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Creative and Unexpected Ways To Add Character to Your Home

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Craftsmanship and creativity can add an understated elegance and personality to your home. The best part of giving your home a creative touch-up is self-expression, from spacing artworks on the wall to the color of living room furniture you choose.

Adding character to your home can involve DIY creative projects, or you can also hire a design consultant or architect to help every step of the way. It all depends on the heights you’re willing to go. Here are creative and unexpected ways to add character to your home.

Decorate the entryway with plants.

Many homeowners increasingly realize the importance of inviting greenery. House plants have several benefits, including ridding your home of toxic substances and improving air quality, which ultimately improves your overall health and wellness. Medical experts claim that coexisting with plants at work and home might help reduce mood swings, anxiety, or susceptibility to depression.

There’s also something about following a plant’s journey as it blooms. It can get exciting through different growth stages, especially if you’re fascinated by details. The good news is that it’s now very easy to buy live plants online. Online plants afford you an easy way to check out a huge variety of plants to identify indoor and patio plants that suit the specifics of your creative touch-up plans.

Many different species exist to define your entryway. For instance, you can divide your yard into quarters with paved walkways. Along the walkways can be colorful flowers placed in one decorative pot after the other, guiding you and other guests to your doorstep. At a glance, you can see crisp and fresh grasses mixed with colorful plants, giving your home a green appeal.

Add wainscoting to your walls.

Over the years, many people have used wainscoting as a go-to for their wall decorating needs. Wainscoting can add character and texture to your walls, especially in your kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. In your kitchen, you can match the colors of your wainscot and kitchen sinks. Wainscoting, when done right, can be the first thing that gets your attention after entering your bathroom.

So you can look at unconventional sink styles like a small undermount basin to make your bathroom stand out. These countersinks are popular among contemporary homeowners, and there are a wide variety of options to fit your style of bathroom. Some are even small enough to be affixed to your wall, making them a better option for small-sized bathrooms.

Be creative with paint colors.

The colors used in your paint jobs can either bring it to life or make it look dull. Many people paint without considering how the colors complement the appliances, surfaces, and other pieces of furniture. It’s crucial to look at wall paint with a multi-faceted approach.

For instance, you can paint your walls gray if your kitchen cabinets and other furniture come with a polished wooden finish. The color adds a touch of elegance to your furnishing. Also, it helps to invest in cool and soft glowing warm bulbs for your ultimate indoor lighting needs.

Opt for vintage fixtures and accessories.

Using vintage accessories is an easy way of adding a unique personality to your home. You can swap your existing hardware and grade finishes for antique finishes and unique pieces that resonate with your personality. For instance, you can opt for Pegasus crafted doorknobs if you’re one for vintage and Greek mythology characters. They can make opening your doors an inviting experience that never goes out of style.

All in all, there’s no excuse not to live your fantasies out by mainstreaming your creative ideas into your home’s look. These four ways can be the right place to start.

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