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The Naked Busy Woman: The Life Of A Working Mom Who Wears Clothes

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If you’ve ever been out and about with a mom who’s got a lot on her plate, you know the struggle can be real. Between the after-school activities, soccer practices, dance classes, tutoring sessions and more, it can feel like there’s not much time left to just relax or fit in some quality alone time. But what if that mom happens to be a working woman? And what if she wears clothes while doing it? These are the realities of being a working mom that we rarely take time to think about or acknowledge. In this article, we look at what it means to be a “naked busy woman” — from the challenges of juggling motherhood and work, to how dressing for success is actually possible.

What Is A Naked Busy Woman?

We’re all living in a time where women are redefining what it means to be a woman. From the #MeToo movement, to the recent slew of “unconventional” beauty trends, this is an exciting time for women to finally have the agency over the way they look and feel. However, many of these transformations are only possible if we are ready to be more honest with ourselves. This is why we’re writing this article: to not only acknowledge the reality of the working mom but also to celebrate the woman that makes it all possible. A woman who wears clothes. A woman who gets to have it all. A woman who is, in fact, a naked busy woman.

Who Are The Naked Busy Women?

Naked busy women are working women who wear clothes. While it may sound like we’re talking about a button-up-and-tie-your-hair type of job, the fact is that many working women wear clothes too. And for those who don’t, it’s not actually that “naked” at all. While there are obviously exceptions, for the most part, women who wear clothes in a professional setting do so for a few reasons. The first is that women who wear clothes tend to work in traditional settings, like a school or hospital, where dress codes are often stricter than an office setting. The second reason is that women who wear clothes tend to be more qualified than women who don’t. This is because, while most women wear clothes at work, the majority of the time they’re also wearing pants and a top, which is more likely to be taken as a sign of “seriousness” than a sign of “mom.”

Why Is It So Hard To Be A Naked Busy Woman?

Working moms have always juggled a ton of responsibilities. But now, thanks to the ever-changing nature of work, many women are also juggling motherhood — and this can make it even more challenging to get it all done. With everything from the rise of “work-life balance,” to the advent of “lean in to parenthood,” there is a common assumption that being a woman is somehow incompatible with being a working woman — let alone a working mom. And this is true for many women. But for some, it’s exactly how they want to be: wearing clothes, getting it done, and enjoying every moment of it — without feeling guilty about it or thinking that they need to “lean in” to something more than they want to.

How To Dress For Success When You’re A Naked Busy Woman

With so much confusion and conflicting advice when it comes to being a working woman, one thing is crystal clear: dressing for success is something that all busy women should think about. For naked busy women, the most important thing to think about is what kind of impression you want to make. For example, if you work in a casual environment, wearing a suit every day won’t make you look any more professional than someone who wears jeans. On the other hand, if you’re working in a more professional environment, then a nice suit is a sign of respect for the client or employer. What you wear can make a big difference in how you’re perceived. What’s more, it can also help you to feel more confident in your decisions and decisions in your work.


If you’re a working mother who wears clothes, you’re not alone. And you’re not “naked” either — for many women, dressing for success is an essential part of how they want to live their lives. This doesn’t have to be an either/or situation, and fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Working moms can dress for success in ways that are comfortable, achievable and have the effect they want. With a little effort, you can dress for success like a working naked busy woman. And when you do, you’ll feel confident in the decisions you’re making — just like any other woman would.

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