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Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard Review

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The Lib Tech skate banana is a redefining of the modern snowboard. Innovating the rocker profile, Lib Tech’s “Banana Tech” was a game changer in the industry. Durability, Performance, and Eco-friendliness were among the three guiding principles of the new design. Here’s a closer look at this skateboard’s features and advantages. Listed below are a few highlights of this unique product.


Unlike some other Lib-Tech snowboards, the Skate Banana doesn’t boast a huge list of additional features, but its basic performance is very good. For instance, it features the brand’s patented Magne-Traction edge system, which makes use of serrated edges to enhance edge-hold in less-than-ideal conditions. In fact, Lib-Tech claims that Magne-Traction turns ice into powder and provides above-average traction on icy conditions.

Lib Tech puts a lot of care into its products, including the Banana. This skateboard is the daily rider of Mike Olson, and features a high-performance mix of materials, including basalt glass instead of fiberglass, Colombian gold as the core, and bio-beans for the top and bottom materials. It is handcrafted in the USA. With this in mind, the durability and versatility of a Lib Tech skateboard will be top-notch.

The Banana features Lib Tech’s signature “Rocker Profile.” This rocker profile is the key to the magic of this board. It represents decades of innovation from Lib Tech. Its durable construction means that it will last for years to come. Lib Tech also builds its boards in Mervin Made factories, a factory that blends sustainable manufacturing with performance and design. These boards will meet or exceed your expectations, so get one today!

The Lib Tech Skate Banana is one of their best selling snowboards, but it’s definitely not cheap. Despite its cost, you can enjoy the same versatility and quality as any other Lib Tech snowboard. The Original Power wood core provides an excellent foundation for all your riding, and the Magne-Traction edges help the board maintain its edge hold on hard snow. It’s a great board for beginners and intermediates alike.



If you are looking for a new snowboard, you can’t go wrong with the Lib tech Skate Banana. This freestyle board is environmentally friendly, with a 75% Aspen wood core and 25% Paulownia wood base. The wood is sustainably harvested, which means that it won’t pollute our water or airways. And since the base is made of patented sublimated TNT material, it will last a long time and is also low maintenance.

The Skate Banana is one of the best snowboards on the market, and features a unique blend of forgiveness and edge hold. Lib Tech’s board manufacturing facility, Mervin Made, combines environmental and design goals for an eco-friendly product. The result is a snowboard that performs as well as it does. Whether you are cruising through the park or catching air, the Skate Banana is a versatile board for every level of rider.


The Lib Tech Skate Banana is a versatile all-terrain freestyle snowboard. The board has a unique construction, and its wood joinery provides an excellent balance between edge hold and forgivingness. It’s made in the United States, and all Lib Tech boards are emblazoned with the name of the handler. The board’s performance and value are unmatched by any other snowboard on the market.

The Lib Tech Skate Banana’s profile is shaped with a rocker area between the foot and the inserts. The rocker helps with landings, while the mild camber underfoot limits pop. The skateboard also has a centered stance, making it a great choice for freestyle riding. The Lib Tech Banana features a dual-layered fluoro base to reduce maintenance and ensure maximum traction on the ice.

The Lib Tech Skate Banana is an excellent powder snowboard, but it is not particularly fast. While it doesn’t have superlative speed, its rocker profile and centered stance make it excellent for navigating bumpy terrain. The edge-hold of this board is also excellent, thanks to its Lib Tech magne-traction technology. It is an excellent board for freestyle, and is very stable in all kinds of conditions.

The Skate Banana has excellent jibbing performance. The softer flex makes it ideal for jibbing. Jibbing is one of the most fun aspects of this board, and a lot of people love to do it. Jibbing with the Banana is also easy and forgiving if you don’t want to risk a flop. Its rocker is great for beginner and intermediate skaters alike.

Lib Tech uses a proprietary fiberglass laminate construction, which increases the board’s durability and strength in all directions. This is especially beneficial for beginners because it allows riders to practice tricks while maintaining their balance and turning. The board’s rocker profile is one of the key factors for the board’s performance, and it represents decades of innovation from Lib Tech. So whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll have no problem riding this board.

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