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Smart Business Corp Review

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Smart Business Corp offers three levels of affiliate membership. Affiliates can join for $795 as a Basic member and $995 as a Premium member. Each level offers commissions that can range from 3% to 2% of the affiliate’s total investment. For each level, a Master Bonus is paid every month to the top-ranking affiliate.

Smart Business Corp also offers education and training for its members. The company has hosted seminars and events in Peru and Mexico. The company also has a social media presence, which helps in marketing its events. The website also contains a list of brokers. It also has a section devoted to financial literacy. This section of the website contains information on what to expect from Smart Business Corp and how to choose the right broker. Smart Business Corp claims to be able to provide a guarantee of high returns for members.

Affiliates who successfully recruit new affiliates receive a $200 commission each. This compensation plan does not differentiate between Basic and Premium tiers, but rather, it pays the highest commission to the highest-ranking affiliate. Although this compensation plan is not perfect, it does offer an excellent opportunity for people who are passionate about making money with Smart Business Corp.

Smart Business Corp has recently been the target of a major scam alert in Mexico. The company promotes investment options through bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, the company is not regulated and does not have the necessary licenses to offer investments under Mexican financial law. It is also not licensed by Condusef. If you invest in Smart Business Corp, you’ll be sending your money to a shell company called Smart Fund Limited.

Smart Business Corp’s website does not have much information about its owners or executives. However, the company’s founder, Ernesto Resendiz, lives in Mexico. In addition to this, the company has recently expanded its operation to other countries. This shows that the company is successful enough to reach international markets.

Smart Business Corp owners have been scamming people for over 11 years. Although Resendiz is not licensed to provide investment services in Mexico, he is conducting securities fraud. He has been promising high returns to people for over a decade. It’s a Ponzi scheme, which means that the vast majority of participants will lose their money. But if this scheme didn’t work, he wouldn’t be so rich today.

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