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How to Say Sports Beginning With T in English

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Sports beginning with t the letter t include tennis, table tennis, track and field, triathlon, and more. Table tennis is one of the most popular T sports. Cricket is another 4 letter sport, with two different versions, Twenty20 cricket and Test cricket. Golf also begins with the letter T, as does the tee.

Table tennis, archery, and taekwondo are also among the many sports beginning with t the letter T. Tai chi and target shooting are also included on the list. These sports are all unique to Australia. And last, but certainly not least, there is Australian rules football, which is played by the Australian rules.

Learning how to say sports in English can be a useful skill to have, whether you’re speaking with an English speaker or reading about them in English. Listed below are some examples of sports in English, complete with pictures and example sentences. You can even play a board game of your own to learn the names of sports beginning with t.

A fun outdoor team sport, Torball is a great sport for the visually impaired. Players aim to throw an inflatable ball called a whell through the opponent’s goal. Another fun sport is tenpin bowling, where the player rolls a tennis ball down a lane to knock down pins. Another unusual sport is tent pegging, a sport that involves riding a horse and piercing a target with a spear. The Encyclopedia of Every Sport features more than 800 sports beginning with t. It even includes unusual, extinct, and newly created sports.

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