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The Top 10 Swiss Fashion Bloggers – Showcasing Style & Creativity

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When you think about the world’s third largest economy, Switzerland probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. However, it may surprise you to learn that this small country is home to a thriving fashion scene. Thanks in part to its size and diverse culture, cities like Zurich and Geneva have earned themselves a reputation for being international hubs for fashion and design. The combination of these factors has made Switzerland an increasingly popular hub for those looking to establish or expand their own fashion brand. We’ve compiled this article highlighting the top 10 Swiss fashion bloggers who are helping to drive growth within the industry.

The Editor of Swiss Style Network

Swiss Style Network is a highly influential online publication covering the global fashion industry. The publication was founded by former Elle Switzerland Editor Nadine Annen, who is also one of the country’s most prominent fashion bloggers. With a blog that has over two million followers and an online presence that reaches over 220 million people worldwide, Annen is one of the leading voices in the Swiss fashion scene. Swiss Style Network has been recognized for the quality of its editorial and visual content, especially in the realms of fashion and design.

An Influencer in her Own Right

Lukasina is the other half of HANA BLOGGER, together they are an inspiring force in the Swiss fashion industry. After receiving training in fashion design, she launched her blog in 2014 and quickly grew her following. Her Instagram page has over 1.5 million followers, making her one of the most followed Swiss fashion bloggers. Her blog covers everything from denim to swimwear, and with posts that regularly feature influencers and other brands, she’s quickly become a popular choice for brands looking to engage with a passionate and influential following.

A Fashion Enthusiast with a Blog and a Shop

Swiss-born designer Daniele Sunevall is a fashion enthusiast who also has a dedicated online store to showcase her own line of designs. Her blog, Wild Possibles, focuses on diverse and inspiring looks, with posts that range from fashion advice to product reviews. Sunevall has also started an online shop that allows customers to purchase her own designs. With a strong online presence and plenty of creative content, Sunevall has quickly become a leading force in the Swiss fashion scene.

The Fashion Marketing Expert

With a blog that regularly features top insights and marketing advice, Marketing to Swiss Fashion is the leading resource for those looking to grow their business within the Swiss market. Founder Olivia Ammann is a marketing expert with expertise in both international and local marketing strategies. Her blog offers readers insights on topics including eCommerce, digital marketing, brand development, and more. Whether you’re a Swiss-based fashion brand or looking to expand overseas, Marketing to Swiss Fashion is a great blog to follow.

A Celebrity Designer and Blogger

Louis Vuitton has long been one of the most influential luxury fashion brands in the world, and their partnership with Scott Henshall has made them an even more relevant influencer. With a blog that regularly features Henshall’s designs, Fashion and Lifestyle is a leading source of inspiration for those looking to try out more unique looks. With over half a million followers on Instagram, Henshall’s blog is also popular enough to boast a partnership with the photo-sharing app.

The Two Founders of HANA BLOGGER

HANA BLOGGER is a leading blog in the Swiss fashion bloggers scene that was created by Bruno and Emily. With a blog that regularly features creative posts and helpful blog tips, HANA BLOGGER has gained a solid following. Emily’s blog focuses on topics like DIY projects, book reviews, and fashion tips, while Bruno’s blog covers a range of topics including travel, health, and nutrition.

The Blogger Who’s Gaining Momentum

With a blog that regularly features creative posts, Daniela Küttiker is a popular blogger who’s been building momentum in the Swiss fashion scene. Küttiker has a strong online presence and is a popular blogger among those looking to expand their followings and engage with new audiences. Her posts cover a wide range of topics, including DIY projects and fashion tips, as well as product reviews.

Wrapping Up

Switzerland is home to a thriving Swiss fashion bloggers industry thanks to its diverse culture, booming creativity, and skilled workforce. Its cities like Zurich and Geneva have developed reputations as hubs, while emerging fashion blogs are also helping to grow the industry. With so many factors helping to make Switzerland a popular hub for fashion, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming such a popular choice for bloggers and brands looking to expand their reach.

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