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Illinois Tech Athletic Facility Upgrades

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The school is undergoing some major renovations to its athletic facilities, including a new football stadium, which will seat up to 10,000 people. The basketball arena will see renovations, too, with an increased seating capacity of 5,000. The new facilities are sure to boost the school’s athletic programs. This article will discuss the stadium, the Mies campus, and the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex. Read on to learn more.

XS Tennis

The University of Chicago is proud to announce the completion of Illinois Tech’s newest athletic facility, XS Tennis. The new facility, which has 25 indoor courts, opened last year and will feature a state-of-the-art field turf and scenic views of the Sears Tower. Students can play a variety of different tennis games on the state-of-the-art facility. All Scarlet Hawk home tennis events will be played at the new facility.

Mies Campus of Illinois Tech Athletic Facility Upgrades

The Mies campus, completed in the early 1970s, has undergone some changes in recent years. A $120 million gift from a former student has enabled IIT to revitalize the campus and add new buildings. In addition to the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, new buildings have been added including the State Street Village and the S.R. Crown Hall. The school’s undergraduate enrollment has also risen from 2,500 to more than 4,000 students.

The building grid that Mies incorporated was based on a 24′ by 24′ grid that was used to place the columns in buildings. The resulting buildings were arranged in a grid, allowing for space and light to flow through them. The Mies design faced a design challenge, however, with programs outside of the main building blocks. The first approach Mies took separated the auditorium and stairs from the rest of the building. The second approach included the auditorium into the main block, but incorporated the stair and elevator in one space.

The Keating Sports Center features a regulation basketball court, two auxiliary basketball courts, a six-lane Ekco Pool, and a fully functioning fitness center. The new facilities also house the athletic training office and the offices of several athletic departments. The Scarlet Hawks play baseball at Ed Glancy Field, located in Chicago, providing the home field advantage. It features a tall porch in the right field.

In addition to the basketball program, Illinois Tech has been reviving its men’s basketball team. In 2009, the men’s basketball team reached the U.S. Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Championship for the first time, where they lost to Concordia Alabama. The season ended with a 22-6 record. There is also a non-varsity cricket team. The club plays in Division II of the Midwest Cricket Conference.

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Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice campus

The campus’ athletic facilities needed significant updates, and the University hired ICI to complete the renovations and expansion of its existing facilities. This is the third project ICI has completed with the University in three years. The renovated facility features a sleek glass addition in place of the dated entry. A new, modern design reinforces the facility’s presence on campus. It was named after Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice, a former Illinois Tech trustee.

Hatfield-Dowlin Complex

The Hatfield-Dowlin Complex is a state-of-the-art football facility. The complex’s design is the result of the charitable foundation of Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny Knight. The complex includes a new Athletic Medicine Center and the John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes. The complex was designed to appeal to rising high school football players from across the country, and it will be an important recruiting tool for the Oregon football program.

The new football complex opened six weeks ago and is one of the most modern athletic facilities in the nation. Designed by Eugene Sandoval and ZGF Architects, it features fun graphics, glass, and wide volumes. The athletic facility is modern and reflects the school’s innovative spirit. Its redesigned interior is a place where students can meet their friends and study hard, and players can get a taste of the big game while watching their favorite team.

Track and field facility

The Illinois Tech Athletic Facility was built in the 1940s, and has seen several renovations, but is in need of major upgrades. Renovations include turf field, and playing surface renovations, as well as the scoreboard and locker room. The projects are expected to cost $15 million, but will make the facility more beautiful and functional for students and athletes. To learn more about the project and what it will entail, read on. Here are a few of the goals.

A new football stadium will be built, with seating capacity for up to 5,000. There will also be a track and field facility. The new stadiums will have improved lighting and drainage systems, so spectators can follow games and practice more effectively. The project is scheduled to be complete by fall 2017.

In addition to improving the experience for student-athletes, new facilities will improve academic settings, add more modern equipment, and expand revenue opportunities. New locker rooms will also include digital walls and player entrance tunnels. A sports science center was also opened, featuring cutting-edge treatment services, technology, and offices for new athletic staff. In addition to improving student-athlete experience, the facility upgrades will allow the athletic department to focus on its mission: to recruit and retain top student-athletes.

Another new campus will be built at the university’s downtown campus. Designed by Gerald Horn of Holabird & Root, this campus is located in west suburban Wheaton. The building houses the Chicago-Kent College of Law, the Institute of Design, and the Stuart School of Business. The Moffett Campus, designed by Schmidt, Garden, and Erickson, was donated to Illinois Tech in 1988. The Moffett campus will house the National Center for Food Safety and Technology, and the Institute for Food Safety and Health.

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