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Miyagi Prefecture in Date Tech

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In the video game Date Tech, characters are named after locations in Miyagi Prefecture. The players like to cheer together with the cheer of their teammates. Date Tech has played in several tournaments, including the Interhigh Tournament and the National Tournament at least twice. The team also made an appearance at the 2013 Interhigh Tournament.

Date Masamune

In the early Edo period, Date Masamune ruled over a region of Japan called Azuchi. He was the descendant of a powerful daimy from the Thoku region. Masamune also founded the modern city of Sendai. In addition, Masamune was credited with the establishment of Japan’s first railroad.

Masamune served the country through diplomacy and warfare, and he fought against other clans for territory. While other samurai clans tried to wipe him out, Date Masamune used his superior strength and courage to defeat his enemies. His battle strategies helped future clans improve their swordsmanship and battle tactics.

As the son of Terumune, Masamune became the head of the Date clan at the age of eighteen. At the time, his father was 41 years old. While Masamune was not a natural successor to the family headship, his father was aware of his superior military skills. Terumune regarded his ability to lead a military force as a meritorious trait and decided to give him the position.

Miyagi Prefecture

The capital city of Miyagi Prefecture is Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region. It is situated on the eastern Pacific coast of Japan and is bordered by the Ou Mountains, the longest mountain range in Japan. About 24% of the Prefecture is protected as a Natural Park. It also borders the cities of Akita and Fukushima to the south and Iwate Prefecture to the north.

Date Tech volleyball team is well known for its defensive skills and tall players. They have the best blocking percentage in the prefecture. The team’s banner reads “Date’s Iron Wall”. Their players include Kanji Koganegawa and Takanobu Aone. Aone is the lead blocker, while Futakuchi and Koganegawa are the top aces.

The volleyball team of Date Tech High School has a uniform, which consists of a white shirt and a yellow tie. The rest of the team wears a dark teal blazer and grey pants. The volleyball team’s uniforms are a white tracksuit with teal details. During the matches, players wear teal shorts and light grey t-shirts. The libero jersey has white details.


The cast of Date Tech features a variety of personalities. Some of them are active, while others are quiet and reserved. Here’s a look at some of the more prominent members of the Date Tech family. The first of these is Aone, the second-year middle blocker and the infamous “Iron Wall” of Date Tech. He is the main defensive player of the team and relies on read blocking to keep the opposing team off the court. His height gives him an advantage in this role. He is 6’4″ and has a jump reach of 335 centimeters.

Players on the Date Tech squad are named after various locations in Miyagi Prefecture. They also like to cheer for the team when they play. Unlike the Spring High squad, the third years of Date Tech haven’t played in the Interhigh Tournament. However, they have played in the National Tournament a number of times. The last time they did so was at the 2013 Interhigh Tournament.


The primary Date Tech strategy is to break down the formation of an opponent and then block the return-attack. This is a powerful tactic for Date Tech, which is ranked in the top 8 in the Japanese National High School Basketball Association. The team was named after a famous historical figure, Date Masamune, who is considered to be the founder of Sendai.

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