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BMD Group Acquires Air Media Technologies

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BMD Group has acquired Air Media Technologies, a subsidiary company. The company will be based in Boston and develop sintering technology to produce parts with fine voids. In the process of manufacturing parts, the company will also develop advanced sintering techniques to create the best possible surface quality. Ultimately, BMD Media Tech clients will benefit from a full-service marketing firm. This is a big deal for companies looking to improve their online presence.

Air Media Technologies is a subsidiary of BMD Group

BMD Group is a leading provider of business process outsourcing in the state of Tamil Nadu and has also recently entered the media business with Air BMD Media Tech. This subsidiary would provide comprehensive offerings in television serial concept production, cinema trading, and dubbing rights. The company targeted a turnover of Rs 100 crore by 2010.

It Will Develop Sintering Technology

Sintering technology is becoming more important to the production of metal parts. This process is known as Selective Laser Sintering and originated in the late 1980s at the University of Texas at Austin. The technique uses lasers to coalesce powder to create a solid structure. The final product is then wrapped in a powdered envelope. The powdered envelope is then removed by pressurized air or brushes. SLS 3D printing uses polyamide and rubber-like materials, BMD Media Tech which are both excellent for snap-fit features and spring features.

This new technology allows metal parts to be produced in-house without the use of expensive materials or labor. The process is highly effective and has many benefits. It saves money and time by eliminating the need for expensive tooling. This technology also allows for fast, cost-efficient mass production of metal parts. BMD Media Tech has recently announced plans to develop a technology that allows the production of metal parts. This technology will allow manufacturers to create metal parts faster and cheaper than ever before.

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