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5e Entertainer’s Pack

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The Entertainer’s Pack is a useful kit for any adventurer who wants to travel light and keep his or her supplies organized. It includes two costume changes, a disguise kit, a bedroll, five candles, 5 days of rations, a waterskin, 16 cards, and a backpack. For added security, the Entertainer’s Kit includes an ally pack that you can use to protect your party from harm.

5e-entertainer-s pack


The Bard-exclusive entertainer’s pack contains a variety of items geared toward performance. The set contains a disguise kit, costumes, 2 days of rations, and a water flask. The bard’s performance-oriented skills will be enhanced with this pack. If you’re planning on performing in public, it may be helpful to invest in this pack. It contains everything a bard needs to perform well and shine.

This Bard-exclusive entertainer’s pack includes a range of new spells and abilities. Tasha’s Cauldron expands the Bard’s spellpool, adding 15 new spells of varying levels. These spells also have new options for each spell level. It is recommended for leveling a bard as part of a group. The bard’s spells will benefit everyone in the party, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of this feature.

5e-entertainer-s pack


A waterskin is a portable drinking vessel. Each one contains four pints of water. That’s half a gallon. Your character must drink at least one gallon of water a day to survive. Typically, a level-1 party can survive outside the town for half a day before dying from thirst. This kit also includes ten torches, a spell component pouch, soap, and fifty feet of hempen rope.

The Waterskin comes with a backpack and a belt pouch. It also contains a tent, five candles, and a disguise kit. Aside from its water-resistant quality, the pack also has a pouch that holds a candle. The backpack also contains a mess kit, tent, and five days’ rations. The sleeve has a zipper pocket for easy access.

5e-entertainer-s pack

Disguise kit

The 5e entertainer’s pack includes all of the essential items needed for a performance, including two costume changes, a Disguise Kit, a bedroll, five candles, rations for five days, a waterskin, and 16 cards. It also includes an optional item to carry with you when not on stage. Aside from these, the pack also contains items you can use to make a believable disguise and be more effective in questing.

A Disguise Kit is particularly useful for Bards, who are masters of disguise. By using the kit to mimic an important person in the city, Bards can bolster their performances while obtaining information and enhancing their performance. Similarly, a Changeling can use a Disguise Kit to make an appearance that suits her purposes, or she can impersonate a politician to gather information.

The Disguise Kit contains dyes, cosmetics, and small props to transform into a disguise of your choice. Your proficiency in using the kit will boost your visual disguise checks. In addition to these items, you can also choose to buy a bag of coins and add them to your purse or backpack. It’s the perfect way to make an unforgettable impression on a guest!

The Disguise Kit can also bolster the effectiveness of the Disguise Self spell, which is used in conjunction with the Disguise Self spell. It allows a character to adopt a disguise without affecting its ability to disguise itself. A good example of this spell is the Arcane Trickster, who can use it on her own. Disguise Self also allows her to change her appearance in the face of other creatures.

5e Backgrounds - Entertainer's Pack and Burglar's Pack

The Entertainer’s Pack is a set of supplies that you can use as a traveling showman. The items include a backpack, bedroll, 2 costumes, 5 candles, 5 days of rations, and a disguise kit. To use the items, you’ll need a deck of cards, each of which has a picture and a description on the front. There are 16 cards total, each representing a different item.

Entertainer's pack vs diplomat's pack

The difference between a diplomat’s pack and an entertainer’s package is largely cosmetic, but they do serve different purposes. The diplomat’s pack contains items that are useful for making an impression on nobles, while the entertainer’s pack focuses on performance. For example, an entertainer’s pack would include costumes and a disguise kit for a bard. An entertainer’s pack would contain an outfit suitable for a traveling artist.

5e disguise kit

The Entertainer’s Pack contains all of the items you’ll need for your character. Everything from costumes to disguise kits is included. In addition, the pack contains two days of rations and a waterskin. If you’re playing a rogue, this pack can be a lifesaver! However, there’s a downside. The kit is expensive. It’s recommended that you play a character who’s primarily interested in performance.

5e entertainer background

The Entertainer’s Pack background in 5e is fun, whimsical, and exciting. Like its title, this background perfectly describes the nature of an entertainer. It’s a character who thrives off entrancement and inspires his or her audience. The entertainer is adept at rousing the heart, stirring emotions, and raising spirits, or capturing sorrow with music. The options are limitless. The Entertainer’s Pack background in 5e is just what you need to begin playing.

An Entertainer background fits characters who like to perform, whether in a circus or tavern. Performing in these venues can earn them money and free lodging. Alternatively, the Entertainer can perform in the noble court or a local tavern. In every case, he or she must be able to memorize a line or two. This background will help you find gigs and make an impression.

The entertainer is a forceful individual, one who can hold the audience’s attention, as long as he or she has the required musical instrument and the favor of a fan. The entertainer has high-minded beliefs about his or her art, and a famous demand feature that enables him to find areas with fights and trade a wishing musical instrument for a rare weapon. The entertainer’s pack background is also designed to be flexible, allowing the character to perform a variety of routines.

burglar's pack 5e

A Burglar’s Pack is a low-profile backpack made of dark green canvas. The pack has multiple external pockets and hooks for essential items. Included in the pack are common keys, a crowbar, a pick, and a rake. A small hand mirror mounted on an extendable rod is also included. The burglar’s pack also comes with cheese wrapped in cheesecloth, which can be used to pacify an aggressive dog.

5e diplomat's pack

The 5e diplomat’s pack includes a sturdy travelling chest, a small leather briefcase, and a couple of items that make life easier for a diplomat. They are made from high-quality materials and often emblazoned with the coat of arms of their country or ruler. Inside the suitcase, there’s a portfolio case with generic documents and templates for new agreements, as well as a large, heavy ledger with a padlock and a series of secret notes. This information can be devastating if it falls into the wrong hands.

explorer's pack 5e

The basic necessities of an explorer are contained within the Explorer’s pack. A deck of cards containing pictures and descriptions of the items inside contains everything you need to survive in the wilderness. A ration kit, a torch, and other equipment are all included. The pack is small enough to last up to 10 days. It costs 10 gp. The explorers need these items to survive for at least a day or two.

While an explorer’s pack is a necessary component of any game, it’s not sufficient for certain genres. For example, if you’re setting a post-apocalyptic or travelog setting, you’d need much more. Professional adventurers typically recommend supplies for multi-day, week-long hiking trips, and that’s without taking into account the possibility of encounters with dinosaurs or raiding parties.

dnd 5e entertainer's pack weight

The D&D 5e entertainer’s pack is lighter than the instrument you carry for your character. The pack contains a bedroll, a backpack, two costumes, a torch, five candles, and a disguise kit. The pack weighs around 15 pounds. If you’re taking the instrument with you on a quest, you should be able to carry it as light as possible.

dagger 5e

The Dagger entertainer’s pack 5e contains the items that a bard would use to entertain his audiences. While this pack is more general in nature, it is still a useful one for bards who are particularly good at negotiation. The Dagger entertainer’s pack is a lightweight pack that has all the tools and goodies a bard needs for his performances. It has two costumes and a disguise kit.

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