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A recent tweet parodying The Avengers combined the fandom of the superheroes with the traditions of Thai culture. The Thai believe that they have a god who needs to be worshipped, and it is not uncommon to see people hanging flowers from statues of worship. The tweet is quite funny, especially when you consider that people in Thailand are required to hang flowers from statues of worship. Here is how to create a Twitter campaign that will keep fans insight entertainment twitter thai entertained while still promoting your brand.

Fan Tweets

If you’re a fan of Asian pop culture, you’ve probably encountered the phenomenon of ‘fan tweets’, or statements and narratives about a specific media object. These are the accounts of fans who post information about media objects that include images and videos. These tweets often include specific fan words and are meant to share the information with other fans. As such, they can exclude non-fans. The author of this article explores the phenomenon of fan tweets in Thailand to show the many ways in which fan tweets can engage people of all backgrounds.

In one Twitter thread, a fan of the Marvel superhero Thor posted a humorous tweet about his experience meeting a non-fan, or even a teacher. In one of his tweets, he made a reference to a memorable scene from the movie Avengers: Infinity War. Though the fan was making an excuse to skip class, he managed to impress his Thai teacher by making fun of an iconic scene from the film.

Fans of Thai brands should invest in these conversations on Twitter. This is an important opportunity to get in touch with the Thai community, and to create brand loyalty. Thai Twitter is a highly visual space, and content that reflects a brand’s personality is most likely to be shared and re-tweeted by Thais. To capture their attention, use carefully chosen imagery with little text. People buy with their feelings, so use this opportunity to incite positive feelings that reinforce the brand’s association and make it relevant to the Thai fan base.

Source Texts

In this study, the use of source texts by fans is examined. We found that Thai fans often use personal pronouns to refer to celebrities, TV shows, films, and games. In some cases, they even use the personal pronouns of their own family members or friends. For example, Idol Producer fans often call Cai Xukun phiikhun, and fans of Avengers call Spider-man actor Tom Holland nngthm. Interestingly, we can also estimate the age of writers by their use of personal pronouns in source texts.

Among other things, fan tweets reveal cultural aspects of the original source text. The Thai fans also incorporate cultural elements of their own culture into fan tweets. In @tweet number eight, we see a fan tweet in Korean language, the source text language of Wanna One. In this case, #gangdaniel is used instead of “Kang Daniel,” while #ongseongu reads “Ong Seongwu.” Similarly, tweets in Chinese include fan tweets in the language of the original text.


The use of Thai idioms and humor in fan texts can make any show more entertaining, especially for Thai audiences. Most Thais feel that depicting royal figures in fiction is disrespectful. However, fans in Thailand know how to use humor and local elements in a unique way. Here are some examples. If you are wondering why Thai fans use local elements in fan texts, here are some reasons why. Also, check out this video for some inspiration.


Tencent has announced plans to expand its WeTV video streaming platform beyond Mainland China, introducing a growing library of international, regional, and local content. Tencent Video, which launched in Thailand in November 2018, has gained over a million users. The average user spends about 84 minutes watching content each day. Content is mostly in Chinese, Korean, American, and other languages. The top three categories of content include romantic comedies, period dramas, and action fantasy series. Users can upgrade to VIP membership for 139 baht a month to access content exclusive to that particular platform.

WeTV has a growing fan base in Thailand, which has a population of 63 million. The company’s subscription base is up 150% over the past year, mostly in Southeast Asia. WeTV has been busy collaborating with studios and producers to bring new talent to the market, as well as promoting original content. One such collaboration is the production of a new “Raja Bird” series for WeTV.

The Thai Twitter audience is divided into two types. First, the lean-in audience seeks content that mirrors their personal interests. Second, the lean-out audience seeks content from different communities. In 2021, conversation about TV and cinema was dominated by local Thai actors and films, Netflix, and Korean entertainment. This is a trend that is expected to continue for several years. The most popular content shared on Thai Twitter was #bbrighttvc, followed by #gulfkanawut and #f4thailand.


The actor Joong Archen Aydin, better known by his nicknames Joong and Chen, is best known for his role as Khabkluen in the Star and Sky series. He first appeared in the TV show 2Moons2 as Ming. Before becoming a famous actor, Joong spent ten years living in Turkey and was subject to serious bullying and abuse. insight entertainment twitter thai, his new agency, has confirmed his departure from Motive Village.

The actor is set to appear in four upcoming drama series. He will play the role of Khabkluen in Star and Sky: Star in My Mind, Ming in 2 Moons 2, Beam in Mafia the Series, and the warp effect in Thun 2022. Joong has been working on a number of projects and is currently balancing a demanding schedule. However, the actor continues to keep fans updated on his latest projects by using his Twitter account.

While television and movies continue to command high demand, the Thai Twitter audience is divided into two main profiles. Leaned in audiences seek shows that reflect their interests and community. This group is divided into two main subgroups: Thai local entertainment fans of Korean and Netflix. The two main groups also engage in conversations about the content of movies and TV shows. In terms of content, the latter group seems to have more choice in the realm of niche genres than the former.

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