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Entertainer Background For D&D Pack 5e

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If you’re looking to play an enigmatic Bard, Strongman, or Charlatan in your game, you may want to consider an entertainer background. An entertainer background is an excellent choice for a range of roles, as they’re versatile, capable of expressing all types of emotions. This class thrives on entrance, capturing hearts and stirring emotions. From raising spirits to capturing awe, they can make any event an unforgettable experience.



The Entertainer background for Bards is a powerful choice for a character who wants to shine before an audience. This type of character is naturally charismatic and will work to captivate an audience, whether by performing for fun or as a profession. This type of character is adept at making an entrance, stirring up the audience’s emotions, and capturing a party’s mood with music and dance.

The entertainer’s pack 5e allows the Bard to play a morally dubious character. They gain proficiency in Performance, Acrobatics, and Disguise Kits. They can also build a reputation in their community, which makes them a useful choice in a campaign. The Charlatan background, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for characters with morally gray tendencies. This background grants proficiency in Forgery, Sleight of Hand, and Deception.

While a Palid Elf may be tempting, this race is not necessary for a bard. The racial trait has limited value, while Charisma is crucial for spellcasting. However, a Palid Elf can make an excellent caster bard with a little effort. The Palid Elf subrace is addressed under Races of Wildemount. These races also offer a variety of tools and racial abilities.

As a bard, you can use your proficiency bonus on Animal Handling checks to calm angry animals. The bonus is based on your current Bard level. Depending on the skill you are using, you can also gain proficiency on the other spells. This means that you can learn a new spell from the Bard Spell List, and increase the amount of spell slots you have in your class. It is a good choice if you’re looking for a high-quality spellcasting character.

A Bard is incredibly versatile in D&D 5e. With an array of skills, spells, and class features, the Bard can do just about anything. Bards are also notorious for pulling off last-minute “clutch” maneuvers, and are adept at using random knowledge and information from journeys to benefit the party. Likewise, they can use persuasion to deceive others and make enemies’ plans fail.



The entertainer’s pack 5e background lends itself well to characters who enjoy performing. Entertainers may find employment in taverns, circuses, or noble courts. Strongmen may specialize in circus stunts or fights. Magicians, sorcerers, and artificers could perform stage magic, firework displays, or illusions. Every Entertainer has their own routine. The best ones have many.

The skills of an entertainer are highly varied, as these characters can express all kinds of emotions. They thrive on enticing audiences, allowing them to captivate an audience. The entertainer can perform songs and dances to lift spirits, or they can capture an audience’s hearts through the power of art. As a result, this background allows for a diverse selection of talents. However, if you’re planning on using a Strongman character as a support character, make sure you spend some time considering the skills and specializations you’ll need.

A strongman in an entertainer background 5e will often be a bard or a circus performer. Their talents may be a mixture of circus skills and combat. As an entertainer, you can also use unusual weapons and abilities to draw crowds. These characters are likely to have a charismatic personality, and they can talk their way into trouble. They may even have a “by popular demand” feature that can help them land their gigs.



The Charlatans entertainer background for D&D 5e gives players a chance to play a character who’s highly charismatic and loves to charm people. Known for their deception skills, they often elude their shady side while benefiting from skills that are not magical or have lasting effects. This background is an excellent choice for an infiltrative character who enjoys mixing it up with the shady underbelly of society.

The Charlatan background can be drawn from the same pact that gave him supernatural powers. It can also come from the thing that initially attracted his patron. He or she may have entered into a pact with the Archfey to gain the ability. This skill may come in handy for escaping the archfey realm. It may also be a means of ensuring that the Charlatan does not enrage the Archfey, who are known to take advantage of people’s vulnerability.

If you’re interested in playing an entertainer, you can take advantage of the many perks that come with this background. This background can be found in the Essential’s Kit and is also available for purchase in the PHB. If you’re not interested in purchasing the PDF, you can use the coupon from the PHB to buy the physical copy. There’s a chance that you may find a character that’s the perfect fit for the Charlatans background.

The Charlatans have many skills to use in their disguises. Their False Identity enables them to fool people and sometimes even have a life of their own. Despite their deception, they often use charm to trick people into believing that they’re the one to be able to grant them their desires. If this persona is good enough, it can make dealing with an Official much easier.


Bards with entertainer background

The Entertainer background lends itself to the character types of Bards and other performers. This background can lead to a great deal of work in taverns, circuses, and even the noble courts. The Entertainer background can also lead to a variety of different careers, from stage magician to strongman to firework display. There’s a background for every type of Entertainer, and the best ones have several different routines to suit the party’s needs.

Bards are a great choice for players who want a class that is fun to play, but also has the ability to heal allies and deal damage. This class uses its Dexterity and Charisma to help them succeed at their tasks. When creating a bard character, make sure to get the highest Personality and Agility scores possible. Then, choose a background that lets them use spells and enchantments as a means of achieving their goals. For example, you can give a bard the ability to charm a person with their words or perform a vicious mockery spell. You can also choose a spell that allows a bard to detect magic, heal a person with their words, and unleash a thunderwave.

Choose a race that gives your character a unique background. A rogue background could allow your character to steal gold from people’s pockets, but an entertainer background lends itself to non-criminal adventures. This background also grants Bards access to a wide variety of exotic instruments. If you’re not sure which background is right for you, consider a half-elf or other race. Half-elves gain an automatic +2 Charisma boost, and get two additional +1 stat boosts to Intelligence and Dexterity. Both of these are important skills for a bard, so you’ll need to have a character with both.

The Bard class relies heavily on its spells and special abilities to perform. They gain three skills of their choice and gain three hit points. Because of their heavy reliance on Charisma, Bards can survive occasional dips into melee combat, but they can also survive a bit of a lull in their schedule. The best background for a Bard is an entertainer, but other races may suit your character better.


5e Entertainer and Diplomat Packs

The Entertainer’s Pack includes two costumes, a bedroll, five candles, and a disguise kit. Each item in the pack is represented on a deck of cards with a description on the back. There are 16 cards in all, representing the various items you can bring along with you. These cards are used to determine what type of item you need. They can be used to disguise your character as a variety of different items.

entertainer's pack vs diplomat's pack

If you’re playing a bard, choosing an entertainer’s pack over a diplomat’s one might seem confusing, but this isn’t always the case. The difference is largely in the items they each have. The Entertainer’s pack contains items geared towards performance and disguise, while the Diplomat’s pack contains items geared toward negotiations and making good impressions.

explorer's pack 5e

An explorer’s pack is a pack of equipment that a character takes with them when they embark on a new adventure. The pack contains 17 items, each with its own description. Some of the items are rations and equipment, while others are more basic, like a torch and sleeping bag. These items are needed during character combat. In addition to the basic equipment, an explorer’s pack contains all the equipment necessary to last 10 days or more.

Typically, an explorer’s pack is a lightweight, low-weight backpack that is designed to allow the DM to focus on other aspects of the adventure while the party focuses on the next step. The pack weighs 59 lbs and can be made from leather or wool. This option is often the best choice for long journeys. But if your game is focused on special genre gaming, you should take more than a pack.

entertainer 5e

The Entertainer’s Pack contains a backpack, bedroll, two costumes, five candles, and a disguise kit. There are also 16 cards with pictures and descriptions for each item. During game play, the players are expected to use all of these items to create a variety of performances. Depending on the theme of the adventure, they can choose to use all of them or just some of them. These additional items can be purchased separately or added to a larger pack.

diplomat's pack 5e

If you’re planning to play an entertainer in the Fifth Edition RPG, you’ll want to consider the Diplomat’s Pack 5e for Entertainer. This set includes items useful to entertainers and negotiators, including perfume and sealing wax for good impressions. The Diplomat’s Pack also includes 5 candles and a disguise kit. These items can help make you seem more regal and professional while at the same time making your character look more charming.

5e entertainer background

The 5e entertainer’s pack is a background for a character with an entertaining personality. This background is fun, whimsical, and exciting, just like the character itself. A typical performer can find work in a local circus or tavern. Even the noble courts sometimes employ entertainers to help them perform at events. The following background options will help you get started. These include: bard, illusionist, and storyteller.

A good entertainer background in 5e is a versatile character who thrives on entertaining audiences. They know how to stir hearts and emotions with their words and music. They also know how to dance, which is a great asset for a character with this background. It’s not just about entertainment, either. An entertainer’s pack background can also help a character tell stories in character. A player who can dance, sing, or perform acrobatic feats can benefit from the entertainer’s background.

While the Bard character class is most commonly associated with circus performers and gladiators, an entertainer in 5e can also have other talents. He or she may be a singer, dancer, actor, or tumbler. Whatever his or her skills, 5e entertainers know how to captivate and enthrall audiences. And he or she knows how to deliver a bit of humor. And that can make all the difference in the world.

burglar's pack 5e

The Burglar’s Pack is a low-profile backpack, made of dark green canvas, which sits tight against the wearer’s back. It contains a few essential items, including a crowbar, a pair of scissors, a handful of common keys, and a small hand mirror mounted on an extendable rod. It also includes a cheese wrapped in cheesecloth, which burglars use to calm aggressive dogs.

disguise kit 5e

The Entertainer’s Pack provides the essential tools for a performer, including two costume changes, a disguise kit, a bedroll, and five days of rations. There are also 16 cards, a water bottle, and a backpack. These items will be particularly useful for performers in the field. The Entertainer’s Pack also includes the Entertainer’s Kit. It can also help to keep track of a character’s daily rations and water.

The Entertainer’s Pack comes with a Disguise Kit for every character, including bards and theatre troupes. While not as sketchy as Thieves Tools, these kits are still effective. A player can use the kits in various ways, and the Dungeon Master will adjudicate these options and call for skill checks. This pack contains a plethora of tools for playtesting the Entertainer’s Pack.

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