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Sporta – Saudi Arabia’s Leading Health and Fitness Solution

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Sporta is the largest Vlaamse sports association. It organizes Vlaamingen in beweging, a sports competition. This is one of the most popular sports activities in the country. It aims to provide a wide range of coverage and reach media users of all ages. For journalists, Sporta is an ideal partner for reporting on sporting events. The organization works closely with partners to develop content and reach audiences worldwide.

Sporta’s founders have a long-standing history of delivering quality health and fitness solutions to the region. The company began research into the Saudi health and fitness market in 2013 and studied the opportunity to become the number one health and fitness company in the region. In 2015, they launched the Sporta brand in Saudi Arabia. They opened a showroom in Riyadh and extended their operations to Jeddah and Al-Khobar in 2016. Today, Sporta has branches in all major regions of the Kingdom, including KSA, Pakistan, UAE, and Kuwait.

KINEXON UWB-technology is now the most widely used performance tracking solution in the NBA, with more than 70 percent of teams relying on it. With this technology, Sporta can provide valuable insights into player profiling, conditioning, training load, injury management, and more. The technology also allows them to conduct tactical analysis and improve team performance.

Sport is an important way to develop the competitive spirit of people. Individuals and teams compete to see who is the best. In the long run, it improves a person’s performance, as well as their abilities to participate in future activities. And, it also fosters social and mental well-being. Ultimately, sport can lead to better relationships between individuals and teams.

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