and creating a more comfortable environment.

Leisure Facilities

Creating workspace breaks may seem counterintuitive for productivity, but they can actually boost employee morale and increase their focus. By providing areas for meditation, yoga, or just quiet reflection, you give employees the opportunity to recharge, reduce stress levels, and improve mental clarity. These spaces can also promote social interaction and teamwork when used for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions. This allows an employee, for example, to relieve stress, take a break at the moment of fatigue, so that, after a reboot, he can approach work with renewed vigour. 

Boards, Flipcharts and Stickers 

The power of visual aids in a business setting should not be underestimated. Whiteboards, flipcharts, and sticky notes are inexpensive yet highly effective tools for visualising ideas, developing strategies, and fostering collaboration. They encourage brainstorming sessions, encourage active interaction, and allow teams to share and build on each other’s thoughts. What’s more, these tangible tools allow you to take your mind off digital screens and allow for more tactile and interactive problem solving. 


While traditional material goods remain crucial for business operations, it is important not to overlook the potential of unconventional assets. Incorporating plants and greenery, investing in ergonomic furniture, embracing artwork and creative decor, optimising lighting conditions, providing relaxation spaces, and utilising visual aids can all have profound positive effects on your business. By considering and implementing these often-overlooked material goods, you can create a more engaging, productive, and enjoyable work environment, ultimately leading to the success and growth of your enterprise.

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