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Santa Cruz Tech Deck Fingerboards

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The Santa Cruz Tech Deck is a place that has a lot to offer. The company hosts various events and gives away swag for their customers. These events are a great way to meet other skateboarders, as well as to learn about the latest tech. There is even an indoor skate park.

96mm Fingerboards

These 96mm Santa Cruz Tech Deck fingerboards feature graphics from some of the biggest skate companies in the world. The board is made to feel just like a real skateboard. These boards are ideal for kids aged 6 and up. They are also available with different accessories. If you’re looking for the perfect fingerboard for a child, check out the Tech Deck.

These fingerboards are in good condition, but show some signs of use. These boards come with a yellow skate tool. The shipping and handling fee is $5. This is a great deal considering the quality of the Santa Cruz Tech Deck fingerboards. They have a wide variety of features that you can’t find on a typical skateboard. These boards also have good grip and are easy to ride.

Real Skate Companies

Santa Cruz Skateboards are a brand of skateboards made by NHS, Inc. The company first produced skateboards in 1973. It is one of the most popular brands and is one of the leading skateboard manufacturers. The company is known for its specialized skateboards. The brand was founded by Rick Howard, who was once told he skated like a girl. The company has released a series of skateboards, called “Tech Deck’s Throwbacks,” that feature throwback graphics and styles.

The Tech Deck Versus Series 2-Pack contains two fully assembled fingerboards, one street obstacle and four Challenge Cards. This kit is perfect for the younger skater, who is looking to practice tricks before hitting the streets. This set of skateboards is made for ages six and up. It has authentic graphics from real skate companies and features realistic street obstacles.

The Tech Deck Performance Series Fingerboards are 96mm in diameter and feature graphics from some of the most popular skateboard brands. These fingerboards feature throwback, retro, and iconic skate company graphics. They come with decal sheets so that you can customize them with your own designs. They are great for learning basic tricks and practicing more advanced ones.

Authentic Feel

Santa Cruz offers a great assortment of fingerboards. The Versus Series includes two fully assembled fingerboards, one street obstacle, and four Challenge Cards. This set is perfect for beginners who want to learn fingerboarding. It also offers an authentic feel. There’s no need to be a skateboard pro to get started with this deck.

The fingerboards have authentic 96mm thickness and feature iconic designs and graphics from some of the best skate brands. Santa Cruz, Blind, Element, Plan B, and Tech Deck are just some of the brands featured on these fingerboards. You can customize these fingerboards to suit your personal style by applying decal sheets to the surface.

Versus Series

If you’re looking for a skateboard with real street obstacles, the Tech Deck VS Series Two Board Pack is an excellent option. It comes with a variety of real-world obstacles, such as blind boards. You can also purchase accessories to make the boards even more realistic, such as a real street sign.

The Tech Deck Versus Series comes with two fully assembled fingerboards, an authentic street obstacle and four Challenge Cards. It’s a perfect starter set for those who want to learn to fingerboard or improve their street skating skills. It also features realistic graphics of real skateboard companies like Puma and Vans.

The Santa Cruz Tech Deck VS Series is available in 164 countries. The website has been operating for a while and has received many positive reviews from customers. It’s a 100% legitimate website and uses an HTTPS system to protect customer information.

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