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Baton Rouge Fashion Council Latest News and Events

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The Baton Rouge Fashion Council (BRFC) is the official organization dedicated to promoting and supporting fashion retail in the Capital of Louisiana. Our mission is to expand the fashion retail industry in our area by partnering with local businesses, collaborating with other fashion councils, and providing education and mentorship programs for future fashion retailers. To achieve this mission, we create programs that foster a collaborative community between retailers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of fashion goods. Furthermore, we collaborate with community partners to promote the apparel manufacturing industry as well as arts education programs in order to provide youth access to future career opportunities within our industry. With this blog we will be updating you on all of our latest news and events as well as new programs that are being launched throughout 2018.

BRFC Program Updates

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is excited to announce the launch of a new program, the Fashion Retail Travel Fund. This fund will provide financial assistance to BRFC members who are interested in traveling to New York, Milan, Paris, or other fashion capitals to learn more about the industry and get training. If you are interested in applying, please email jennifer@bluemt.com with the following information: – Members name – BRFC number – City where member is located – Evidence of membership in the Baton Rouge Fashion Council – Four to six specific places you would like to travel to visit and learn about fashion retail – Why the member would like to travel – Financial details such as expenses and average time for travel

Upcoming Events

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is excited to announce our first event of the year! The Baton Rouge Fashion Council will be hosting a VIP fashion week experience on February 16-18, 2018 at the Baton Rouge River Center. We are partnering with Shaken Events who are experts in custom events. This three-day experience will showcase 20 local and national brands, allowing attendees to get up close and personal with designers, receive expert advice on their business and meet other industry leaders in fashion. Attendees will also have the chance to attend free workshops, network and attend social events. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit our website at https://bluemt.com/vip-fashion-week/.

BRFC Partners and Collaborations

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is pleased to announce our partnership with The Ohio State University’s College of Fashion, Textiles and Design. This partnership will provide students with the opportunity to earn an accelerated degree in fashion design. Students will also have access to a full-time on-campus fashion and graphic design career services office, mentoring, internships and scholarships. The College of Fashion, Textiles and Design at The Ohio State University offers an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design, an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and an Associate’s degree in Fashion Marketing & Management.

BRFC Meetup Group

The Baton Rouge Fashion Council is excited to announce the launch of our first meetup group. The meetup group, BRFC Fashion Retail Group, will be dedicated to educating the Baton Rouge community on issues surrounding the fashion retail industry, as well as connecting members who are interested in learning more about the industry. The meetup group will meet the first Wednesday of each month at the Baton Rouge Public Library.

Fashion Retail Job Scams to Avoid

Some job scams are common but can be avoided by doing a few basic research steps. One thing to be on the lookout for when researching a potential job is the compensation package. If the salary seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure you understand what you are being offered before accepting the position. If a potential employer is asking you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or is asking you to sign anything that seems out of the ordinary, it probably is a scam. Also, be wary of employers who want you to sign away your right to sue or complain. They may be trying to get you to sign an agreement that will silence you if you have negative experiences in the future.

Final Words

The fashion retail industry is one that continues to grow and thrive, as more consumers desire to shop in physical stores. As technology continues to advance, brand marketing efforts are increasingly being directed online. This shift has also enabled retailers to expand the types of products available to consumers through e-commerce platforms. In order to capitalize on this trend, it is important for both new and existing fashion retailers to understand the key business and management concepts that are essential for success. The Baton Rouge Fashion Council aims to provide educational opportunities for future fashion retailers, as well as provide mentorship to current fashion retailers, to help them succeed. With this blog we hope to inform the community on all of the latest news and events and how they can support the fashion retail industry.

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