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Art/Work Entertainment

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Art/Work is an entertainment agency founded by Julie Bloom and Cindy Ambers. Cindy started her career as a comedy agent at Comedy Central and later moved on to work at Gersh and Howard Entertainment before establishing Verve. Some of her clients include John Quaintence, Tricia O’Kelley, and Christine Boylan. Julie Bloom was also involved in the creation of Art/Work in 2004 and manages Erssida Wilson, Eric Heisserer, Christine Boylan, and Speed Weed.


Dmg entertainment submissions

DMG Entertainment is a global media company with a diverse portfolio of operations across motion pictures, television, comic books, games, and location-based entertainment. Some of its most notable films include Looper (2012) and Iron Man 3. They have invested in various intellectual properties and next-generation technology. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the DMG submissions process. Listed below are some things to consider when submitting your project to DMG Entertainment.

First and foremost, DMG has a track record of bringing celebrated superheroes to the Chinese/international marketplace. Its co-production of Marvel Studios’ IRON MAN 3 made it the highest-grossing foreign film of 2013 and the sixth highest-grossing film of all time in China. DMG is currently co-producing high-octane thriller AUTOBAHN. And in 2017, the company is gearing up for another action-packed year in the form of the acclaimed VR action thriller, BLOODY JOIN, starring Nicholas Hoult and Anthony Hopkins.

In addition to its comic book publishing division, DMG has acquired the rights to Valiant Comics. This gave it the power to expand the universe of these iconic comic book heroes. While DMG is still developing their original stories, this new venture has already given the company an incredible opportunity to tell the stories of these classic comic book heroes in an exciting and innovative way. The DMG submissions process is the perfect place to submit your script or graphic novel!


creative arts talent & literary management inc

Creative arts talent & literary management Inc. is a Hollywood-based entertainment agency that represents writers, actors, artists, musicians, and other creative talents. Founded in 1997, the agency represents a range of clients, from emerging talents to established Hollywood producers. Its services include talent identification and management, consulting relationships with major corporations, and the creation and launch of new intellectual properties. As a creative agency, HVE is uniquely positioned to represent and develop original IP.

Brillstein entertainment partners managers

Artists can now have a new management company to work with: Brillstein Entertainment Partners. The firm was previously known as Brillstein-Grey Entertainment and has more than 200 clients. Ken Lee, formerly of CAA, will join the firm in March. His clients will include Rachel Brosnahan, the Golden Globe-winning star of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Rafael Casal, the breakout star of Sundance 2018, and Jessy Pinnick, the actress and writer of “Princess Cyd.” Other members of the team include Tom Lipinski, Michael Torpey, and Trieste Dunn.

After the death of Bernie Brillstein, the firm became known as Brillstein Entertainment Partners. The firm was originally founded by Bernie Brillstein 38 years ago, but was later bought by Cynthia Pett-Dante and Marc Gurvitz. The firm recently added literary managers David McIlvain and Miss Malkin to its roster. Its clients are now represented by a team of 10 writers.

As a talent agent, Brillstein’s clients include Lorne Michaels, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, and Norm Crosby. “SNL” would not exist without Brillstein, who says he couldn’t have done it without him. He met Brillstein in 1968 when he was a junior writer on the “Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show.”


Anonymous content submissions

If you’re looking for a place to share your work, you’ve come to the right place! Anonymous Content is a collaborative community that connects emerging filmmakers and other aspiring talent to brands and opportunities. The site covers multiple submissions daily and participates in weekend reads and weekly meetings with development departments. It has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and publishes anonymous content if the claims are factual.

Based in Los Angeles, Anonymous Content has helped artists find their dream job by introducing them to other creative professionals. The company’s talent division has built connections throughout the entertainment industry and packages leading talent at every step of the creative process. It has become an established destination for independent artists, writers, and directors. With a diverse and global client base, Anonymous Content is the ideal place to showcase your art and gain a wider audience.


Literary management companies

There are a variety of Literary management companies for art/work entertainment. Some of the largest names in this field are Industry Entertainment, WME, and Literary Agents. A literary agent has a variety of responsibilities and is not limited to literary representation for art/work. The agency is also responsible for managing the careers of many top-level stars, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst.

Another major player in the literary management industry is Untitled Entertainment, which has a roster of famous clients that includes Jeremy Renner, James Franco, and Natalie Dormer. They also produce content and manage several talented artists. They’ve produced the edgy biopic LOVELACE and are currently developing the horror film FEAR PARIS. A few other notable literary management companies are listed below. You can browse through their websites for more information.

Zero Gravity has over 70 years of experience, and its clients have won numerous awards in the field of film. The company has two offices in New York and Beverly Hills and a dozen full-service departments, including film finance and commercial endorsements. They can also help authors endorse their work to movie companies. Their Literary Department is comprised of some of Hollywood’s finest writers and directors. A literary manager can expect to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment, so it is essential to know the ins and outs of this industry.


Art/work entertainment

Art/Work Entertainment is a management firm that works with artists and writers in the film and television industry. The firm is based in Los Angeles, and Bloom co-founded it with partner Felicia Sager in 2004. She has since added David Brownstein to her team. In addition to Bloom, David Brownstein manages artists and writers. Clients include Heather Ash, Michael Greenspan, Erssida Wilson, Eric Heisserer, and many more.

Entertainment art is a fast-growing field that revolves around products that entertain people. This means there is great competition and the opportunities for new talents to break into this industry are plentiful. But don’t give up – there’s still plenty of room for you! This article will give you an introduction to entertainment art careers. You can also learn about a wide range of careers in this industry. Listed below are some examples of work that can be done in this field.

Breaking Into the Career of Art/Work Entertainment

If you love creating things that can entertain people, you may want to consider a career in art/work entertainment. The entertainment industry is booming, and great artists are in demand. As a result, the field is highly competitive. However, there are many opportunities for new artists to break into this field. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these options. Let’s get started! What Makes Art/Work Entertainment So Popular?

Robert Trussell

If you’re a budding journalist looking for a place to write about art and artists, you may be interested in reading the work of Robert Tressell. His writing style is sharp, and he combines literary techniques with informational quotes and a focus on characters. His style is particularly useful for reporting on the arts, since it reveals an insider’s look at a musical that is about to open in New York.

Spencer Robinson

Originally from the valley, Spencer has been a manager for ten years. He represents standup comedians, writers, and actors, and still enjoys watching TV and reading. After working as an assistant at several entertainment companies, Spencer became the manager at Verve Entertainment. After Verve, Spencer joined Art/Work Entertainment. In fact, Spencer has been representing standup comedians for more than ten years! And, he sleeps, too.

The firm manages some of the most promising new comedic talents in Hollywood, including Eric Heisserer, Tricia O’Kelley, Kelly Washington, Jeff Reno, and Erin Cressida Wilson. They also manage a number of established talent and authors, including Allen James Roughton, who has worked with over 100 projects as a script consultant. He has a wealth of experience in sourcing life stories, professions, and locations for major production companies.

Julie Bloom

In 2004 Julie Bloom co-founded Art/Work Entertainment with Cindy Ambers. Ambers’ career began at Comedy Central, and she later worked at Gersh and Howard Entertainment. The two partners started Verve six years ago, and their client list now includes John Quaintence, Eric Heisserer, Christine Boylan, Speed Weed, and Phyllis Diller. For more information on Julie Bloom’s artistic and creative career, visit her website.

Cindy Ambers

Julie Bloom is the other partner in the Art/Work Entertainment agency. Julie has been representing writers for over ten years. They have three children and live in Los Angeles. The office is located in the heart of Hollywood, but they also handle business for clients in the Valley. Their clients include Tricia O’Kelley and John Quaintence. Julie Bloom is also one of the founding partners of Verve Entertainment. They represent actors, writers, and comedians.

Client list

Art/Work Entertainment is a boutique management firm based in Los Angeles. Its mission is to create a creative space where artists and commerce can come together. The agency has been intentionally small to maintain the ethos of artist-first experience. Its diverse management team combines varied backgrounds and expertise to create an incredibly successful management team. Clients include Heather Ash, Michael Greenspan, Erssida Wilson, and Eric Heisserer.

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