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Oasis Tech Group

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The Oasis Tech Group provides comprehensive services to healthcare organizations. The company focuses on the development of smart technology for education. They also provide educational tools for teachers and students. The organization’s mission is to enhance the learning experience through innovative solutions and services. Oasis specializes in electronic health records and multiple waiver management. Its staff is highly trained to maintain accurate and reliable records. The company strives to minimize business interruptions.


The company was founded in 2003 and has offices in Connecticut and California. It offers software development and consulting services to healthcare, retail, and other businesses. It also provides proactive maintenance and support services for existing customers. Oasis was founded by former executives of a leading ISP. It now serves more than 200 customers globally, including global communications service providers and technology oriented companies. For more information on Oasis, visit their website.


Oasis is a software development company with offices in Canada. They provide industry-leading e-payment payment systems to more than 70 countries. Their family of IST products powers an array of payment channel networks, including ATM, Internet, and POS. These flexible, component-based applications are perfect for growing businesses. Mr. David Pasieka serves as the Vice President and Founder of the company. Further, the company offers proactive maintenance and support services to clients.


The Oasis Tech Group is a technology consulting and systems integrator that also provides accounting and consulting services. Its team of experienced professionals is well-equipped to handle any type of complex communication system. A unique combination of technical expertise and business experience, the company offers solutions for businesses of any size. They work with leading ISPs and startups to make them a success. They have over 200 customers worldwide. These clients include large corporations and technology-oriented companies.


Oasis is a diverse group of companies that specialize in software development and consulting. Its diverse range of services covers a variety of business needs, from accounting to software development. Its employees are located throughout the world and serve customers in over 100 countries. The company is backed by private equity firm Fortissimo Capital. This dynamic global technology consulting firm is a leader in the ISP industry. They are a trusted partner to IT organizations.


The Oasis Tech Group was registered on Mar 03, 2021. The company has over 200 employees, and specializes in software development and consulting. Its CEO and the other two leaders of the company are also members of the advisory board. The Oasis Tech Group’s primary industries include accounting, technology, and media and entertainment. Its headquarters are located in Wolcott, CT 06716 USA. Its CEO, ENED KUTROLLI, is the current owner of the business.


Among its many services, Oasis offers accounting and software development. The firm is based in Uganda and has over 200 customers worldwide. Its consultants are highly qualified, and their solutions are highly scalable. In addition, they are able to meet the needs of a variety of organizations. Oasis is dedicated to serving a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial, and technology. A number of its employees are certified in their areas of specialization, including accounting, IT, and finance.


Oasis is an innovative system integrator. It provides consulting, design, and implementation services for complex communication networks. It also offers proactive support and maintenance services to help businesses and organizations stay connected and running smoothly. The Oasis Tech Group is a leading provider of accounting software and solutions for small and midsize businesses. Its employees have extensive knowledge in various industries and are well-versed in various technologies and software. Its customers include telecommunications companies, multinationals, and startups.

Oasis is a multinational group of companies offering accounting and software solutions. The company’s headquarters is in California, and it has more than 400 employees in more than 100 countries. It serves a diverse range of customers, including startups and technology-oriented companies. Oasis Technologies is part of the Telrad Group. They have offices in the UK, China, the United States, and Australia. There are over 200 employees worldwide.

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